Any series with giant alpha male as MC?

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Ore Monogatari

This. And Toriko, I guess.

Pumpkin Scissors.

This is absolutely right

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He isn't gigantic but he's alpha for sure.

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This wouldn't happen to be a recommendation thread would it?

We need more confident big guy MCs in anime, enough with the clueless femboy bullshit

really OP?

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There are more skinny black haired nerds who watch anime than 2 meter tall gorillas

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Gamagori wasn't the MC though
>Gamagori spinoff OVA when Trigger?!?!!

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Jojo, until part 4

Theres one airing right now. Garo Vanishing Line MC is a big guy who eats big steaks and big piles of French Fries and loves big boobs. Hes not fat tho hes all muscle.

I should've clarified. Are big guy MCs somewhat popular after their (ymmv) golden age of the 80s-90s?

It just seems that low test bishounens have been the defacto standard MC since the early 00s.


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Does Japan even have guys over 5'10"?

They are the standard, you're right. But there are exceptions.

They are rare but yes

Arguably Overlord.

These are all holdovers from the 90s and 80s

Toriko is patrician

> has friends
> has female friends
> shamelessly parades his Imouto fetish around
> has a good job and his own place
> cucks Glasses
> actually earned his little harem

Itsuki is a chad.

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And that's a problem why?

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Imagine if series like Franxx had a giant alpha as MC
>tmw Big Guy protag Hiro rides 002 like a rag doll
Fuck, that i would gladly watch 4 filler episodes leading up to it

Not a problem whatsoever. Just observing that none of those series were created after 2000, when bishounen MCs really became the standard

>giant alpha male
>posts a canon masochist who devoted his entire life to serving a woman

They need to make hentai like that. It could be disguised as a proper (but short) series that starts off as an action type series but at the end, where the protagonist is supposed to "get the girl" he goes all the way with her. Or even better, suppose he defeats the villain and then NTRs him by mindbreaking the villain's girl.

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Actually don't Asian men have a issues regarded being perceived as passive and effeminate?

Gamagori still kicked ass and loyalty didn't make him a masochist but a God tier nakama

I doubt it's more than just a Western thing.

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Garo: Vanishing Line. It's even currently airing

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>Imagine the wonderful ahegao we would get from the series finale


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Asshat never impregnated Mako

aren't big guys seen as being gay and effeminate in japan? obsession with the male figure, body building as a form of narcissism, overcompensating etc.

The best part is the MC would be dumbfounded why his entire supporting cast expected him to be either chaste or full on asexual. Suberverting anime tropes we suffer through

Only if the big guy in question behaves as effeminate. Hi pitched voice, hip swaying, bright feminine colors, etc.

He's not an alpha male regardless of how you spin it.
>kicked ass and loyalty didn't make him a masochist
that's not how it works, he's a masochist because he derives pleasure from pain, humiliation, etc.

not necessarily

The reason you suffer through those tropes is because nip otakus cannot tolerate a 2d girl who is sexually active. That is why either the 2d girl or the male MC is a clueless asexual figure. Even if one of them is lecherous character who acknowledges their sexuality, you can bet your ass the other will have their Chasity increased by 75%

What if the MC chased every other woman than the designated main girl, towards who he was completely oblivious to the increasingly obvious signals she sends?

No user that's unacceptable. No girl can win mcbowl or the otaku will commit mass suicide

I hope so much their next anime will have great characters like him in the cast.

Kongou Bancho

No kidding I mean compare the elite four with the clusterfuck of team 13. What happened?!?

Maybe because it isn't a pure Trigger series, they're just involved. Like with Kiznaiver.

If this full on trigger they'd have the males of team 13 be the pistils

You obviously don't understand the plant analogy they follow in Franxx

>It just seems that low test bishounens have been the defacto standard MC since the early 00s.
god I just had flashes of Hitman Reborn. fuck you, user.

The jojo animes relatively new

>Relatively new
You do know that manga has been ongoing since 1987?

To be fair, khr was meant to be introductory fujobait. The catalyst for the downfall of so many girls

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