Mai Ball

>New Mai Ball

Man, it feels like it's been forever.

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>tfw translation is so behind schedule new raws are almost here


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I would like Mai Ball a lot more if the arcs were shorter, especially since it isn't weekly. At it's current pace, I feel like it will take 5 more years before we get to the end of their first year.

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I feel this should've been extremely painful to do

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Why is Mitsu so mean

I want any of these girls to squeeze my head between their thighs.

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i want the big girl to.

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That's a pretty good page.

Are those Lotto shoes?

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I liked it more when it was mostly Mai's fantasies with the match happening in the background.

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I don't mind seeing how the others view her during that time every now and then.

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>that small butt peek

So, will Reika channel the power of Liverpoo to start the 0-3 comeback or will it slip further?

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it's going to slip further, and then the goalie's going to take pity and fuck things up

I think it'll slip further. At this point, Kijinan's will and reason to win dwarfs Kijikita's, I think. A break will have to be made to formulate a strategy which I assume Kunimitsu is making.

So, what the fuck is Kunimitsu doing not yelling from the sidelines? Great coaching.

Thanks for dumping.

Why all soccer manga series contract the Captain Tsubasa virus and transform all characters into giants?

It's more the fact she's big while Chidori is a turbowomanlet.

gotta sneak in dynamics somewhere.
anatomy is boring.

Brazilian girls when?

As an honorary Brazilian, I think they would act like total sluts and make the local gyarus look like Patrician Mademoiselles in comparison.

Does anyone have all the volume raws? Can't find them anywhere.

Some Brazilian girls are pure pls stop

I kinda want to marry Kijinan's #10

God I want to fuck their butts

dem thighs

Yeah, the ones with dicks.

90% of them had sex before 16

Saying this as one healthy Brazilian male

what did the translator mean by this

oh mah balls