Why did he ask for a pen?

Why did he ask for a pen?

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Because it's mightier than the sword.

He needed something to stab Futoshi in his sleep

So Fatty can leave him a suicide note after Milkman impregnates her.

But is it mightier than the FranXX?

>not so Milkman can write Fatty's suicide note for him

makes u thingk

Probably a Mont Blanc Pen.

He wants to write himself out of the show

>some shitter ballpoint pen

Terrible taste.

to write a love letter and hide it in a book about pregnancy.


>Dear Kokoro,
>From the moment I laid my eyes on you I've been in love, so very in love. You are a delicate beauty and I find you alluring. A lovely flower, one of a kind. How I long for your warmth. How I long for your milk. My patience has reached its end. My kokoro aches for you, Kokoro. My life is nothing without you, Kokoro.
>Love, Milkman

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It shows his calm and collected nature and pragmatism.
Oh wait, he wouldn't need a pen. The writer is a hack.

If the faggot caretakers won't supply you with basic office materials, I would ask for a pen too.

It fucking sucks to not be able to make notes.

thats what I got every Christmas.

We'll get this explained in some episode, my guess is that he's leaving a suicide note.

He needs them to write gay poems.

because Kokoro likes poems

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he's a man and has important documents to sign, you shit

To write fatso's eulogy after he kills himself

>milkman the cuck king

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Kokoro's milkies
And Ikuno's too

They probably thought it would be really funny giving him a stupid gift he couldn't possibly use and watching the stupid gaijin lose their shit.

Yeah, this look doesn't really fit 02 at all in my opinion. Too subdued.

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Left or Right?

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Further to the right than baby bimbo because 02 is sitting there somewhere.

Why not both?

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Okay, I giggled.

>Fatty getting food for christmas
Jesus Nips don't hold back when shitting on piggies.

he is CEO-like in his behavior so asked for a gift befitting a CEO, he truly deserves to be put in charge if only his crippled horse wasn't holding him back

Have you ever watched live tv in Moonland? They're absolutely brutal to anyone on the production staff that is overweight.

Yeah, it's hilarious.

I grinned audibly

That's what the leash was there for, but you sissies removed it.

that's a beautiful oni pic. saved!

Do I need to keep telling you? The leash is only for when she's in the bedroom with Darling.
Glad I could make someone happy with it.

You don't invite dykes to your harem.
Literal wolf in sheeps clothing situation.


But can't you tame wolves?