The fuck is her problem?

The fuck is her problem?

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She was the one who had the balls in the family even after she died.

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She is an evil mastermind, who wants to become a symbol for humanity.

Honestly, after watching so much Gundam lately I'm starting to understand Eva even more.


What mecha anime should I watch to fully enjoy evangelion?

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Don't watch gundam unless it's with friends to laugh with

just smash your brain in with a hammer and you'll get the same intellectual experience

gundams the Marvel comics of anime

Gundam 79, Ideon, Zambot 3, V Gundam

>watching giant robot fighting show for an """intellectual experience"""
i bet you complain about the lack of romance in boxing matches

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Those are just some to start and Tomino was a big influence on Anno who was a big fan of 0079 and Ideon, there are more out there that probably helped contribute to Evangelion. Izabuchi who did some mecha designs for Gundam 0080 was chosen to design the Eva units.

Anno specifically said in an interview I believe, that Evangelion can't truly be appreciated by people who aren't otaku, or at least mecha fans.

That's a fucking lie

>Destroys the entire world just to see his waifu again
>Manipulate thirsty scientists to accomplish his goals

Is Gendou /ourguy/?

Sorry, it was one of the directors for EoE paraphrasing for Anno. But Evangelion is a series with a message directed at Otaku, that isn't intended for normal people.

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watch it user

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Space Battleship Yamato isn't mecha, (at least in the modern sense of the term) but it's what got Anno interested in anime in the first place and gave him his fetishes for sci-fi and militarism.

Why did Anno think that representing a fake world with no individuals in it by showing the real world with tons of people in it was a good idea?

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Except Gundam is actually good.

He went out of ideas and money

Selfish as fuck. She literally wanted to be a monument for mankind.

>le low budget meme
>>>when talking about the fucking theatrical film
Jesus Christ.

in what way

the real world is a world without shinji


It's supposed to be the world you are rejecting by escaping into otaku-culture. Like how Shinji rejects his own world by escaping into instrumentality.

Obviously yes.

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