Made in the Abyss

How old is she supposed to be?

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12 years

Manga artist really likes them underage nipples. Makes me uncomfortable.

There is nothing sexual about children and you shouldn't get flustered if you see them nude.

>implying the artist doesn't sexualize them
Come the fuck on. It's obvious.
I'm willing to overlook it because the manga is great


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12 years girls look like fertile women in my country. wtf.

It's only sexual if you want it to.

Ok Mohammed

It's ok. Where we're going we don't need eyes.

Old enough

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You are implying that a naked child is inherently sexual.

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Tell that to my little friend down here

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Your local Chuck E. Cheese is not a soveriegn nation you pedophile.

FUCK YA'LL am I being trolled? DID YOU EVEN SEE HIS ART?

Go make more halfbreeds then

Thread in abyss

What the hell are they going to do with Mitty even if they do get her back?
If the village can actually just copy a person including their soul, couldn't they fix Mitty as well?

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Riko's White Whistle will be finished before she can make a choice. She blows on it and instantly asserts dominance in the village.

Mitty can't be fixed because the real Mitty is gone. It's just a very good imitation. Besides, if it does end up being the real Mitty, then what's Bun going to do? Kill Mitty again? Jump into the fucking abyss?
That would be some trope heavy shit I hope that doesn't happen

Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed.

But she hasn't bled down the-

>every orifice


In what layer are they at in the manga?

You live in the abyss?

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So what's Riko's White Whistle gonna activate?


How do you say Srajo?

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Old enough.

If it is the real Mitty, it's going to be one hell of a chance to save her.

Nudity doesn't equal sexualizing you closet predator.

it's a mystery

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Where are you from?

Like 5 or 6 right now, my dude.

Reg's "relic"

>posting LITERAL, not even trying to start shit here, reddit shit

What the fuck

girls talking about erections is not sexualizing?


there's nothing sexual about the manga, it's just innocent adventures

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Yeah now I'm sure I'm being trolled.

I find this shit disgusting

This user understands.

3d print white whistles when?

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So who died for the white whistles of Lyza, Ozen, Srajo and Wakuna?

That pic is literally, absurdly, actually, reddit.

You can post pics on reddit? How do you know the frequency?

It's true.
The mangaka is a lolicon though, it's not the
nudity, but the other fetish stuff (navel fetish, whatnot) that's kinda disturbing

I fucking hate when fags post reactions pic not related to this show whistle&sa=&dwh=195aa43faad46b9

>navel fetish
How can you be so plebeian?

Jesus fucking christ youre retarded.

Smelling fetish is the true patrician taste.

Now I only need a 3d printer

There are 3D print services, although a lot of them are stupidly pricey

Armpits are heaven.

>There are 3D print services
Not in my country mohammad

Maybe there's some local shop that has a printer that you could have them print on, they're not exactly rare now. Or try and find a makerspace, I'm sure they'll have one

What did he mean by this?

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Think getting hit by the full force of layer four burden might've forcibly kickstarted her menstrual cycle? Imagine if the next chapter opens with Belafu adding "I can also accept that cyborg tater tot growing in your womb as payment if the eyes and organs are a no-go." It would certainly explain the swelling breasts and stomach problems.

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What if the Abyss itself impregnates women who make it down to the 6th layer? That would explain while there's so many fucking narehate.

impregnates with what?

iss ra yo

Black goop aka abyss cum
What if Veko has given birth to like half the village?

What layer of the Abyss is Sup Forums in?

Immaculate Conception

She looks like 8 yearw old.


Er, I meant what do they get impregnated with


Immaculate conception is when a woman gets pregnant through divine intervention, like Mary with Jesus, so what if simply being down in the abyss causes pregnancy as a side effect


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That's the face of relief, user.

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Narehate, eldritch horrors, god knows

>draw JS
>call it JC
I don't get the point.


>Reg takes a shit for the first time in his entire life

Regs dick was mentioned like 6 times.
You think the author isn't into some sick pedophile fetish?

My daughter mentioned her brothers dick a bazillion times when she saw it while changing for the beach last summer. Is she a pedo now?


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im so glad this was the first reply
i actually said out loud, "probably twelve.."
then i laughed really hard when i saw this.

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>Comparing a 40 yr old mangaka with an underage girl
How brainlets like you are allowed to reproduce?

Yes. You might as well turn her in to the cps at this point.

Did you know that Bondrewd is actually pronounced as I want to STROKE the TAIL

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But do you want to stroke papa's rod?

Fucking muhricans dont go to the beach often i see.

What beaches are you going to that allow kids to run around naked?

I would if he asked me to

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There is nothing sexual in anime too.
Just cute girls doing cute things.

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Like every beach.

That's literally every beach where I'm from
Do you have a fucking beach police officer who sits there waiting to arrest any toddler who runs off pantsless? With the state of the American education system I wouldn't be surprised.

Papa's rod is, in fact, an artifact that bondrewd installed in his crotch that he uses as an antenna to catch Nanachi tv eye signals.

Someone post that image about pedo in UK.

He is fucking adorable, why not?

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The thing is, Riko is characterized as very curious. So her investigating his body and including characteristics like his dick are not far fetched.

Just as the scene in OP's picture. It was established that one of the curses was nausea and puking, she was attacked and rapidly elevated. And was near Reg's shot, so it was naturally for him to check her body.

Much more contrived was the bathing scene with Nanachi. Yes Riko was injured, but there was no need for there to be a healing spring or for them to be bathing naked. The same with the groping scene in the back alley, aside from her body having value.

Having said that, Tsukushi is the biggest pedo on the planet.

Sorry they don't enforce public indecency laws in Shariastan

>Rico will never explore your abyss and make detailed notes.
Why live?

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tbqh with Bondrewd's character it actually makes more sense to me for his dick to be an artifact than for him to have a normal dick.

>Reddit espacing
Opinion discarded

If you see something inmoral about children nudity at the beach check yourself.

Where do I buy a pet Bondrewd?

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