Anime sure has EXCELLENT writing

Anime sure has EXCELLENT writing

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To be fair, right is basically softcore porn for nerds so it's closer to Skinemax than a real novel

Brave New World would be a lot better with lolis.

>for nerds......

>DAE le ecchi anime is Japan's only and highest form of literary art?! Fuckin' nips amirite?

It does if you are reading the right ones, Most of them suck but the right ones are great.

Who would've thought the majority of anime is simply fap fuel so publishers can make shit loads of cash off horny and lonely 20 year old men.

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Considering some of the garbage that's considered fine literature, like Robinson Crusoe, there's not really too high of a bar to meet.

When will this meme end?

>info dump, info dump, I'm so mature and good

>fun, plot, drama, romance

Western is so AMAZING, OH MY GOD.

Where is Japan then?

I know this is bait, but there are some pretty decent japanese novelists and some pretty bad western animation

>info dump, info dump
You know HxH does this a lot? Even Kaiji does too and you have some shitty narrator constantly spoiling shit

>buzzword, thinly veiled excuses for chuuni bullshit, people being retarded and crying about it, "he's nice"

Anime died years ago

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West of America.

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Too much soy in their diet. If this trend continues they will all be cute loli twinks in 10 years.

Oh my god, you retard.

An island off the coast of Eurasia. The "East/Orient" is a meme created by Euros who assumed that everything East of the Dardanelles had to be a part of some shared cultural heritage just because they were. For most of history Iran and India were considered part of the "East" as well. As for Japan, at most you could say it's part of the Sinosphere, but even if that's the case, retarded generalizations like OP's picture still make fuck all sense because the Chinese don't use those same ecchi tropes.

Pretty much

>shitty liberal strawman in book form

unpretentious, knows all media is just entertainment first and foremost int he end

also fuck off OP

notice how these shit threads always pop up on the weekends?

makes me think.

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Here's the real version.

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>what is texhnolyze
>what is ergo proxy
>what is Psycho Pass

I know pretty much everything on here is supposed to be absurd but Jojo being "after K-on" is the funniest thing.

Nice try

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>he spends 7 days a week on Sup Forums
kek broaden your horizons, there's like 40 boards on Sup Forums

I fail to see the problem.

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go back there

lmao the brainlet can't actually extract anything meaningful from fiction so he projects his stupidity on anime

>he's a crossboarder

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Kill yourself.

You really think you can actually tell me what to do? An anonymous man?

We used to get great anime, like Ichigo Mashimaro, Boku no Pico, and Strike Witches. Nowadays, we only get generic, formulaic shounenshit and edgy LN chuunishit. WTF happened? Why did anime centred on loli pantsu and funny, perverted characters (like Kana and Miu) have to disappear? I blame the unholy marriage of Dengism and American cultural imperialism for this shit.

>everything I don't like is a liberal strawman
You know I sometimes feel bad for the average Sup Forums denizen. You guys live your lives with an insane level of paranoia. I couldn't handle it desu.

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Wished we got more of the battle.

/fit/ is the best board on Sup Forums, with Sup Forums second. You're missing out locking yourself to a dying board.

The problem is that contemporary western stories, in ANY MEDIUM (novels, movies, tv shows, etc...) nowadays are almost always based on deconstructing popular tropes, and it just doesn't work, resulting in shit.

Japs have mastered the real secret to storytelling, that is, wish fullfillment.

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>that is, wish fullfillment.
Which died out 10 years ago

But user, I don't want to become gay.

>you will never beat this faggots to death

>comparing a western philosophy novel to a Japanese manga/anime

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But do you want to die before you reach 30's?

the funniest thing about this is that someone, somewhere, probably unironically thinks that right has even the potential to be better than left

>western: there is a good guy who wears a cape and punches evil guys to save minorities.

>' For the people who live in that part of the world, however, it is neither 'East' nor 'West' and certainly not 'Far.'

Is Sup Forums kill for good now?

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There's only so much "deep" shit I can read before I get bored of it and want something that's simply entertaining.

>comparing serious literary work of Western kind to none serious literary work of Eastern kind
With things like twilight, Warrior cats and 50 shades of gray in official publication you have no ground to speak upon. Come on, there might actually be more examples of trashy western books

Actually, yeah.

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The funniest thing about this is that someone, somewhere, definitely and unironically thinks that the left is objectively better than the right.

Those are from the same show. Same episode, even.

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Yes, one can have so much fun with a philosophy novel right?
Please, they may be deep but deep stories are better appreciated in minor quantities, trust me they start to feel annoying and pretentious once read in a mass quanitity


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The funniest thing is that someone, somewhere unironically thinks it makes sense to compare completely different works made for a completely different audience, in completely different time frames, with completely different tropes, because he believes in memes such as "literature" being good, when almost all of what has been produced so far has been trash, and he just doesn't know it because he read only the few works that survived.

And worse, he's the kind of person who will think of himself higher than others who watch left, even though he's wasting just as much people on the right with made up stories.

no u

every time

>/fit/ is the best board on Sup Forums

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lmao this

>comparing western novels to anime

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Rosario Vampire is actually about a girl getting cucked by a clone of her mother, to be fair.

Two can play at this game. Also, read manga, there are much better stuff there.

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I know you think you're pretty clever, but the one on the right doesn't sound the least bit interesting either.

this, OP is, as per usual, a cockmuncher