Boogiepop Phantom new anime?

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We had this thread hours ago.

Not OP, but and? It's not like the same people are on Sup Forums every single minute of every single day.
I wasn't a fan of the original. Maybe because the rip I downloaded was too dark, but I found the anime to be one of the many tryhard edgy anime that came out in the wake of Evangelion's success. With that said, I'll probably give this one a shot.


It won't hold a candle to the original but who knows, maybe it'll be good?

Amazing. You both managed to make thread about news that's already in a thread AND you managed to cite the wrong news article

The PV looks spectacular


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Total goosebumps.
That looked so much better than I hoped for. Not sure if I like the abundant action but the atmosphere of it was great, updated but still in the same spirit as the old anime.

>It won't hold a candle to the original but who knows
Why are people retarded enough to think like this?

Did other people's opinion get you mad again user?

Obviously they put all the action scenes on the trailer. Having the characters standing in an alley talking isn't eyecatching.




I was too much of a brainlet for the last one, do I have a chance this time around?

Only just found out about this but I'm hyped, I loved the first series even before I read the novels and understood it better so I'm definitely looking forward to this. Plus it's coming out this year and has good staff behind it and the PV was pretty solid even if I'm not super crazy about the designs.

Since I'm in a good mood I'll go ahead and spoonfeed a link to what Seven Seas translated of the novels 10+ years ago

Yes, they skipped over two of the novels but they were stand alone so it's not a huge deal. I don't think they were referenced in the anime like the ones they did release. They recently rereleased the first novel digitally too so hopefully more will be translated. One of the two manga series was released digitally too and should be found in the archives. Also here's one more (old) link that goes into more detail on the franchise and some of the untranslated novels.

As much as I love the old anime I have to admit it was a clusterfuck. A big beautiful clusterfuck but a clusterfuck nonetheless. Let's hope the new one actually has a coherent plot that can be understood without reading the books.

Yes. The anime was mostly original content and the staff were trying a little too hard to be "deep." This one is an adaption of the LN. It's a different beast.

Watch Lain first.

I would say rose tinted glasses, but in this case it's more like a pair of really thick sunglasses.

So, this Boogiepop Doesn't Laugh, is basically the prequel of the 00's series, right? This is the adptation of the manga Boogiepop Doesn't Laugh, and since Boogiepop Phantom is the sequel of that manga, that should be the case,right?

Yes. Only the anime will adapt the novel. The manga is just another adaptation.

I heard the manga (Boogiepop wa Warawanai) is pretty faithful to the first Novel. The old anime is basically the sequel of that Novel

Yes, but the anime will adapt further than the first novel. For example, the dude Nagi is fighting in the PV looks like Spooky E from the VS Imaginator novel. The other fights I don't recognize so they're either original-content (I doubt it) or stuff from the novels Seven Seas didn't translate (most likely).

Nice! I didn't know since I have never read the novel
Well, the more the better.
But I highly doubt they will top the quality of the old series.

Also I heard that the Novels were not linked, they all are stand alone contents. Maybe the old anime was an original spin off

>Also I heard that the Novels were not linked
The backdrop is linked since the Towa organization is at the center of all the supernatural shit going on in the city.

Yeah, now i remember digibro said something like that. Like, there is an alien (Echo?), they made a clone of him, and it turned out to be a man eater (Manticore)...
I hope it will be well explained, after 20 years