Violet Evergarden

Do you think Violet would've died if it wasn't for her right hand being damaged?

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No. She just lacked the mental willpower to kill herself.

>right hand being damaged?
Where is this meme coming from?
When did she get her right hand damaged?

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Implied during the conversation in the car, and later confirmed when she was only typing with one hand during the Lucullia brother scene

she literally damaged it in the picture you just sent lol, those robot arms are fragile and her speding out trying to crush a rock fucked it up


Why is the action animation so bad in VEG?

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the action budget was spent animating a cute autistic girl spazzing out

Is the "Tell don't show" storytelling style of Ishidate. It makes the dull plot seem deep.

I need more of Violet's despair

>They didn't outright say it so it's bad

I always find it funny when they constantly refer to her killing people with "those very hands of yours" when they're literally not the same hands anymore.


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Did you really expect Ishidate to be a competent action director? Pretty sure the only reason he got the job to begin with is because he's functionally retarded, just like Violet.

You people are fucking blind. My God they really do need to say everything to prevent muh asspull bitching.

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Sorry, I am a brainlet.

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Was it kino?

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As always.

they could've ended the series on this episode and it would've been great.
still, episode 7 was the absolute god tier feels episode. i don't know how can they top this

>i don't know how can they top this

Probably with the inevitable dramatic reunion with shousa.

reminder that violet wants to know what is love

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Her story is incomplete. They're going to top this with a strong love arc.

She's immortal so no.

shes now immortal are you retarded?

But she is and there are proofs of that faggot.

>Writter wanted to use the visual metaphor of Violet attempting suicide with her own hands.
>But needed a good reason why that would fail.
>Makes it so her arm is damaged previous to the attempted suicide.
>Can't come up with a better reason than "she wrecked them trying to crush a rock/Bennedict damaged them when he dragged Violet inside the car".
>On top of that makes it as ambiguos as possible.

I think you fags should drop the show if you can't keep up with all the visual clues they give you.

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what are you talking about theres no proof or hint to that

No, chocking yourself with your own hands is impossible anyway.

No, it was Violet Evergarden.

My wife Luculia is so cute!

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all mine does is cry when I hit her

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That's not how you kill yourself.

Do it like I do.

fuck you holy shit

Why did no one offer Baioretto a big hug? Everyone she met either didn't know her well enough to help, or told her how much of a shit "person" she was.

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Because deep down nobody has the balls to try hugging an emotionally unstable war criminal.
Nobody except Gilbert but he's fucking gone anyway.

The people at the mail company were probably told what a monster she was.

Dietfried is that you

>you will never hug a loli Violet and feel her wriggle with confusion in your arms
>you will never hug her everyday
>she will never slowly be conditioned into needing regular hugs, and get grumpy when you forget or don't hug her for long enough
>you will never bribe her to do your dirty work in exchange for hugs

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She could think you were trying to attack and then break your arm or something.

>Staying alive after losing both arms and being a whole night unconscious losing blood its not a proof.
Violet is inmortal just deal with it fag.


Just approach slowly with your arms outstretched. I'm sure smiling would also help to show you mean her no harm.

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Why don't they just shoot her?

I'm more concerned with her ability to walk on water. Is she Jesus?

Now that I think of it, has Kigami directed any episode?

Can she survive Washizu mahjong

Gilbert lost an arm, was shot multiple times plus shrapnel and hes fine

So are Benedict and Cattleya fucking?

He's dead

That's because he's been blessed with Violet's immortality too user.
No, she never walked on water it was a slow motion jump.

Explain this then.

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I think thats all part of that old man's imagination or maybe she's indeed a descendant of Jesus and that's why she's immortal.

slowly normalizing her would be bliss

shooting gun at moving target=hard also its a fucking anime, why in all these movies can the baddies not hit the protag?

It was clear her arm was fucked, but the reason given for it was really shitty, we have seen her wrestle a guy before and her arms weren't damaged. I doubt she opposed much resistence when Bennedict took her into the car, and just grabbing and lifting a small rock doesn't seem like it should be enough to damage them either. They wanted to stablish that her arm was damaged, but didn't offer a good reason for it.

She fell in after three steps.

Benedict had to man handle her into the car

Desu I think the damage happened here. She tried to crush this rock but failed and after this shot her right hand never closed again.
I don't think Benedict would fuck up her hand.

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Will Cattleya and Bernard, or whatever that blond delivery boy's name is, end up together?

Would you give her more chocolate milk or scold her for running with it.

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so is benedicts past besides being a soldier ever talked about in the LN?

Why would it be? It's just backstory.

What's with the kino meme?

[ X ] She won't tell anyone that her hand is damaged and will probably almost die because of it
[ ] She'll tell Claudia and get it fixed

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shes not gonna be able to defend her virginity from the anti peace fags when she gets captured.

Cattleya is too sexy enough for Benedict to handle



Has anyone actually read the light novel? Do they end up together? The whole anime, given Kyoani's history, seems to be leaning towards
>Cattleya and Hodgins are too guilty about their past to end up together
>Benedict is Cattleya's tsundere young boytoy who represents her letting go of the past
>Hodgins will end up marrying Violet in place of her major

You can't choke yourself to death though. Pretty fucking stupid if you can't catch the idea that at that point she really wanted to die so much.

Have fun.

Hogins is a old fuck and doesnt have the kindness or handsomeness of gilbert, at least give violet someone close to her age like that scribe guy or benedick

But Benedict is clearly for Cattleya. They're the only two characters that are shown to interact like a couple.

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If she was just cutting off blood flow through the carotid artery then her grip would loosen up the moment she loses consciousness. Only way she could've killed herself there was either crush her trachea or cut the artery with one of those glass shards on the floor.