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How can shounen garbage like One Piece and Tropey Academia even dream to compete with Togashi's masterful ability to conduct a story this intricate?

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I can't wait for Shizuku and Leorio wedding!

What would you do if you had a G U N

How good would Bleach have been had it been written by Togashi (or Urasawa or Otomo)

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You know guys, these kinds of ironic dick sucking posts stop being funny when 90% of the people on the board are in on the joke. You'll ride this into the ground the same way Sup Forums rode the anti Rick and Morty jerk into the ground.

>when your most memorable antagonist is Chinese bootleg Cell

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if Togashi wrote Bleach, it'd be called Yu Yu Hakusho

No, I don't. Japanese's syllable structure is pretty limiting when writing non-Japanese names. You could just literally transliterate the katakana which would result in names like Kororo or Kirua and probably other stranger names. And just because Togashi is limited by the Japanese writing system doesn't mean a literal transliteration is what he's going for. You can see this with other manga too where the official transliterations are very different than what you'd get just taking the katakana literally.

Togashi been watching too much Dragon Ball Super and forgot Uvogin got caught offguard by a sniper and the bullet still did nothing to him.

We wouldn't have seen even half the releases we did.


More like you forgot that Uvo was a massive cut above the average enhancer let alone the average nen user. You shouldn't use him as a metric for anything.

Uvo was a master Enhancer, and the bullet was fired by someone who couldn't enhance the bullet with nen. Kurapika's even said recently he's not sure he can take certain calibers of regular guns (though that's probably outside Emperor Time mode).

I hope this is new pasta.

I want some dialogue between Kalluto and Illumi

You are just agreeing with me though, a normal bullet would never go through a coat of aura, even if it's not focused, nen users shouldn't worry about people that cannot into nen.

That's true for Togashi, but it's not true for the in-universe characters.

>How can shounen garbage like One Piece and Tropey Academia even dream to compete with Togashi's masterful ability to conduct a story this intricate?
They make mainstream money. HxH rolls in neetbux from ironic memester faggots like you.

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9mm hurts you even with Gyo.

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Seems like his Ren was active when he was hit, or maybe that's his ten. Uvo is really an exception when it comes to durability, he had maxed out enhancement and he had a naturally strong body to add onto that. We have also seen other nen-users being hit by bullets and not being "seriously" injured. It seems like guns are more of a nuisance to nen-users, and can be dangerous if they're taken by surprise.

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That's not what I said at all
Kurapika is an experienced nen user, and even he can't take bullets. Iirc in Yorkshin spiders used corpses as bullet shields, and so did people in Kurapika's audition for the bodyguard job.
Guns aren't useless.

I meant to post this in response to this but I have massive autism.

what's ridiculous about this scene is that Uvo actually nailed the snipers.

if Kurapika forced Camilla into zetsu, then killed her, would her ability activate?

Don't put the pages in wrong order and then leave "read this way" sign.

If Kurapika forced Camilla into multiple orgasms, then killed her, would her ability activate?

You better not be dissing YYH.

Sorry, bad habit.

She won't even have a funeral.

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>The clown thought so far ahead as to hunt her down and seal away her power from Chrollo for good

Think he caught her on the shitter, too?

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Hello. I’m Illumi.

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>Neon is probably dead
>Her father is probably dead as well or killed himself
Being Nostrade is suffering.

Why does everyone take this monster of a man as the standard for interaction between guns and nen users?
Some of the nen using mafia goons with Kurapika were practically pissing their pants over seeing Uvo's rampage, and they were still above average.

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I think he's just acknowledging the fact that Bleach begins as practically a 1:1 rip-off of YYH.

Toguro could beat him up.

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95% of the characters are forgettable in each arc

>implying anyone has forgotten Togari

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No you're not.

What other battle shounen have great characters and storytelling like HxH?


Toguro could solo the hxhverse.

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>Every single chapter is characters standing still having paragraphs of internal monologue
Quick tip: convolution is not sophistication
Manga is a visual medium

JoJo, One Piece, and Dragon Ball are good starters. Also Berserk but it's not battle shouunen.

Yeah, Togashi really needs your advice on "How to make a manga".

Cammy, Cammy; in this chapter she had no part,
But Cammy is still in my heart!
For Cammy is kind, cute and fun,
And will be in the hearts of everyone!

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Threadly reminder that Genthru is the boss of the Sha Char family.

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I guess you need your eyes to read.

The human world, maybe.
He'd eventually get raped by something from the Dark Continent.
Actually, forget soloing the human world. At some point he'd be suicide bombed with a rose.

He needed Reki to support his final transformation, so if we translate that to Nen Knuckle might be able to beat him. Even at max power, he wasn't shown to be any faster, so Knuckle might be able to run away after a single hit. And he had no projectile attacks, other than the air bearing the force of his fists, which I think Knuckle might be able to dodge. If we translated his aura, though, B-class Demons are only one step down from mythical gods, so it might take even longer than Youpi did.

Togashi is good at developing interesting characters and playing with and subverting Shonen tropes and touching on themes somewhat more mature than you would see in regular Shonen. But Togashi is so bad at communicating exposition visually that he has to have characters stop and explain the situation constantly and it's unengaging to read

BnHA and Black Clover, the current Big Two, new pillars of shonen jump.

>1,034,506 (*14)┃2017/06|HUNTER×HUNTER 34
>*,895,639 (*31)┃2018/02|HUNTER×HUNTER 35

No one is liking this shit arc.

>But Togashi is so bad at communicating exposition visually
1. a comprehensive description and explanation of an idea or theory.

Its still outselling everything except OP

I consider myself a smart man. One who's intellectual stimulation derived from countless hours of investing time into the cosmos. The planets, stars, black holes, natural phenomena, the history of everything. My quest for knowledge had unknowingly evolved into a quest for my own personal spiritual fulfillment. For pretty much most of my life, the odds of me ever experiencing a spiritual awakening that is typically only heard of in religious circles seemed infinitesimally too small. When I started reading about Cammy, I experienced the most beautiful piece of work I've ever seen in manga. To the average reader, it may be just another waifu character. But this masterpiece struck such a strong chord with me, I felt like it was made for me. It was as if Togashi had tesseract like access to my own thoughts and memories. The awe, the wonder, the absolute captivation of my soul was at play. Cammy's character for me was my "Nessun Dorma" opera. Her visuals, Cammy's Hatsu, and perhaps my favorite, the hairstyles was perfect. Not by oneself, but together in harmony. Many years ago, I suffered from a temporal lobe seizure that instilled severe panic attacks and a crippling existential crisis that paralyzed me with fear. I experience hallucinatory loops at times that feel as if I'm dying. Finding relief for this has become more and more scarce. However, I've become more scarred and boarded up. I teared up many times re-reading chapter 373 from just pure joy. But at this point, it started to feel like something else. It felt spiritual. Like an awakening. Like if I had a relationship with God and He/She talked back. At the end of it, I felt like a new person. I highly doubt I'll ever experience manga characters the way I did with Cammy. Nor am I quite sure it'll ever be quite necessary. There's no doubt about it, I truly experienced what it is to feel alive. All those years of submerging myself in the awe of the cosmos finally gave me something back. Thank you Cammy!

Hisoka vs Chrollo was also something people had looked forward to for 15 years.
I imagine a decent amount of people who don't even follow the series anymore bought 34 just for that.

I bet the Bleachtards used similar arguments during the Fullbringer Arc.
>The sales fell.
> Yeah, yeah, but it's still selling more than Beelzebub and Toriko.

Weren't Bleach sales declining even before that arc?

>hxh drones rejoiced because of a terribly written chapter full of inconsistencies
Worst fanbase on Sup Forums

I disagree. At the end of the Election arc, when he showed where everyone ended up, he did it without any words and it was beautiful. And he handled Gon's breakdown in a similar fashion. The current arc lends itself towards monologue and dialogue in a way that is unavoidable. If you omitted the thought processes or various characters, their actions wouldn't make the same amount of sense. It's fine to communicate in one page of text what would take up an entire chapter in images and actions.


No other shonen compares to HxH in terms of sales (except OP)

Volume 33 also reached 1 million in less than two weeks and was not focused on Hisoka and Chrollo.

There's a titan who disagrees with you.

>themes somewhat more mature than you would see in regular Shonen

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For me it’s just wildly inconsistent. HxH hits highs that are so good it makes it worth it, but there are a lot of lows to chug through

>It's fine to communicate in one page of text what would take up an entire chapter in images and actions.
>one page
More like entire chapters. The whole arc was more infodumps than visual storytelling.

Neither of these even come close to HxH but I enjoy them anyway

I said somewhat, okay. Ponzu’s death was brutal

After Chimera Ants HxH became a spin-off. I still read, but it feels kind of off. It lacks heart, I don't know.

York new is the only good arc in the manga. CA was awful.

That's just because current HxH doesn't focus on Gon and Killua that you feel this way

cute poem

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Well, there's no denying that the sales did decline for this volume, but I'm quite optimistic for the future. Current started developing more characters, so they aren't just random nobodies (which I believe might have been one of the reasons for people losing interest), saw reappearance of the troupe and (in my opinion at least) was just a better read.

I do agree with you to some extent, there are times when Togashi could just stop talking and let us see things in motion, but I actually love it when we see into the characters' heads and go through the process of logically breaking down how they interpret what's happening and what they should do. The reason is because there are two kinds of readers: the kind who won't do that themselves and the kind that won't do it until they finish reading the chapter. There's a very small audience of people who will stop every page, stand up and walk around thinking about all the possibilities and intricacies involved in that current moment of time. Most people will just keep reading and, maybe, when they're done, they'll reflect on the severity or improbability of what happened.

Possibly my favorite moment in the entire series required huge walls of text: when Knuckle tried to fake out Youpi, but got faked out himself, only for Killua to save him. That's a series of events that required some walls of text in it. Not at the end, when everyone smashes together, but at the beginning to build up the feeling that Knuckle himself was having. Knuckle felt like he was having way too much time to think, which is like bullet time (I've experienced this myself irl) or like seeing your life flash before your eyes, which prompts the shit-eating grin from Youpi. Without all that text, it wouldn't have been as amazing of a moment. It would've been like, "Well, there goes Knuckle, he's fucked - oh, what, Killua saved him? Okay." Thanks to the long internal monologue, it gave the moment so much more weight, and made the final flurry of emotions so much more intense (Knuckle's confused, Youpi's excited, Knuckle's scared, Killua out of nowhere, Youpi's confused, Knuckle punches him in the face after all).

>But Togashi is so bad at communicating exposition visually that he has to have characters stop and explain the situation constantly and it's unengaging to read
You act like the info he puts in exposition is something that could even be expressed visually with equivalent or greater detail. How exactly do you expect him to deliver panels like pic related visually?

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I can not say that it is the only good one, since I also like the others, but it is undoubtedly the most well balanced.
Maybe, but I think what I really miss is caring about the characters. Togashi is great with characterization, but since CA, that has changed. The focus was more on events than on the characters. Elections, nen, games. It lacks, as I said, a heart.

>coming here during a fight I've waited half my lifetime for
>everyone's bitching about wanting to get back to not!Toriko's spoopy continent's walls of text
That day I learned you lot were not my friends.

It was kind of a nothing chapter and I think everyone knows it. One Piece was worse. BnHA was more interesting, but I can't go discuss it, because Horikoshi deathflagged the fuck out of his new lovable characters and it's making me anxious, so I'm here instead.

>there's an entire chapter dedicated to Kurapika trying to figure out which prince he's going to get, who are a bunch of basically nameless people to us, just to reveal who it is at the end
No chapter has ever made me feel so much nothing before.

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kys nigger

>How exactly do you expect him to deliver panels like pic related visually?
(not that user but) a good storyteller always seeks the best way out to make reading immersive. if he can not think of anything better than walltext to express an ideia, it is because he is giving more priority to himself than to the readers.

so, the real question is: is it really necessary to explain everything in such detail?

>it is because he is giving more priority to himself than to the readers
You nailed it, that's Togashi since the day fucking one. He only draws (writes) what he wants and in the way he wants. The funny thing is... for the most part it's simply working. I for one find Togashi's massive autism charming and something distinguishing HxH from the rest, I imagine why people wouldn't want to see it though (especially with all these hiatuses).

I disagree, the SW arc has had sublime characterization so far. The Ant arc didn't get me attached to so many side characters this early in the game.

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I have never had a problem with a wall of text in any manga or comic. It's fine for the format to change if it's required. In that Norwell example, it explained what it was simply and directly. If it was done in any other way, like through characters talking about its history or some such, it would be an unnecessary drag just to avoid a panel of text.

I agree with this user. We don’t need to know who Norwell was if he’s never gonna be a character in the story that has personally influenced people. What purpose does the fund serve to the plot?

>I disagree, the SW arc has had sublime characterization so far.
For me they're more tools than real people.

>so, the real question is: is it really necessary to explain everything in such detail?
Depends on what you value. Togashi's exposition generally fills about 2 or 3 purposes. One is to deliver information. Second is to characterize the speaker and/or the listener. Third is to build up the world. If you don't give a shit about 2 of these things, then of course it will seem unnecessary to you.

>liking princes shit
Jesus. Togashi drones will eat everything he throws at them

I don't understand feeling this strongly about hating a series. I've been reading HXH for quite a while, off and on, and I'm enjoying this arc a lot. It's not the only thing I read though and it's just a nice weekly thing to spend some time on and I like seeing people talk about what might happen next.

I love how the characters have their own little subplots and such. Togashi's doing a good job at making this cast feel believable and alive.
The Boat arc might turn out to be the best yet.

Too complicated for you to follow?

Some people don't like political intrigue, others do. There's really no reason to be a cunt about a genre change.

Tbh the world of HxH feels too disparate that it feels like features of the world are only ever introduced in service of the plot. The Chimera Ant situation only could have gotten so out of control because it happened in NGL, which didn’t exist until the arc happened.

Togashi is better at coloring the world through characters, like the Phantom Troupe.

>Togashi drones
That doesn't exist. Every HxH fan hates Togashi.

Their plot is a time waste and the characters themselves are bland and unappealing.

Yeah, his worldbuilding has uniformly been disappointing. He has never explored what a world with magical beasts and Nen would be like. Even the politics with the V5 doesn't scratch that itch.

That's where I disagree. First of all, we know it's not a waste of time since major characters like the Kurapika, Biscuit, Hanzo, etc. are involved. We know it directly ties into the DC both in cast list and things like Kurton dying, affecting Pariston's group on the DC.

And out of all of the personalities in this arc, where every Prince has multiple guards, you can't find a single one you like?

If you don't like it, don't read it. It's that simple. Nobody is asking you to complain about it.

>Dozen of different plot points all over the fucking place
Any other series would get shat on without mercy, but because GOD TOGASHI can do no wrong this shit is instead lapped up by retards.

World building and making the characters and events feel more believable. Not affecting directly the plot doesn't mean it's not serving the story.

This is true for every battle shounen, though. Compared to his contemporaries, I think he actually sets things up better. Every arc is setup in the first half of the previous one.