What the fuck was that

What the fuck was that
Gorobros... what the fuck

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you deserve to suffer

shut up you cuckold

Never despair Gorobro. It's not like Ichigo has a chance against 02.


A guy shows up in this and gets freindzoned by the girl you freindzoned what do?

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this isnt fair bros Im literally shaking
How can they make every scene goro getting cucked

ya'll got it wrong
gorobro is not a cuck
he is alpha
he is the only one in the show who confessed and the only one who does not loose his mind about it
on top of that, he is basically a kamikaze pilot



How does one get cucked by a cuck?

Can he do it, bros? Can he uncuck himself?

>if you calmly accept what a loser you are you win!

learn to crop and dont phonepost

These uniforms are fucking awful

>confessed his love
>"I like being your partner!"

Being an anime male and not the MC is worst than hell

his reaction is 'ok cool'
and then keeps on moving
now thats alpha

>What the fuck was that

death flag

Goro is so uninteresting to me. Episode 9 was poor

thats cope, he almost rekt himself he wasnt thinking strait

I liked it, but yeah. Goro really struggled to carry the episode.

>uninteresting character
>Show reveals he is not only weak, but a beta cuck
>Somehow I couldn't care less