What now Sup Forums?

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We get an actual male to voice him

They can finally get rid of the worst part of Dragonball.

But she’s not dead

Time to find another granny to voice Goku, his sons, and his lookalikes.

They would just replace her with someone with a similar voice, it would be no improvement

I bet they already have a substitute prepared. It's not like some granny kicking the bucket is going to stop them from milking DB dry. nozawa&tbs=qdr:d&ei=8FGkWrzlHMSg8QXwypow&start=0&sa=N&biw=1366&bih=654


Fake news.

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She will be when they decide to continue the series in a few years.

>continue the series
Yeah, that is not happening.

When I first watched the japanese dub, I thought they intentionally wanted to make Goku sound like a monkey.

>toei animation stops milking dragonball

It was Bulma's seiyuu who died, idiot.

They already stopped, did you miss the news regarding the cancellation of Super?


That would ruin it, goku's english voice proves it

it's put on hold to make room for another classic they plan to milk, they'll get back to DB after that's done.

Fuck off. I don't give a shit about DB and its VAs, but these threads are just stupid.

How fucking retarded do you have to be?

>no more TATATATAT and shit granny voice

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I hope her family is doing well.

It wasn't cancelled. It ended.

They are probably training someone already just like with Bulma

They better quickly create a Goku vocaloid while she is still alive.

Aya Hisakawa wasn't trained to take over the role of Bulma

What now Sup Forums?

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>rip goku seiyu
We need more threads like this desu.

We say farewell to any possible new Digimon stuff that has Dukemon in.

Chris Sabet takes over塚田 雅子&source=lnt&tbs=qdr:d&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjprP2f9uLZAhXBbbwKHVYSB0kQpwUIIQ&biw=1366&bih=654

At least look up her name in japanese.

They are. There's been interviews with Nozawa where she's confirmed she's worked with other VAs and trained them to potentially act as her replacement.

The Jap fans sub the english version of DBZ for a reason user.
It was fine when Goku was a kid and even Gohan was a kid.
But when Goku's balls supposedly dropped, and he still had that voice? That shit was inexcusable.

God I hope not.

>The Jap fans sub the english version of DBZ
Proof? I've only heard them mock it for sounding too american.

This is pretty true for the original series. All sorts of little monkey noises made by Goku.

>That shit was inexcusable.

Yeah no, fuck off.

If she really was dead this thread would be a sticky.


Now we can watch it without our ears bleeding.


What now?!

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>announcing the ending 10 eps before the finale
yeah sure

Literally nothing changes for DB as a franchise. The manga either gets cancelled or Young jiji takes his place.

>Anime adapted the whole outline.
By that logic studios that announce their anime will only be 1/2-cours before it airs also got cancelled.

Why does he have a drawing of a pedophile there?