I suppose it's not too early to start a thread, right? The episode airs in just a bit more than an hour after all

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Give me your honest thoughts on the character know as Kiss Yayoi

Good job

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I want to see more winter Cures now.

Mahou season 2 or Futari Wa remake for 2020?

You can do anything!
You can be anything!
Fure! Fure! Everyone!

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You monster.

>You can do anything!
Peter Molineaux please go


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Semenest demon in the history of PreCure.

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Legs midriff and pits in one shot. I love precure.


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Chin up, honey. Third hottest on your team is still pretty good.

False hope.

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Don't forget the nipple

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Who are you fooling with those false words?

You can do anything you put your mind to, user! I'll always be cheering for you.

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The absolute best girl.

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Nao is pretty great, I agree, but Akane is still the best

I never noticed they re-used this frame.

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I agree

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If I try hard enough, can I get drilled by Saaya?

She actually can do anything she wants

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Except marry Mana when she grows up.

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I hate negom and her art.

I love parfait so much she is literally parfait hmmmmmmmyes give me more oui I love you my sweet sweet fairy baker I wish I could lick all over your heels and pits and lips and lower half and everything even the magical rod actually yes you can put it in me if you want there's no limit for my love for parfait I just maximized my limit break bar I going full throttle on this fairy given the chance oui oui oui parfait more like p e r f e c t beautiful indeed mkt kpnk? nah parfait is the only parfait no more options indeed the goddess of style and fashion a shining star flying like a pegasus and throwing meteors of love oui it's my bride the only true half of my soul a mix of every emotion possible in a crystal cup representing my body the parfaitest of all parfaits it's parfait

*hugs you*

I think there's something wrong with this artist

What my mind doesn't work?

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Fucking based!

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I dunno about Hugtto, the fact the show revolves around taking care of a baby makes it way to preschool for me to fully enjoy.

Yeah I remember when I was in preschool and I was taking care of babies

Kill yourself

As opposed to the other seasons with babies?

Actually us childless single men can live vicariously through Hugtto.


>not self-inserting as the baby to enjoy cute girls fawning over you

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I want to make babies with Homare.

I want the hugttos to breastfeed me.

*what if my mind doesn't work?

This user gets it.

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HMR so mature!

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You're too young to be on Sup Forums, Nonohana



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yeah yeah konoatosugu

>evil cake general incoming

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I missed kono ato sugu


I want to put this cake on maternity leave

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for starters she is prettier than Mammo

>the 3 of them actually do the episode introduction together
Color me happy

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I think I'm in love with Hummy.

Oo, movie OP

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The nonohana is rubbing off on Saaya

RIP sakuga Aoyama is here

You're just 7 years late.

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>doesn't give a shit in human form
>doesn't give a shit in hamster form

This kills HomarexHarryfag

Based aoyama

>Saaya, Homare, and NnHn will never fawn over how cute you are

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I want to die

>it's a Kawano episode

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I wish there was some kamen rider 1/Saaya fanart with power drills

>Homare bullying
I will not stand for this

>Lightning (Not thunder)
>Tricks bad guys
>De geso
She's perfect
Between, Smile, HaCha and Hugtto, I'm noticing that the Yellow tends to be the best girl.

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Saaya: Hanasexual, Drillsexual.

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you know what they say about girls who like power tools.

Can you make a rolling nnhn gif out of that?

>mom's going shopping episode
I love these milfs!

Saaya is so cute in her natural environment.

Hugman is HUGE.

Saaya a cute.

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That's one big dude

What is she planning?

>Switch on


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>Hug Florist
I would

DIY by the looks of it.

We Hacha now!

Oh god, no!


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>talking about adultery

Something to do with Hana I bet, I hope she will be okay.