ITT: Alpha dykes

ITT: Alpha dykes

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Is this going to be a yuri thread or a shitposting thread?

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That Cyborg/robot girl from Akuma no Riddle. I use to have an image of her but I lost it.

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You mean like this?

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More info for her

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How the fuck is the first post not Ange?

She's hot and her girlfriend is pretty cute too.

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Senpai takes what she wants.

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Are you talking about Ange from Princess Principal, Ange from Cross Ange, or Sayaka from Ange Vierge?

Not going to lie, that was pretty fucking cool the first time I saw it. Though it was also really ridiculous.

It was fun to watch with Sup Forums.

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I'm still pissed they kept that het shitter Tusk alive till the end and settled for the open ended harem ending.

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you mean 'girlfriends are'

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Seems fishy to me

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Your show is bad!

1.That's a shlick fantasy for dykes. I mean, she's fucking french. And the french are known for making up fake super dyke/alpha females

2.They're trying to portray her as bi across the net to shill her to normal real women.


the sex must be wild
imagine all the potential lewd cyborg upgrades they must use

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But a dyke is a fundamentally psychologically damaged woman. Its like calling an incel alpha, they preclude each other.

Seems like prime material for an FGO character

Cute, 2D dykes don’t have any mental issues like their 3D counterparts might have.

She was pardoned by the king himself
Historical documents cannot be any more legit if it was stamped by the royal seal

What the name of this anime?

To be fair, many 2D dykes have psychological issues because nips believe lesbianism is either a phase or a mental disease, OP's pic is not an exception, until her ending was retconned on the spin-off

Nah everyone had issues on that anime.

Though fuck the ending to the anime.

Is this from season 2 of Pripri?

How much yuri is actually in this show?

1/4 of the show maybe, she has a nice arc.

Ancient dyke

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do you even know what that word means? nothing was retconned

Dykes are only if they get dicked and enjoy it.

Fuck off.

Wait, what happened to Ecchan in the spin-off?

She hooked up with a cute teacher lady. The cousin is forever alone.

She gets a new girl.

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>converts male MC's childhood friend (who had a crush on him) into a dyke and literally cucks him
you cannot get more alpha than this

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my girl Ange

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The teacher seems nice, so she's probably a huge bitch and is fucking half her students.

it's ntr trash this shit isn't yuri

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It's trash and every character is a massive piece of shit.

For burning down a convent, has fuck all to do with any of the other bullshit being real or not.
Go shilick to your dyke power fantasy somewhere else.

Well, homosexuality is a mental condition and genetic fuck up.



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The original ending was about Ecchan moving on from her fear to men for having a real relationship with cousin but apparently that was the editor's idea because the author took the first chance she got to change it into a yuri end. She seems to like Ecchan a lot

Go back to Sup Forums if you don’t know how to separate 3DPD dykes from yuri.

That never happened, seems like you got memed.


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> has her ass handed to her in every encounter
> alpha

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Actually no.
She burned down a convent, got sentenced to burn, escaped, killed a man in a duel, worked in an Opera where she was caught, then got pardoned

She lived another 10 years seducing women and cucking husbands until she died in a convent

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How does a woman 'cuck' a man? There's no penis involved. There's no pregnancy there.

Ask the men who lost their wives in her duel

But they're dead.

Why is every character a massive piece of shit?

Because they are scum
but even scum have wishes

Go back to your containment board

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And hot.

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Ecchan and cousin were on some kind of relationship at the beginning of Ecchan's chapter. It wasn't working fir the sexual incompatibility but still

user, if you honestly believe that dyke power fantasy then...I really don't know how pathetic of a thirsty lez cunt you are IRL.
But I'm guessing you're in the sahara with a mouthful of salt tier thirsty.

user, homosexuality was removed from the list of mental disorders because of politics not because it made sense.
Do you really want lesbians to be seen in a serious light or do you want to continue to be seen as "hot" and "conquerable by dick" or in a "phase" so that you can be treated like real women, sucker loser thirsty straight chicks or get some dick on the sly?
Because, I think, no I know, your kind wanst to have their cake and eat it too.


How could Trigger waste such a good character design?!
Ragyo was way hotter than her lame ass daughters.

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Really, no source?

And yet she barely has a character.

Scums Wish

look at the image. closely

Yeah, I looked better. Still surprise the Kodomo no Jikan author went there, she seemed to be a perv in love of the d

there is no such thing as a genetic fuckup, unless it objectively leads the mutation's carrier in question to not survive and pass it to its offspring. Since lesbians can easily have children thanks to today's technology, and thus pass on their genes (assuming it's a genetic condition), it's not a fuckup because they are still able to continue their lineage.


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Holy shit, really? I just like Kuzu no Honkai a bit more now.

anime someday...

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>Still surprise the Kodomo no Jikan author went there, she seemed to be a perv in love of the d
Sup Forums told me the lesbian girl in that was her self-insert

My fucking god am I excited. And looking for a proper source where these even exist.

Cannot fucking wait for the anime in a few months.

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Who cares, it's still shit.
Why would any like a story were it's about someone who got rejected getting together with their second choice because they couldn't get their first. Shit story right from the get go.

Reminds me of that Kimi Koi Limit spin off where the butch dyke gets her own story/love interest.

Are you really so desperate for yuri content that you'll just take anything an author shits out?

Thankfully never.

I don't care if it's shit, I care about Ecchan. Hanabi was clearly a shit person to be in love with and it was nice she didn't have to settle for more suffering, that's all that matters.

Latter has absolutely no connection to KnH so I'm just going to stop you right there and remind you you're being a bitter retard for no reason. I don't like the author just as much as I don't like Sabou but read her horrifying cancer for Harumin and Yuzu, while disregarding the shit story and "plot".

You don't know how to use the term "latter" correctly, which is ironic. Because you call someone a retard in the very same sentence.

All that matters is that she's used goods, a loser, and has to settle for second choices for the rest of her life.

>I don't like the author just as much as I don't like Sabou but read her horrifying cancer for Harumin and Yuzu, while disregarding the shit story and "plot".
Literally saying you have no standards at all. Like, not even trying to hide it.

Excuse me lol but isn't this show y/u/ri or some shit? what is this gay shit doing on Sup Forums lmao

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This is some really obvious false flagging.
Or "reverse trolling", whatever you want to call it.
You should reconsidering living seeing as how you care so much about trying to start fights over the internet.

Calm down, retard.
>sabou and citrus
AHAHAHAH you played yourself, what a fucking pathetic soul

Reina is in love with sensei, though.

Wow, your reading comprehension is so bad.
No one is "not calm" you literally autistic loser. No really, you're so autistic you fail to read even basic social cues like emotions correctly.

And retard, I'm saying that you don't have standards because you read Shitrus for any reason at all.

You know how you know someone is a pathetic loser who's been proven wrong about everything in their life? They try to call people mad over the internet. It's a coping device. They think if they call the other person mad it means anything they say is wrong and they "win" because the other person is "mad". Straight up circular logic.

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That means she doesn't belong in this thread.

Yo, citrusfag, you already played yourself. Just stop trying to pretend you're not retarded, it didn't work in the past and it won't work in the future either. Go shitpost on threads where you'll once again cry over having shit sales and your favorite goddawful yuri series getting badmouthed to oblivion. It's funny to see you cry.

I didn't play anything you idiot. You're literally just so retarded you can't understand basic English. Saying you have no standards for reading something means you are calling it bad. I guess this is to be expect when you can't even use the word "latter" correctly.

>still trying to delude yourself into thinking people are mad
See The sad part is you're just going to keep going with this because you're too delude you accept you're wrong.

I would love to see more lesbian protagonist like Eiko.

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