Gintama Chapter 674

Scanlation is out: The epilogue madness continues. How shook are you?

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>How shook are you?

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You're welcome

Am I a brainlet? I think I am. Can somebody clarifiy to me what Takasugi and Gintoki's goals are? Why did they return to that place?

God. Damnit.

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Shinpachi is gonna ascend to the title of lolimaster

Did they actually forgot about him? Lel.

So sho was the loli Kagura in the end?

How many more illegal loli can Shinpachi be burdened with? And is the last panel not-dead Okita[]?

>Ate too many bananas
Holy shit Sorachi

Yay! How many more 80's action movies will Gorilla rip off of to evolve Yamazaki's character?

At this point I question if we're even as close to the ending as it was originally implied that we were. I guess we'll just let Gorilla string us along for as long as he wants until this story reaches a conclusion.

He's gonna beat Kubo first just for the hell of it.

>Mommy's tummy got sick after eating too much banana so Mommy vomited and out came you
This sounds like birds and bees


's daughter Kanna

The humor stills get me. Cant wait for gangster Okita now.

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Place your bets, is Sorachi going to pander to shippers by having Kanna calls Okita "daddy" despite not being his kid, or will they get BTFO instead?

BTFO. Sorachi has no reason to pander to shipping fags. And clearly he hasn't so far.

Fucking gorilla.

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Is Gintama even ending? I honestly doubt it is anymore.

Kanna is cute

BTFO. With Sorachi, it's always BTFO.

What if sorachi pulls a twilight

By having Okita "imprinting" Kagura's daughter?

BTFO. He even made fun of shonen pairings.

BTFO obviously. Are you new to Gintama or what?


So... Yamacop or Robozaki?




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Can't blame them. I actually forgot about him too