Here's a Chio-chan thread

Here's a Chio-chan thread.

You guys excited for the anime?

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of course i am.
im pretty excited for the kabbadi episode in particular.

Nah not yet.
It got delayed after all.

I need to see her paleness in animation so badly.

I'll be excited when I can finally get the 10-15 chapters that I'm fucking missing

That's gonna be good.

is there any chance of it getting to based andou being a madman?

Seriously, what is dropout doing right now?

Chio sure has it rough.

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Chio's crying faces are so good, the authors past works really shine through.

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gotta love the dudes art.

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>that snow flake falling right where the guy's junk would be

I find Manana's sexuality in question.

>heroine's a gorilla

Why is she such a westaboo?

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She likes those games more than Japanese games.

Blame Meiji

Do you think we'll see these two again?

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>Chio-chan thread
Welp, time to rewatch the PV again.

Did they really got chased by the Chokaku no Chouku hobos?

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God, I can't stop sometimes either. It's really a fun video.

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Too bad about delay

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Pokemon Go corrupted Chio-chan

Oh god no. Chio is going to be meme girl of the season isn't she.

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