What would you do with it?

What would you do with it?

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kill myself

>look in mirror
>be a better person

Sexual degeneracy

This, but unironically.

Hard to say, the Geass is not so easily exploited for a common person.
I guess you could work miracles as a psychologist and make money that way.

Make myself forget I watched Girls und Panzer so I can watch it again

Make this world a better place

get a gf

Tell someone that hypothetically you could make him or her want to kill all the Japanese.

>the Geass is not so easily exploited for a common person
Only if you have literally no creative thoughts. The entire point about Geass is that the moment you get it you're no longer a common person and can never be one again.

This, but "be a better person" is too vague. I could be satisfied by mundane shit like just losing 5 pounds or having better handwriting. I'd more do something along the lines of "continually work to be the best of your ability at any given moment."

You can just use the geass on yourself to never be able to use it again and to forget that you even have it.

fucking beat me to it

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Buy clothes at the soup store.

have an early death from brain cancer unless somehow i can get hax inmortality that basically makes me a miserable person.

>Learn japanese by myself
>use geass to get in touch with some the head of japanese animation studio
>tell him to lurk ITT write an anime plot threads

Find chink moot and say "Ban all the newfriends".

>introduce me to the most powerful person you know
>repeat a few times and you can talk (and give orders) to people who pretty much rule the world

I'd see.

Take over the world and lead it to where I think its the right direction. But imagine if I said something like "kill all the japanese". Just imagine, me saying that. Kill all the japanese. Haha. Kill them all.

Mind control all of the women and create a harem cult.

free the world of emojis

Geass myself to have a bigger dick.

It doesn't work like that

He will get a permanent erection which makes his dick bigger than its normal state. It will rot within a few hours, though.

you can just use a geass on someone to make them think your dick is huge

I dunno. I definetily won't tell my sister to fall madly in love with me haha.

Make everyone my slaves.