Darling in the FranXX

Darling in the FranXX: Episode 9: another filler episode

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I want to sniff Miku's bratty little ass.

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Are we just going to ignore how much of a cunt Ichigo is?

Like for fucks sake, seriously? Snooping in on other people's shit?


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Every episode is filler, i cant handle those Ichigo moments.

>Every episode is filler
The word you're looking for is "shit."

goro best boy

>giving away a dead girl's mirror as a present

She was so fucking good this episode. I love this girl so much!


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I laughed at the thought of Hiro going through a dead girl's belongings to find something for 02, but it still was such a sweet gesture and 02 loved it

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Well she said it was ok give her things away.

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The stats for this show are dropping like flies, new episodes can't even beat a VEG rebroadcast.

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what do the guys do?
as far as I can tell the girls are in control.


This, they really need to fucking wrap up the relationship stuff so they can move on to character and story development.

Maybe once she stops being bullied even in doujins, she'll soften up.

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What hype? nothing happened and we’re at episode 9

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I wish I was Ichigo here.

>Ichigo and 02 have a sex competition to see who can better satisfy Hiro.
Someone make it happen.

This was a solid first doujin.

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That's because you're a complete fucking idiot crossboarder. Start actually watching the shows you watch instead of looking for ebin shitposting material, you utter faggot.

Is Hiro Jesus?

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What's really going on between these two?

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If Hiro is Jesus and Oh Tsu is Mary, who will be Judas? Will it be Milkman?

reminder that nana and hachi don't have pupils because they're not real humans

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>rummages through a dead girl's belongings to make his wife happy

Hiro is /our guy/

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Fuck off. Ichigo is Goro's now. We are self inserting as him.


Even worse.
>Giving a mirror to a girl who clearly has major self-loathing problems

That rain drop on the window forming a tear in her window reflection as she looks at the mirror bit was pretty on point.

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Judas Iscariot

Wait i thought Naomi wasn't Dead?

zorome when he finally breaks

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she's not as far as we know, she just got sent away

They say explicitly in either episode 1 or 2 that the guys have "initiative of control". Which makes sense, because they're the ones holding the control sticks. We know that the girls "become" the robot in some sense, the robots speak with the girls' voices while the girls are in the cockpit and when the robots get hit the girls feel all the pain. It's not clear what they consciously do outside of that though. We know they have at least some input over movement since we saw 02 and Ichigo move around a bit in a Franxx even though they didn't have a guy plugged in.

Probably their main duty could just be summed up as staying mentally in sync with their partner. If they're not able to unconditionally accept all of his commands then the Franxx won't work well.

The relationship stuff is the soul of the show. FranXX is pretty much Kiznaiver again but with robots

that's what they want you to think



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Kokoro is already pregnant

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Fill her episode?

she knows about his dino aids medication

its just an obvious pasta bait, see

Darling in the FranXX: Episode 9: user still don't know what filler is episode

Was this episode Franxx's magma diver?

It was a daring synthesis of Jet Alone and Leliel, obviously.

Someone smashes the mirror that Hiro got her and she goes full oni beserk rage mode?

descent arc when?

she sees herself as broken

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Or someone calls her a monster again and she smashes it and cries. Hiro finds her and comforts her telling her how much he loves her.

02 is ary Magdalene.

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It's implied that they all die before they become adults, even if they don't become pilots or are successful ones from hints throughout the series. What we don't know is whether it's from battle, something in their genetics which causes them to have early deaths, or they are euthanized.

Shes is live

Nope. Orlandian (Roland) allegory. Goro as Roland, paladin of Charlemagne-Hiro

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It's pretty clear that this is gonna be our gateway into finally seeing 02 face her issues and grow as a character.

At this point, the only character with less actual development than 02 is fucking Futoshi.
Everyone else has really struggled and changed as a person in some meaningful way. 02 is starting to get there being more interactive and positive, but she still is completely avoiding any form of introspection.

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The hype for this show has decreased considerably. Same with the sales, is kind of amazing

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Hype couldn't be stronger for me after that episode.

It's literally evangelion but none of the sex metaphors even attempt to be subtle, not much to be hype for really, that being said I think it's fun enough that I'll keep watching

Is the dyke really so unattractive or is he just gay?

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What does 2chan think about this so far?


Alright so Ichigo and Goro got their shit out of the way. Episode before this one was Miku and Zorome

So who's next? Fatty and Kokoro have a falling out and Kokoro goes to Mitsuru for confiding?

Or Ikuno monologuing her love for Ichigo?

does Ichigo ever wear pants? I know that not as cute as a skirt but it would be interesting just to throw one in there. Even if its not a costume but just casual wear.

>MFW he thinks that Darling in the FranXX is a mecha anime when it's actually a Coming to Age one

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I doubt it would happen, but you ever think maybe they'll at some point have it where they have a boy in the bent over position and the girl with the ass controls?

she is the root cause of all the misfortune in his life, it's totally understandable he'd resent her

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And people say hurr durr character development. You can do that for 1 episode, not weeks of barely anything.

>thinking these are exclusive things
You'd be hard pressed to find a mecha that doesn't have Coming of Age in it.

nope, the girl gives strength and the boy gives skill.

I think that's it for the first cour. They gotta get to the "Grand Creviasse" right? Surely that's not going to be a single episode. Next episode might be Hiro and 02 finally getting the order, them getting preparations to go there (assuming it's a long journey). Episode 11 is 02 and Hiro fighting Klaxosaurs getting to the place all while learning more about eachother taking breaks and stuff. And then final episode is actually reaching the Grand Creviasse and shit happens

This is foreshadowing that Hiro is going to die before Oni. Hiro is a tragic, doomed character the way I read the series.

Anyone else think this series literally has the worst mech design ever?

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The doujins will have me coming for ages at least.

I've never wanted to fuck a mecha before this series.


How the would you condense these 9 episodes into 5?

>being this gay

Also Genista is amazing, what the fuck are you talking about?


Fat Mech

These are probably the most fuckable mechs I've ever laid eyes on.


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They said she was at the hospital. The adults could be lying to them though.

I think the reason the crazy enthusiasm for the show has died down is because it's really been a rather slow burn.

They build the world through this very slow interactions and pieces while really focusing on the characters developing.
Problem is, we now have this world and characters but no real point at the moment.

Presumably in the next 2 episodes we'll get some kind of final goal for the show, but as is we've just been watching a slice of life.
There's gotta be some kind of endpoint established before we can get hyped for anything to come.

It's not a hit show so number of doujin will be low.

I can totally relate to Ichigo’s feeling at this moment. My lock screen is a shot that I took with my friend who went to law school. It’s a photo of us together and it’s been my lock screen for 10 years


No, you are a homosexual.

>so many people were retarded enough to not understand the premise of the show that someone took the time and effort to make this

>not using the gif version

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I’m aftually starting to believe this. 02 is super cute but she and Hiro honestly have some of the worst chemistry of all the duos


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Are you a literal faggot?

They told Ichigo (I think?) that she's in the hospital, but she's in Hiro's near-death vision so...you tell me.

Are "FranXX is literally Evangelion" fags actually retarded?
Have they literally seen only two anime?

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>Trusting the adults.
She's almost certainly ded.

Yeah, the mecha need to have more revealing clothing.

Like KLK-tier lewdness.

She's just weird in social situations, while Hiro is literally ParasiteJesus