Darling in the Franxx

Its ogre

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Thank God this love triangle bullshit is done with.

Episode was boring. Goro is uninteresting, I don't care how much of a "bro" he is, he's really boring and generic. Please give more development to actual interesting characters with personalities like Kokoro or the tsunderes

What exactly is Kokoro's personality, user?

It's never ogre.

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She's a motherly figure which is far more interesting than "generic nice guy"

>02 didn't get a present
>lonely and left out as usual
>darling pulls her aside and gives her something
>happy dino glomp

Will we get at least one lovey dovey scene every week from now on?

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Reminder that Kokoro's sexual thirst will make her fuck Milkman thinking it's out of love when neither actually has feelings for the other and both will regret it.

nurturing and kind of meek

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Nice guy that eats a lot. We don't know his suffering yet user.

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What would 02 do if I shot Hiro in the arm?

Thanks, nurse.

>once a year, the parasites get to ask for presents from Papatachi
>Hiro asks for a guidebook on birds
>Mitsuru asks for a fountain pen
>Fatoshi asks for EXTRA FUCKING FOOD

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How is he going to save his Kokoro from being M I L K E D?

Disagree. Actually I didn't expect him to be the kind to start fights as a kid with how nice he is today, it's obviously thanks to his love for Ichigo, also he being unpopular and such a weak ass was a surprise. This flashbacks to the Garden are great we need more of them.

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Maybe its rare food they dont get every day

Imagine having this much shit taste.

>I was tired of communal life so I decided to make everyone hate me

what the fug did Goro mean by this? He seemed like such a generic nice guy but hes got some dark insecure stuff in his childhood

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It's not dark or brooding, he was envious that he wasn't Hiro. He still is.

>he was depressed as a kid so he started eating
>somehow getting with Kokoro will help him recover some self-esteem and we will see Fitoshi after the timeskip.

>Fatoshi asks for EXTRA FUCKING FOOD
Hey man, it was a nice chicken wing bucket, maybe it is rare delicacy in their world.

Everyone in this show is as generic as they get, people like Goro because at least he's a nice and somewhat relatable person.

So he's a bigger cuck than ichigo!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Truly the Mitsubishi of our time.

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I took from it that he simply couldn't stand that everyone was always around all the time and thought the best idea to get some time alone is by making the others not want to talk to him.

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Either this is retarded or they'll explain it later, but why did he accept Ichigo's help if the reason he fights was because he wanted to be hated?

It’s our time Gorobros. We will see our boy win it all

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I hope he gets the bossy midget of his dreams.

>Futoshi starts eating because he could never fit in and was bullied
>cultivates mass so he can fight back from bullies
>becomes happy after being partnered with Kokoro
>now they are threatning to ntr him
why is this pure,innocent loaf of bread have to suffer?

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gentlemen, how do we save darling in the franxx? serious replies only.

He doesnt need to eat anymore, but he cant stop because he is addicted
Nobody likes junkies

Make Milkman the MC.

Make Ichigo and Goro MCs, kill off Hiro

They were so cute this episode. I hope they get more fan art.

This man will uncuck himself, mark my words

ok but then why did he want to make everyone hate him and get into fights he knew he would lose over and over again

take it from me, I was a big loser as a little kid and got bullied, I wanted everyone to like me not hate me, the self harm and self sabotage is a kind of a fucked up response

oh and this pathetic side of Goro as a kid is probably why Ichigo never caught feelings for him even after he grew up and was obviously a great guy

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Start the Hiro and 02 rebellion arc as soon as possible.

Kill off Goro

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Literally the other way round, every character for now that has had development has shown that they have another face different from what we were led to believe, in fact iirc Nishigori said in an interview that there was an episode where we would see an unexpected dark side to the motherly Kokoro, i'm pretty sure everyone will get their spotlight and there are surprises still ahead.

Shit needs to go down
We also need lengthy Franxx vs Franxx fights

>VEGfags want Goro dead
Further proof that he needs to live

She'll come back to him after realizing wanting to fuck someone doesn't equate to love.

He won't get a fresh serving, but I doubt he'd be the kind of guy to reject warmed up food.

Now you mention it, don't they have the greatest size difference of any possible pair?
Is Ichigo gonna get manhandled?

Kokoro needs to wean him off the bread with her breast milk.

delete this

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Remember when episode 3 was airing and people were like "I can't believe they wasted two episodes on NTR drama in a row"

>9 episodes of character development that could have been done in 5
>trying to fucking develop 10 characters in 24 episodes on top of a plot
What are these fuckers trying to pull here?

>don’t get so flustered
When he said this I knew Goro was the best

Don't read to much into it, he just didn't like being around a lot of people. Its pretty telling when his hobby is fishing.

How the would you condense these 9 episodes into 5?

>wanting to make this Boruto or some shit
Shounenfags will be first in line the day of the Gas.

Stop focusing on the side characters for the love of god please. I watch this show for 002, most people watch this show for 002 (outside of Sup Forums). Please, I don't care about strawberry

She's clearly the only one interested in sex right now but has no idea about the whole love thing at all. She'll seduce Milkman, not like any of it, her morale will be in the dumpster, Futoshi will comfort her and they'll have loving vanilla sex in missionary position with lights off under their blanket.
Won't be her first time having sex but her first time making love.

>people want action from a mecha show
>fucking shonenfags!

Well I dunno about 9 into 5, but I could condense it into 8 at least. Merge episode's 3 and 4. The manga did it.

>how do we save darling in the franxx?

Im fine with the character centric episodes especially because this is the first season but there really needs to be a larger plot at play, its just random monster of the week at this point, where is the grand crevasse? are we fucking going there yet? is Dr. Franxx going to do anything besides organize beach parties? Does 002 want to escape from the plantation?

I like the show but it is basically SOL at this point

But this is one of the good things the show is doing

You don't even deserve a (You)

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I hope the scenes where 02 was so contemplative doesn't somehow translate into 02 thinking Hiro is too good for her, and that he can't be happy with her.

Speak for yourself, I’m enjoying time spent with Miku Goro and Zorome

>no longer pure
>turns out she's pregnant
>but with mitsuru's child
No, I can't take it

I hate mitsuru more as a dickhead than I hate Futoshi as a non character

Waiting for Nana and Hachi's FranXX.

Gee Mitsuru! How come Papa lets you have two pistils?

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what kind of books do you think ikuno likes?

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Goro is to Roland as Hiro is to Charlemagne.

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This was not really advertised as a mecha show, I remember the Kyoryuu even appeared after the credits of the PV.
I think episodes 3 and 4 together work. Unless he shows it later, Yabuki did cut a lot of nice parts from episode 4, plus he might have some problems with Mitsuru.

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>she herself doesn't know
>it's never explicitly mentioned
>child is born in the last episode
>has Milkman's hair color

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Seriously what the fuck , was Kokoro standing literally right next to Mitsuru really necesary?

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Victorian lesbian novels.

She has one of the most fujoshit faces I've seen in a while.

Yes, yes it was.

This needs a "I'm so fucked up" edit.

Its the ugly face thing

>i'm so cucked

I’m aftually starting to believe this. 02 is super cute but she and Hiro honestly have some of the worst chemistry of all the duos

At this point I will only be satisfied with this show if the Milkman comes through in the clutch.

>this pic
holy shit, someone can't be this autistic

I think it's the hair. Her face is cute but completely free forehead with those sidebangs just scream fujoshi to me.

>there are people who unironically believed Goro would die

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You're fucking retarded.

>02 is super cute but she and Hiro honestly have some of the worst chemistry of all the duos
Are you for real?

>only now starting to believe this
From episode one, 02 was the generic "hot, mysterious, weird, sorta-genki cool chick" people flock to and claim as seasonal waifus the moment they show up. She's ridiculously run-of-the-mill eyecandy with a personality that's been done to death time and time again.


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Nah, it'll be 'I'm too shit for him'.

Give the self loathing girl a mirror as a present.

>she and Hiro honestly have some of the worst chemistry of all the duos
Just be happy with Goro, Ichigo. He's a good guy.

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>02 is super cute but she and Hiro honestly have some of the worst chemistry

Isn't anyone else wondering where the other members of P13 are in the flashback? When Hiro gives Ichigo the present he is already calling her Ichigo, and we know he gave them all their names at the same time. Could it be they were already in the special children section when Hiro gave her the present? The others weren't there, so it'd explain that.

They have a point. They have nothing going on but "I love you." "No I love you more".

>the worst chemistry
I've been pretty indifferent to their interactions, but the worst?

Only the best

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Their chemistry is alright, I just don't think 02 is interesting enough to carry the show by herself. Hell, most of the scenes where she's not with Hiro are just her being an edgy cunt.

Maybe worst was extreme but it’s pretty fucking uninteresting

The couple works way better as the secondary group

It's less them having the worst chemistry but having the most bland and boring chemistry of any two characters in the group. Bad chemistry means their personalities don't work together, but both of them are terribly flat characters.

Activate the suffering arc, 3 pairs worth of people get absolutely annihilated against the end game klaxosaur, their plantation gets rekt, they have to survive on the surface for a while and meet other surface dwellers.