Who /Hiromi/ here?

Who /Hiromi/ here?

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Best girl status: still best.

Noefag tears status: still delicious.

Why do you like Hiromi? Don't tell me because she wins.

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Remember that Hiromi got reincarnated as a Chicken Autist in the other series.

A well deserved fate for such a cock loving slut.

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My heart and anus are still burning for Noe

Her design is the most appealing, blue eyes and long hair, she is a flawed and realistic heroine, also the fact that she wasn't the main girl and still won adds more to her character.

>the fact that she wasn't the main girl
You sure?

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go eat about 98 dicks

Sachi > Schizouko > Yanagi

She's such a dull, sulky bitch that Noe's autism managed to be more entertaining to watch.

But Hiromi has the appeal of being mysterious.

She's cute.
She handles Darth Mom's bullying well.
She behaves like a responsible person, leaving the house before commencing a relationship.

She's honest.
She doesn't try to cheat.
And she's not clinically fucking insane.

>She's honest
It took her 10 episodes though.

Yeah but she got there. Cheater never did, and chicken-brain is barely a functional human being.

Yeah, Noe is the main girl since the show practically revolves around her, she appears in the center in all the heroines art and is listed first in the credits after the MC. Hiromi is the love rival, the first girl introduced and the endgame girl.


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Where the Noefag tears at?

are subs still dead?

BEST GIRL. It helps she won.

What was the "message" of this anime?

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Fuck off

I love Yuasa Hiromi Sup Forums
Sweet and a little rough.

Which chokejob was worse?

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Ten years later, the tears still flow.

Noe a cute.

what's wrong with a girl that loves cocks user?