Could this guy beat Aizen given that he's never reached his upper limit?

Could this guy beat Aizen given that he's never reached his upper limit?

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no. aizen is immortal and never even released his bankai

Aizen reached the peak of Shinigami power centuries beforehand. Like all the bullshit powerups everyone had in the last couple of chapters? Aizen already had that. And now he ascended past that and has the hogyoku. Kenpachi is just a scrub.

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No. Not even Ichigo's Mugetsu was able to kill Aizen.

>beaten up by the bitchsquad and a tranny

>could beat a god


Aizen's not a god, Ywach was though before he jobbed


1. Aizen used his Kyoka Suigetsu on him along with all the other captains. He only broke it for Unohana and Isane as they were no threat to him. That's why it was very focused on Ichigo and Urahara fighting and beating him. Neither of them was hit with Kyoka Suigetsu

2. Bankai wasn't shown by Aizen. We have no idea what Aizen's bankai is.

3. Aizen is practically immortal. It would take the power of a god to even have a chance to kill his seemingly immortal ass.

Not unless he went to high school and made a bunch of friends to protect first

Bleach went on so long Kubo forgot Kenpachi was a jobber.

He wasn't a jobber, he just got bodied by Ywach


a side character titled Kenpachi can only end up being the ultimate jobber.

he got bodied by a fucking noob ichigo without his bankai. kenpachi isnt even vegeta tier jobber. thats how shit he was, is and always has been.

Based entirely on what we actually saw, not what characters claimed they could do, yes. He is the 4th strongest character in bleach and aizen is 5th.

develop your hypothesis

who are the top 3?

War potential manhandled by a literal hand.

Rape monk


I didn't read the end of Bleach
Just shitpost the ichirukifag into suicide like a gentleman
How did Yhwach job?

Ichigo and Aizen teamed up to troll him for a chapter with Kyoka Suigetsu, then Uryu shot him with an arrow that turns off his powers and Ichigo cut him in half.


underrated post

Is there a more stabil scene than this?


Okay, but what if he used both hands and one of his feet?


Meh, even a scrub Ichigo without bankai could defeat him