>the MC is actually smart and competent
>no harem and romance bullshit
So close, Shield-kun, so close...

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>babies first Isekai

there's a thread already, actually

>actually smart and competent

Pick one and only one.

No harem?
Are you blind? He has a red head fighter slave, a sentient bird loli, and had the loli princess for awhile

Wow, didn't know that someone would speedread 4 fucking lines.
>The idea is that OP wants an isekai with a smart protagonist that has no harem. Shierudo-kun is an isekai story, and he's smart, which is good. However, it falls short with the harem thing, that's why he says "So close, Shield-kun, so close..." and not "WOW SHIELD HERO FITS ALL OF CRITERIA!"

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If you don't mind gooks then read this one, fits perfectly.
>Enemy of the world, cursed by all, Kim Sungchul goes on a quest to prevent the ‘prophecy of the end’ from coming to pass.
>But no matter how much he raised his strength, there were still some things he could not achieve with physical strength alone.
>Resolving to obtain the power of magic, he goes into hiding to learn magic from his most hated of enemies, The Mages.

pretty nice from the prologue too.

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It's harder to find an isekai where the MC isn't some blatant self insert fantasy than what you're describing.

you described Overlord

>lizard romance


I understood what you meant, but I can also see how someone might have misunderstood. Granted, that means they're probably a little slow. But you can't stop other people from being dumb, so all you can do if you don't want to be misunderstood is to be a little more clear.

>no harem

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>this website says so
>must be so

how many examples until you believe it? every site has it listed as one

>Hype levels from middle of academy arc
>Makoto slowly breaking
>Shiki vs. Mitsurugi
>Now it's dumb talks with gods
I think I hit the peak people mentioned a few times, do I keep going or just let it be a good memory?

>tfw they cut out the chapter where Naofumi goes nuts thinking his gf is dead
>goes mad scientist
>creates a mad scientist lab
>and makes a army of racoon clones to bring her back

That's very debatable. Albedo is the only one we can prove actually loves him. Shaltear just wants the bone. And Aura has the puppy love thing going.

Is it still a harem if none of what the females want matters and the MC cant bone anyone?

Latest chapters are just as entertaining as the 'Participation of the Devil' arc, I think. There's a great fight going on right now too.
The appeal of TsukiMichi is mostly in the drama and kingdom building. The worldbuilding is nice too, but not as much.

If you're looking for something with a lot of fights then read INFINITE COMPETITIVE DUNGEON SOCIETY, Everyone Else is a Returnee, or anything by that author (Toika) really.
it's korean though

ruin the memory forever, nobody gets to leave that dumpster-fire feeling clean

>Nidome no Yuusha
>finally a decent revenge isekai
>in the end it goes down the harem route too

Such a shame.

There a very good reason no one wants Makoto to get involved in combat. I wouldn't mind more development of existing characters now, including some that haven't been that relevant since the arcs where they were introduced.

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There was one with a gun Otaku mc who managed to make revolvers with magical metal. He had yo design everything from memory, piece by piece and had no harem, just His childhood friend to whom he engages later. But the the second arc came and he was sold as a slave to a loli vampire.
>So close, so close...

I'm not the guy but do you think he'd be mad that I posted the thing?

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We don't talk about Gunota in polite company

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Where's chapter 9? did the volume end on a cliff hanger?

also is this dog girl(?) saying 'wan', the Korean onomatopoeia, or actually barking?

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Did you know that if you dumb down the media, the intelligence of the masses also degrades accordingly?

So much so that filth like this prop up and they think they are justified in declaring it as such

And when OP says Shield-hero is smart and competent, you have got to realize that the level of "smart" is lauded these days is in fact mediocre

It's Kotaku. They know it's hated. The whole thing is manufactured controversy to drive up clicks.

you also have to acknowledge that there are people (especially those who were propped up into thinking they are smart) that believe what kotaku says

>Is low-level entertaining for a few chapters
>MC evolves into some kind of hyper-Chad 10 chapters in and starts fucking literally every female character in the manga
>The cute female love interest gets an atrocious redesign shortly after
>Spurious mental gymnastics about how drugging women isn't rape

Isekai sucks and can never escape the trappings of the genre.

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Kotaku is clickbait central

>Re:Monster is bad so everything else is as bad

Shield Hero was actually interesting when everyone was theorizing that he was blind in the first few chapters.

No, actually what I'm saying is
>Re:Monster is bad and everything else is also bad

I'm not saying they can't be entertaining, but they're never good.
Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari is very entertaining. But it's also bad.

Here's those Monster Tamer / Monster no Goshujin-sama / Master of Monsters / モンスターのご主人様 illustrations.

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>no harem
that changed after he met the Smug Vampire Family.

Hobgoblin design was the best, so it had to go.

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Just look past the shallow shit and there's a good number of Isekai with almost none of those tropes.

Kawazu, Hans, Tensei Soudouki, Book loli

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Thanks user

Tanaka wouldn't care about Meat tho

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why is that pickle so upset?

They're all pretty terrible, and almost always in the same way. Even the best ongoing isekai is mediocre trash doomed to never go beyond being someone's "guilty pleasure". All they have going for them is shit like
>"Oh, but in this harem he actually fucks ALL the girls/kills people/isn't a """pussy""". This is just like my Shonen jump series, but now it's for adults!"

Nothing good can come out of a "genre" as inbred and self-plagiarizing as isekai.

He would just not as his first..... you know, I wonder why it hasnt crossed Esthers mind to just get Tanaka a virgin slave so he can get rid of his vcard, then he wouldnt be so opposed to banging her.
Or is Esther so conceited that she actually wants to be Tanakas first?

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>romance with the villainess
>actual romantic progression instead of 0-100-they-banged or it's-been-4-volumes-and-they-haven't-kissed
>actual plot progression too
>not overly edgy
This has hit all the perfect notes for me.

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I just assume that there's lots of lead in water system in that world

>beta cuck hates the alpha chad
As expected.

>MC is blessed with highest level bullshit and wealth
>basically unstoppable in every way
>proceeds to dick around doing nothing instead of establishing an empire

Death March is okay, but this is bothering me. The cunt lets his slaves walk around in rags.

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>male isekai characters that make you question your sexuality

Tell me, Makoto is supposed to be ugly, but my peepee tingles whenever I see KINO Kotora's illustrations of him.
I want to dress up as a little demon girl, steal his hair, and use it to engrave a slavery stigma on my body

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Planewalker jewess adventures is hardly an Isekai.

>proceeds to dick around doing nothing instead of establishing an empire
Only the worst king of idiot strives to be king

>main character is smart and competent

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They don't wear rags for long.
He isn't meant to be ugly, just ugly compared to that world, where normally beautiful people are just average.

No one's forcing you to read harems, you know.

Not even king, just a faction. Merchant guild, mercenary guild, whatever. Hell, Satou could establish a fucking Adventurer Guild with his level of wealth, making way for civilians to combat the evils of the land.

Well, when it comes to game knowledge and combat, Ainz pretty much has it down. Everything else he's just fumbling.

Sure, she's technically smart, but she's short on the common sense.

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He does in some form.

Does nobody edit/proofread this? Christ.

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He has dozens of businesses and business ventures and established an adventurers school that quickly gained popularity.

How much more do you want people to fellate him.

Fair enough, I'm not that far into the series. Only on episode 5.

>actual romantic progression
I don't recall Eliza even having any love interest.

I mean Ainz is actually highly competent and pulls off some impressive feats in the fields that he's actually practiced in. Exploring the extent of mind magic and the existence of god by researching it's effects on the brain of a cleric or starting up his time in this world by exploring how his abilities operate in an actual fantasy world to see what's abusable he's 10/10. Everyone just keeps making him do politics when he's a socially stunted guy who was only made guild leader because he's a true neutral third party among the original members and the guy who comes up with battle plans.

How beautiful.

I want Dantalian to impregnate me(male)

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Oh, I don't. It just irks me when people use hamfisted examples of perceived "maturity" to justify them liking a dumb series.

The protag of Re:Monster is beyond Chad
He's the kind of 190-proof distilled Chad you get by taking a normal Chad and boiling off all the excess
He's basically just chemicals

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Fair points. The fact that he constantly stumbles his way through social situations is one of the things I like, because flawless characters that never screw up are just dull power fantasies.

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I actually like how re:Monster was. I don't see where it was leading, but I wanted to see if he ever faced something that would challenge him after the firebear, or if it was going to be a wankfest. Seeing how the author tried to convince everyone that the MC is not a rapist just because he used aphrodisiacs was sad. If you are going to rape, admit it.

>tfw just realise that the reason I read Death March is because of Zena but she will be irrelevant after undead king arc

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He's supposed to be ugly. but that doesn't mean the manga artist can't whore out his 10/10 would rape in a dungeon body

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I have no knowledge on overlord, but I heard that Albedo wasn't involved in the webnovel version. How different is the webnovel then the regular novel so far? I would assume Albedo was included just to get those sweet Otaku bucks.

Are you think of blacksmith? The main girl's name here is Ariel.

>literally cursed so his dick won't get hard

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Ugly? I thought he was just painfully average.

She returns eventually.
The artist should do it for Mio more.

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>It's a cute/fun concept.
>The art and/or dialogues are complete garbage.

>The art's good and the girls aren't generic-looking.
>The concept is garbage and the MC is fellated at every turn.
I really want to like this genre, but it's an uphill battle, to say the least.

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I tried to read it, I honestly did, but it was so damn painful, it was complete and utter garbage, Bless the Editor that made Maruyama clean up that mess.

She's not one of main heroines though.

Haven't personally read it but the big things is Albedo doesn't exist, Ainz does very little by himself, and makes a sex slave out of whats her nuts Shaltears adventurer in 7 rather than kill her.

Oh and I think Shaltear turns Brain into a vampire when she meets him.

Who does he get besides murder bunny? Murderbunny.

I hope they do something to either fix or remove the newest girl because she is annoying as fuck.
HURR DURR EVERYONE IS GONNA RAPE ME, stopped being fun after like 3 pages.

That's honestly what annoyed me the most about Re:Monster.
Not that the rape happened, but that the author earnestly tried and still tries to make the MC appear likable in complete contrast to his actions.

Fuck off with that shit; there's nothing worse in any kind of story than an author stops letting actions determine whether a character is likable and just starts treating the character like they are.

I just fucking read it and think to myself "does the author know how much fucking better this would have been if he had just fucked the goblin chick?" and then realizing if the author did he wouldn't have fucking ruined her design.

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If the death of the protagonist is silly, then it will be a fun garbage isekai.
If the death of the protagonist is rather serious, then should be expected it will be either decent or edgemaster.

Have some cute cats.

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I'm thinking of Akuyaku Tensei Dakedo Doushite Kou Natta, of which image you posted.

You barely can manage your life and now you want an empire?
Pic depicting smug.jpg

Are they sacrificing a mouse to the cat gods?

But he does with the goblin also, the manga just doesn't focus enough on it. It should have stayed with this design.

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I mean nobody likes her so there's that at least

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Is she looking forward to it or is she scared?

A girl with fairy bloodline.

As in only fucked the goblin chick.
Instead of raping, like, 45 different women in a handful of chapters.

It's his own fucking fault for not thinking calmly about the new situation he's in.

And for a death march, he was doing pretty well.

It's not rape if their eyes turn to hearts, everyone knows tnat.