>best body
>loves Lelouch

>impure whore
>doesn't love anyone and fucks old men for money
>totally unfaithful

The choice is obvious.

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The choice is Suzaku

Suzaku isn't gay


He obviously means Milly.

>best body
Sorry bud, Milly takes that cake

So C.C. thread then?

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right, both

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Kallen is for Gino though

Any word on when the new series is coming out?

Just because her boobs aren't the size of her head, doesn't means she's flat.

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the new season is set several decades in the future
LL and CC shows up, having not aged, and dryhumping in public fabulously
old hag Karren sees them and out of jealousy kills herself

A timeskip like that would work, no one should even consider them the same people.

I can't believe i have been missing Kallen vs C.C threads.

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Wouldn't CC be old too though?

So if kallen is a proud japanese why does she want a british guy?

Lelouch is Britannian, not British.

I thought the standing theory was that Lelouch got the Emperor's code.

>kallen being faithful

Yeah. Her turning on Lelouch like the rest of the idiots is the height of faithfulness, of course.

Britannians are actually American. It's a weird alternate history. Pretty sure it involves a democratic uprising in the mid-late 18th century (with some big names from the American Revolution being involved), and the royal family being forced to flee to their colonies in America to solidify power.

Best thing that comes out of it is images. I'm a CCfag but I have no quarrel with Kallen.

If anything I'd say both fanbases should unite against the common foe, Shirley. But that shouldn't be an issue if the movies follow the anime close enough.

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And Suzaku is still kicking ass due to the geass on him

What happened to the plans for a new season?

He can't be in love with a dead chick forever.

Gonna have to stop you right there, senpai

she's truly Lelouch's Queen

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Americans until after the civil war were almost entirely Englishman, so when the Royal Family flee to America the people there are British.

Only the immigrants. Lelouch was born in America, so were the many generations leading up to him. He may have descended from British, but he wasn't one himself.

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Yeah C.C. thread. Post your ccreayus pics everyone

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For a Kallenfag my CG fanart folder seems to be filled with almost entirely CC images.

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>both fanbases should unite against the common foe, Shirley.
Truly this. I've trolled and shitposted Kallenfags for shits and giggles but honestly never took her seriously as a competition. Shirley, on the other hand...

>betrayed Lulu with the rest of the Black Knights
She loved Nippon more than him, CC lives only for Lelouch

Begone thots. Shirley is the only right choice.

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>donkey noises
pick one

Kallen the queen of hearths. The witch is CC there.

Necrophilia is not okay.

Kaguya best girl.

She also has no problems with a harem.

I liked both girls man, but at this point we must be real.

C.C. won not only versus Kallen

She won against all. And it's fine.

Why is it always Kallen vs CC? I know Shirley is dead but that doesn't mean he couldn't have liked her more than the other two right? Also recently I notice that elevens appreciate her personality more than western fanbase that bills her as literal nobody.

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>She won against all.
Not against Nunnally.

>Spends the entire series oblivious to the main plot/ male lead

>most valuable girl right there.

Oh boy

She's the ordinary girl. Of course they like her, and likewise, if she hadn't died she'd have won because of it. MCs always default to wanting the most normal of girls.

How big is Lelouch?

>10 years later
>ccucks still crying themselves to sleep

you mean gino

Most normal of girls that happens to be their sister, or that cute stranger with hidden powers, or the quirky one that is the farthest thing from normal.

The childhood friend that always loses is the most normal girl.

But the childhood friend here is Milly.

Because she's dead.

If she was alive she might have changed Lelouch.

>shirley literally had to die in order for kallen or cc to have a proper chance at endgame

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Hey that's about the only way to avoid MC ending up with the vanilla girl. CC and Kallen are much more interesting anyway.

CC is infinitely better than traitor whore.

>CC and Kallen are much more interesting anyway.

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>implying shirely even stands chance of Lelouch's Imoto obsession
user pls

>The siscon with the brocon
I think they fit well

>If she was alive she might have changed Lelouch.
Nah, she wouldn't.

>tough rebel that leads a double life and pilots a giant mech
>strange immortal with special powers that is obsessed with pizza
>normal everyday schoolgirl

>Shirleyfags actually exist.
I thought only underage girls like Shirley. For self insert purpose, and because Lulu x Shirley is similar to those shoujo manga tropes.

heck off sluts, Shirley is the true, pure queen

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>>loves Lelouch

She betrayed him during the final act though.

Nonsense. Even if she didn't die at best Lelouch would geass her to forget about everything again and she would just end up on the same level as Milly and Rivalz anyway.

Shirley is literally the only girl who was truly faithful to Lulu

>Lelouch would geass her to forget about everything again
Nice headcanon there.

Lelouche's ultimate plan is to become a dictator everyone hates and orchestrate his own public murder. You really think he wasn't just going to make Shirley go back to her muggle life again? He wasn't going to keep her around, that's not how he operates.

What else can I say? There's literally no reason to keep her around.

Anyone else watch both English dubbed and subbed and switch between languages depending on context for maximum realism?


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What's the purpose of keeping her alive till the last recap movie?

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Like mother, like daughter I guess. Kallen's got the Britannian fever.

Also apparently Gino ended up in the military because he fell in love with his Japanese maid and his family drove her away, leading him to leave home. So it's something of a pattern for him too.

Attached: CODE.GEASS-.Hangyaku.no.Lelouch.full.1278413.jpg (775x932, 473K)

But Milly is obviously better.

Lelouch anticipated that she wouldn't betray her nation like a cuck. The whole point of the zero requiem was to get everyone to hate him including Kallen.
So I think this vindicates her seeing as how her ultimate goal was to free her nation.

how can kallen be ''pure'' when she's literally a halfbreed mongrel?

>betray her nation like a cuck
>Goes over to Team Britannia
But what is a nation?

Why is kallen's juicebox filled with cum?

>But that shouldn't be an issue if the movies follow the anime close enough.
Didn't Shirley's death get retconned in the movies?

Milly > all

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Milly's subtle crush on Lelouch was the real tragedy.

what do you mean "goes over to team Britannia"?
Also Kallen doesn't think like Lelouch. She thinks a nation is based on culture and possibly race so she fights for Japan. She changes her name to a japanese one and constantly expresses her hate for all Britannians.

When will people see the light and realize that Kallen x CC is the superior choice?
>Shirley's death get retconned in the movies
Along with her role that's relegated to a mob character. Either she dies or not in the third movie, she's no threat.

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I think the user meant was she joined this guy's team who uses literal nukes to get his way.

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>see mook on the right
>immediate hear purpleeyes' dumb fucking voice for these guys
This man has ruined me

Attached: 1457600524737.jpg (1300x1095, 699K)

She didn't even try, even though she had known him the longest. Sorry user I'd say she brought it on herself.

Attached: 7a5ce180b196c70417535c86a166a889.jpg (525x400, 54K)

>Betrays Lelouch twice, both times when he was at his weakest.

>Always stays at Lelouch's side, tries to protect him from the emperor in the world of C, still accepts and consoles him after the Euphemia incident, chooses him over Mao & the emperor.

It was pretty obvious she didn't try because she didn't want to get in the way of Shirley.

She'd seen enough anime to know she wouldn't win against Shirley

>think you're in a typical romcom anime
>you're actually in a gundam ripoff
Probably for the best in either case that she stayed out of the way.

>code geass
>gundam ripoff

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Yes it was obvious.

Attached: DLrESR_V4AETAAl.jpg (2048x1288, 462K)

Are there more pics/fanart of CC's boob scar?

Just making a joke user, couldn't think of a better way to phrase it. The implication was she'd think she was in a romcom and Shirley was the lead girl. But actually she was in some war mecha anime where the romance interests tend to fucking die tragically.

Attached: 1435761376589.gif (385x217, 166K)

>2nd chapter: Lulu acted like a boyfriend and put his school uniform on CC because it's cold and carried her loads for her
>3rd chapter: typical "these two are fucking?!" romcom misunderstanding
Just what is the direction they're taking with this spinoff manga? What is the purpose of doing this?
Also, is creayus not just drawing but also writing this? she couldn't fucking write

Attached: katei.png (535x765, 859K)

This nigga gets it

Lelouche is Britannian

yeah. There are many Gundam series that are far better than CG

So is this scanlated?