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if someone doesn't post the horse page I'll be very dissappointed

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What the fuck? Context?

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Is there any fucking way to search for completely translated manga that aren't fucking one-shots?
MangaUpdates has the option to only show completely scanlated manga and the option to exclude one-shots, but you can't select both at the same time.
I just want to check if there's anything new without getting disappointed 50 times for every actual series I find.
Please, somebody tell me there's a way to only search for non one-shot completely translated manga anywhere.
Picture unrelated.

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yeah I know how you feel, but you're gonna have to check each one yourself

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why did translations stop? this is the second time.

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he was day dreaming

is that good? I dont feel like reading drama.

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He was just harmlessly fantasizing about committing a brutal murder. Tbh I do this all the time when working my night shift job

I read it expecting train wreck drama but I got a bicycle crash instead. The drama is pretty enjoyable and the humor is fine.

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I don't know. Who was even scanlating it in the first place? Maybe the fact that it was axed like everything else the author has done put them off. Looks like it was translations stopped coming in around the time Uratarou got axed too

ok then save.
I thought uratrou was the axed one. the spoiler ont he ending doesnt seem like it was axed. but gotdammit he has such an expressing art

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>Look up a few of these
>Goddess chapters are always disorganized and not in order
Why can't they just be named conveniently so that they're in order? God damn. Batoto 2.0 (or another organized reader) when?

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and they have dead eyes.

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Attached: Giant Spider & Me - A Post-Apocalyptic Tale - c002 (v01) - p069 [dig] [Seven Seas] [danke-Empire (2145x3056, 2.15M)

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silly girl, thats not how you eat pocky

Where the hell are you reading this

The goddess.

Yeah I don't know what that means. I see it everytime i try to source this thing.

And there are too many different ways to say goddess for me to guess the site name

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name pls

dont bother it gets really boring after 10 chapters

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why's no one translating this

a madoka ftp sekrit club with password that used to get shilled/spammed here incessantly but now people act smug and superior about.
god = kami; therefore madokami.
search Sup Forums archives, there's default password instructions listed somewhere although it's old and no longer probably works. I'm pretty sure they closed off all new registration due to batoto shutdown, influx of newfags, and multiple hard drive failures.
it's a piece of shit. don't know why people act so superior about getting datamined by them.

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I wasn't fucking ready for this. Can't imagine how bad the other girls and his imouto are.

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found by searching "Ihara seagulls manga"

Too saggy, old lady.

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oh shit, I remember this manga, does anyone keep translating it or not? it's been a while since I saw a new chapter


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Finished this masterpiece yesterday

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whats this?

A manga about an onani master

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There is nothing better then breast envy.

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nah it's the opposite
kind of refreshing to be done with school shit in 10 chapters after all
and there is chapter 13 as well

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>tfw bluffing harem war finally got more chapters scanlated 3 years later

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I want my weekly dose of Marble back.

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It's literally Trash
I'll advice you not to bother

Grashros it's on mangastream


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I find it more ridiculous getting upset about a free repository of manga that's regularly updated and kept largely secret for good reason. Like, you realize just how many archives have gone down over all the years of the internet, right?

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Try this one.

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New chapters fucking when? I love the Mis-sex-ventures of the MC and his growing harem of girls that keep him away from the girl he actually loves.

sauce? before you complain, google gave me glassware and iqdb is nothing.

Zatch Bell is #1 in every category by default. Posting it is cheating.

What manga is this?

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Found it in half a sec, and as such Im only gonna give you part for the name so you can get better at this.
>Peter Grill