Why was there so much homoerotic subtext between them?

Why was there so much homoerotic subtext between them?

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There wasn't.

nigga what

Bec Suzaku is a faggot who just wouldn't mind his own business.


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Fujobait sells.

Because all close male friendships have homoerotic subtext in them. Close friendship between men is just a gay relationship without the fucking.

There was none.

>fat stinky fujo detected
sexual love is very different from friendship

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CLAMP + Sunrise omnipandering.

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Who are you trying to kid here?

Those are the same anons who would try to deny the homoerotic subtext between Griffith and Guts.

why are you avatarfagging in every thread

mecha = homoeroticism

does someone have that pic

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They are basically Amuro and Char.

Go figure.

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If they are childhood friend and Amuro was willing to kill Tem for Char and Sayla's sake

There really wasn't. I was surprised that this is even popular among fujos for some reason. They're not even on Kira and Athrun level of friendship.

There wasn't enough

Hopefully S3 will fix that.

That pair is unironically gay.

Is he being raped?


He’s just doing something extremely wicked.

Char raping amuro would actually improve that movie.

Because it’s good

Is that true? I wouldn’t know because I don’t have any friends.

Because they wanted the fujoshit audience.


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Euphie doesn't look right without the blood of dead 11's on her dress

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CLAMP characters are meant to be gayshipped, though, no matter if they're boys, girls, adult males or adult females.

>Character designs : CLAMP

Because they are drawn as pretty boys
You would never see ugly homos in an anime

Imagine being this delusional

Euphie needs to come back so Suzaku would be non gay again.

Imagine being gross delusional fujo

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There wasn't unless you're a filthy fujo who thinks being violent equals love.

*bait doesn't exist, and homoeroticism in Japanese fiction was not invented by fujoshi.