What is Galko's lasting legacy?

What is Galko's lasting legacy?

Does she have one?

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Two, exactly:
>hairy anuses (anii?)

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She likes black actors.

except she doesn't

Sorry but it's canon. She likes black dick. Get over it.

A lot of porn. That's about it. What did you expect from an anime that's just meant to be ecchi?

She wants to be a mother and loves to cook, her legacy is setting the bar too high for any girl in the future to become the best wife in anime.


Chad wins again

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That anime can make Tumblr shit like body positivity and period jokes tolerable.

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A ton of spunk laden tissues courtesy of of Sup Forumsnon.

girls are just as nasty and dudes

She single-handely made "Pure Gyarus" into a genre.

There have been other Pure Gyarus, but she definitely solidified the archetype.

>>hairy anuses (anii?)
Excuse me?

Was this before Hajimete no Gal?

>Excuse me?
Watch the anime/read the manga. Pretty sure that was one of the topics of discussion.

>Was this before Hajimete no Gal
Yes. Pretty sure Galko was 2016

Yes, Galko isn't the first but she definitely became the face of the genre.

Galko came 2 years before Hajimete no Gal, and that series barely even counts since the main girl, while not an actual slut, it is quite a mean kogal herself who leads her boyfriend on.

Nope, Galko was born in 2014, see she really defined the genre.

Not that user, but
This is Ranko, not Yame, right? 'Cause kogal I think refers specifically to the ones who darken/blacken their skin.

>There have been other Pure Gyarus
Such as? I can't remeber a single one before 2014, that's the year Galko debuted.

This classic? Gals have been a thing forever, we just never payed attention, I do think Galko made it "relevant", just put on the spotlight something that have already existed.

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She is too perfect, its not fucking fair bros

I hate Galko. Because of her 'pure gyarus' became popular and now we get way less actual sluts in anime/manga/hentai.

Also she delayed the upcoming age of the TOMBOY, as 'bimbos who look like whores but are actually pure and shy girls' is what is trendy now.

Pure gyarus>tomboys
Deal with it you massive homo.

Tomboys that become gyarus are the best though.

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I like both, so its my time.

I want Galko to be my bride!

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You are quite right, but I would beg to differ since this is a shoujo manga, and said works have had gals for ages, but never with the intent to making them appeal to men who for some reason wanted gyarus to look pure in their fantasies.

I called dibs on her first

I called dibs in the first chapter.
Noice try though.

Fine. I'll take the sloppy seconds.

Her only legacy is her thicc-ness

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