Spice and "wolf"

>spice and "wolf"
>it's clearly a fox
How can they get away with this?

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She's a cute wolf mom with a cute wolf daughter

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She's actually a cute.

>fertility goddess
>no tits or ass

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I always wondered about this, she actually has fox ears and tail.

>This is truly Spice and Wolf

You sure about that?

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Nothing wrong with that.

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There is such thing as red wolves, you know.

That was an adaptation drawn by a porn artist. Canon Holo is a twig. A delicious twig.


That artist should have found reasons to have more nude Horo though.

This was legit awful.

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She's obviously the spice.

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>Merchant meats spicy wolf
Who's the meats?

The wolf doesn't just like apples.

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Wrong, fgt. There's several types of wolf that have reddish fur.

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its the now extinct japanese wolf

That's a very fluffy dog.

As opposed to actual wolves?

Holo is cute!

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Open up a book you mong, the internet sucks at random diving of information nowadays.