characters that are literally you

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Why don't you just [kill] your depression?

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Kanae is LITERALLY me.

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Not sure what you mean by this

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Uchihas are trash.

On all levels except physical, I am Komi

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Really, really wish you were a japanese girl.

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>post in these threads every time and never receive a single reply

What's the point?

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For me it's Kefka - intelligent, nihillistic and a wicked sense of humour.

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With this (You), I hearby release you from your prison.

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How can you be sure that you are intelligent and not just normal compared to idiots?

A-are you single OP?

I don't know, pretty much anyone who's both S&M but slightly more masochist

Literally ever dominant girl in anime turns out to be a huge M in the end

She replied!

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This is literally how I look irl.

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Who is the old rapist japanese dude that had a ton of old hentai with him as MC that always ended up conquering all the females with his dick?

objectively, best hokage ever

were here

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intelligent, nihillistic and a wicked sense of humour.

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she's just the absolute worst

intelligent, nihillistic and a wicked sense of humour.

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Czech these dubs

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You are a creepy edgelord?

Why are there so many newfriends here?

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are you lazy woman almost fujolike ?

except I'm still single and no qt girl

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>green eyes

This is me!

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I want to fuck you

I literally also do not want to be stabbed

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>"I've been doing a lot of thinking lately"

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discount code alpha

I am him he is me

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Liar. I don't believe you.

Rude, Hikki!

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I'm gonna raw dog your asshole.

I really want to eat Yui's hairbun

Like him but without the girls in love

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spread your buttcheeks

But I really do...

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NEVER take psychodelic drugs then

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You are just trying to fool me.

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sup, im also self hating trash that has an overly genki facade and a waifu obsession.

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are you named after an automobile company too?

worse, a city.

so you're a total bro?

a cuck.

I don't know, but I could relate on how he handled his love for ichigo. That's literally what i did on college.

It's between Ichigo and Maki (Kiznaiver) honestly.

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literally me

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actually hadn't heard of this until now - I might watch it next week.


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Literally me.
Even down to the huge best friend and wing manning for him and his small now girlfriend

Although not as pretty. Also I am not sure if he is supposed to be gay and/or suicidal

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Is that the norton antivirus boy?