Liz and the Blue Bird

The colours look nice, like matte, almost pastel shades and heavily reduced highlights.

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The ancient Hibikes just can't compare when you put them next to eachother like that.

the new ones are better but the old ones are thiccer

>not better

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Good to see Kyoani finally reducing the line count in their designs. They've been getting too detailed lately, culminating in the impractical VEG designs. Hopefully all the other designers at the studio will follow suit in going back to something that's more conducive for animation.

Wow the old design aged like milk.

I like how the new designs have more proportionate heads and eyes.

No one cares about this bleeding vagina tumblr pandering bullshit

I don't like how every characters skirt suddenly got 15cm longer

it's hard to get past how long their necks are

i do.

Good girls wear long skirts

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I wanted the story shown in the book she showed, not another Hibishit

By far the best change is Reina no long wears those thighhighs. I like my thighhighs but they were so out of place.

But VEG has beautiful fluid animation despite its high light count. Why not have highly detailed character designs if they are able to pull them off so well?

Naturally, she didn't wear them with her summer uniform in the show, either.

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Interview with Yamada about Liz and the blue bird

>three hits

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Where is the best girl? I don't see her.

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She dominated Sup Forums for that one day. What a star.

She's not Asuka though.

but you cared enough to make an angry comment, user

is kumiko ded in this movie or what

Haruka isn't in this movie unfortunately

will we get new loli hibikes, for example Kawashima Ruby or Kawashima Diamond?

a lot of people do honestly

This new art looks fucking terrible. Why did they do this?

where is Asuka (best girl)?


>thicc beautiful legs got replaced with pencil legs
>amazing uniforms got replaced with bland saggy uniforms
Fuck KyoAnus

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>Skirts lengthened
Looks like the Mich got her way after all

Old designs are cuter.

When did KyoAni turn against moe? I feel betrayed.

Will Kumiko come out a lotI just want more kumiko.

>uniforms got replaced
You have to watch animes to discuss them

I'm talking about the art style ya dingus

Because it looks better.

>Will Kumiko come out

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/u/ btfo

Thanks nigga

Will Ishihara movie about Kumiko be able to rival/match up properly to Yamada movie?


Ishihara directed Clannad. Yamada is still on his level.

inb4 no yuri

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Why another boring seishun eiga? Why yamada?

one of these is not like the others

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Is that edited bait image?

Actually, no. Why?

kyoani please animate the spin-off about kumiko's thicc friend

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I think the old ones are a lot better.

Clannad is shit

Any faults in Clannad lie in its script.
He also directed Haruhi which is easily Kyoani's best directed show.

Kyoani better better anime it. Rikka spin off is very much better than hibike.

Yamakan was actual boss for haruhi s1 and takemoto for movie. You should've known by now that Ishihara is only good at directing because he has good relations with everyone and can harness teams strengths well. He really doesn't care much about complicated stuff related to how to portray something with nuance. He just likes to make something fun whereas yamada got a certain unique particular style and she cares about all the details to provide ultimate experience to the viewers.

You mean the leg shots and complex facial expressions. Yeah, Ishidate stole those so she'd better come up with something new.

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K-On S2 and Hyouka are their best directed shows.

Well to be fair, a good part of directing is to be able to direct a teams strength in a good manner.

Alongside Nichijou it's probably their most visualy distinctive shows, but I wouldn't call them better directed.

Then what does better direction entails for you?

can you explain why high line count is not conducive for animation? i have some idea but im retarded

It obviously makes animating a lot harder. It looks fucking amazing when they pull it off but anyway, it's tough.

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i guess im asking if it's just more time consuming or technically more difficult

Both. But particularly more time consuming.

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You also can't do more cartoon-y stuff with high line count. It looks awful even when characters go even slightly off model.


New character visuals suck. Gimme the old Hibike back.

I think the most jarring thing for me is that Midori and the ribbon girl are a little bit taller.

Imagine drawing a spinning ball. If it's featureless and colorless it's very easy to draw. If it has some kind of pattern then it's more time consuming and also harder to animate since you have to keep track of how the patterns spin alongside the ball.

>shoujo necks

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This, I think the same.

Just give me ushio kensuke's OST already!

A male MC in muh KyoAnus? Why?

Why are you saying it like making something fun is a bad thing?

Half of them have male MCs, rere.

>not liking Reina's thighhighs

>just want more kumiko.

There are some long necks in there but I love the looser style and long skirts.

There can never be enough Kumiko

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I really hate the redub in the Todoketai melody movie. Kurosawa Tomoyo's delivery on some of her lines is really flat and in some scenes she uses completely differend voice from her usual Kumiko voice. Also some of the bgm changes feel really off. They added bgm to one scene that originally was silent but it didn't fit and just kept distracting me from the scene.

Can you not get pictures of the summer uniforms from the anime for a better comparison?

Why another seishun eiga? Because Yamada
Why Yamada? Because another seishun eiga

It might be a little less poignant but I'm sure it will have some better scenes than Liz. Yamada's directing is more holistic while Ishihara has a good sense of how to make scenes feel important and memorable or just be cool overall.

Ishihara's movie will be mediocre like Chunibyo Take On Me.