What did you think of this anime?

What did you think of this anime?

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I generally dislike mecha, I didnt like this either, but not because it was a "Mecha" anime. It seemed confused with what it wanted to be, trying to appeal to too many fans at once. I am a bit put off by the blubby character designs, but I think it worked well with the girls, hot girls, but the colors were kinda disgusting.

10/10 girls, okay setting, shit plot.


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At the moment I'm enjoying it greatly.

Needed more Ridgetservice

Breast envy on Bellows

I think I want to have ferocious unprotected sex with most if not all of the girls in it

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Bellows should've been made into one of Lukkage's slavegirls, other than that it was okay.

Ridget is literally perfect in every way.

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Ridget > Bellows > Amy > Saya > the tomboy mechanic > Melty

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needed more zenmetsu and space squids

>Wow user, its so big!

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Utter perfection

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It's really pretty awful. And I like mecha, but basically like said.

Y-you too...

Really mediocre

Saaya is prime breeding material.

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it was great, tons of prime breeding stock

Top-tier brobot. Top-tier wenches. First episode was great, next few episodes were interesting, dragged horrendously in the middle, and picked up again at the end. Averaged out to a distinctly middling experience, rendered all the more bitter for what could've been.

Sup Forums had a fair amount of fun with it while it aired, though.

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What anime

It was good when it focused on the girls. Serious plot sucked.

Every single girl was made to be constantly bred at all times.

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It has the greatest first two episodes of any anime in the past few years and throws it all out the window from episode 3 forward.

>It has the greatest first two episodes of any anime in the past few years

Not even close.

>Girls probably wouldn't mind sharing Ledo between the three of them.

Second season is better...for a novel.

They are.

for anal

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remove hideauze

Didn't the character designer make hentai as a living?

Reason he got the job was he had the best selling hentai of '08.


>On April 3, 2015, at an event in Tokyo, Bandai Visual revealed that a sequel for the anime was planned, but due to "various circumstances", was scrapped.[8] The material intended for the sequel was instead adapted into two novels, which were published on August 29, 2015 and March 30, 2016 in Japan.


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They are pretty good, do you want a synopsis?

yes please

I need his name.

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>15 years old

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Naruko Hanaharo, the hentai in question is Shoujo Material. It's hot hentai action...but reality happens. Hilarity ensues.

The story follows a boy named Russel who makes a living from the dangerous whalesquid hunting in the open sea of the land nation RibeListan. One day he encounters a strange creature Liv in the deep sea. After finding its ability to enhance Yunboro’s maneuverability significantly, he decides to make a career for himself in the safer Mainland. Meanwhile, Sukaya, a daughter of the Minister of its enemy country Augustonia, has been tired of her life without any results.

However, the situation changes drastically when a mysterious human-type machine Ignite wakes up and chooses her as its pilot. A boy with a hope for the land, a girl looking for her freedom and the giant Gargantia fleet. A new story starts moving at the place where the three found each other.

This is the most basic, but from here forward, Liv is a human Hideauze who communicated telepathically. Augustonia is the remains of the Continental Alliance and their prize possession is the worlds last Orbital Elevator that has a communication set up with the GA (yes, Chamber, Striker and Igniter know about it, but are coded to keep quiet). Igniter is a Heavy Combat MC, far better armed than both Striker and Chamber combined. Augustonia are fanatics and is the nation Reema came from. They do not like the fleets because of their indifference to the Hid's...more cont.

Gargantia is old and busted!
AICO is new hotness!

RibeListan are the remains of those who supported the Evolvers but themselves were not willing to go through the process or were too poor at the time. They associated with some fleets, but like Augustonia, generally keep to themselves and fight the former. Main male MC is a male Amy, Sukaya is a female Ledo with a really piss poor tsundere streak. Igniter is there from a previous jump. What happens is when a jump fails its target destination, it takes whatever jumping object and sends it back to its first point of all jumps origins...the Lagrange point between Luna and Earth. Liv falls in love with Russel, Russel loves life, Sukaya falls for him too. Ledo saves the day again, Chamber comes back to take up Igniters space. The GA wants to come back to Earth because no planets to colonize and the Hid's are kicking their asses, and in the end Amy and Ledo get married much to the chagrin of Melty as Melty wanted Ledo's DNA in her. Side note: Ledo does not understand how sexy time works, Amy shows him, the end.


Thanks, well at least amy gets the dick

She had been trying for quite some time. For a time she wondered if Ledo was gay.

only innit for the hanaharu naruko designs

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You all fail for not posting this first.

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not enough hmanga

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Chamber was the best character

So is Ledo a one woman man or did it go to haremshit with the 2 other girls?

>great character design
>unique AI mech design
>great setting design
>interesting set up

>fucking squids aliens


Wasted potential. Peaked at either episode 1 or 2

I dropped it quick

time please

The character designs were the only truly remarkable thing about this show.

I enjoyed it. Fun stuff.

What do people dislike about it?

I watched it for the plot

wasted potential

It was pretty good. The episodes butcher wrote were by far the best.

its good for masturbation

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I disliked everything unrelated to Chamber.

Chamber best girl.

The important question is what happened to the other girls? Especially Saaya.

Sugitabot was the best thing the show had to offer.