>vrains' dub cast and localization already confirmed.
how bad did they fuck up Sup Forums?

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Wait the Arc-V dub is over? How bad was Z-arc?


Not nearly as bad as the Arc-V names.

Good that they are going to drop that horrible series. Not that vrains is any better but arc v already hurt the franchise too much to have it still going.

Drop? 4k is obligated to dub every episode, they just haven't released the schedule for every episode on television yet.

The last 14 episodes I mean.

Man I hope cruncyroll will keep release the regular subs even with the dub release. I mean they already change some of the names for the cards for the subtitles.

Who thought naming Go Gore was a good idea? How's that more kid friendly?
I'm also surprised that Akira's name wasn't changed.

Who knows, I haven't checked the other sub's yugioh show to see if they kept the original names.

>Revolver is too kid unfriendly
>Gore is much more appropriate than Go though

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gore is a somewhat common english name.


At least revolver got a good dub voice, aigami's dub va is going to play him and he has a nice voice as a villain.

>till they want the league of legends audience.

>Varus is a LoL ADC that uses a bow and arrow
are they going to change rokkets and borreload to bow and arrows now?

Is Vrains understandable if I haven't played since 2003?

The only new mechanic used is Link summoning and that there's 2 new monster zones for extra deck monsters, but that all gets explained a lot.

>foot deformity in which the feet are extroverted, so that the inner ankle rests on the ground, while the sole of the foot is more or less turned outwards, 1800, from Latin varus "bent, bent outwards, turned awry, crooked," specifically "with legs bent inward, knock-kneed," a word of uncertain origin (see vary).
I'm still confused.

It's definetely taken from lol, they know that most modern kids play that garbage.

Are they saying something about the first movie at the bottom there?

being shown tomorrow and the day after in select theaters.

If it's like their Digimon Tri subs, character names will stay the same but card names will be localized.
So probably nothing will change.

>2 new monster zones for extra deck monsters
All extra deck summons or just link summoning?
So there can be 14 monsters on the field now? Surely there's a monster that would find that ideal (or just having 7 monsters on your side of the field, whatever... maybe something like the Ghostrick that like having more ghostrick on the field))

all extra deck monsters, however any zone a link monster points to an extra deck monster can be summoned to.

...So if you're running a fusion deck that shits out fusion monsters (say elemental heroes or shaddoll) then you're limited to 2 monsters only?

additionally you got the extra deck zones wrong, the two extra deck zones are in between the sides of the field, if you claim one, the opponent gets the other. except in the special case where either player managed to do something like this.

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Oh... so you'd be limited to one fusion monster
What the fuck were they thinking?

They want people to buy links.

buy links.

If both EMZs are open, then you can make a link monster in one, play your Fusions in the arrows, then using your first Link monster as material, you can make another one in the other EMZ to open up another slot.
For example pretty recently I built up this field by putting Missus Radiant in the left zone then used Missus Radiant and another monster to summon Decode in the right one. So yes, shitting out ED monsters is still possible, it's just a little bit more difficult now.

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>if you want to make a fusion deck, you need link monsters
Gotcha. Link monsters are the gatekeeper to actually using your extra deck

Varus, give me back my legions!

You need a couple, yeah, but not more than that. That deck has one copy of Missus Radiant and one copy of Decode Talker and that's it, the rest is all fusions and Xyz.

Yeah, pretty much. Extra deck monsters were a bit too powerful. Synchros also got a minor nerf.

>Synchros also got a minor nerf.
Scooter man is actually amazing in MR4 and is arguably one of the best ED monsters in the entire game hands down.

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>Extra deck monsters were a bit too powerful
In a world with shit like judgement dragons, fusion monsters were too powerful

How are they going to censor this?
That's a terrible name.
>pic unrelated

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>When you hit the random button on nhentai

He managed to capture the spirit of the show without realizing it.

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Gore sounds like a name for a wrestler.

>character’s name is revolver
>”it’s not kid friendly!!!”
>changes it to Varus

>character’s name is Go
>”those stupid kids won’t understand that!”
>changes his name into Gore

How the fuck did the localization team not see the irony of this? How is Revolver suppose to be worse than GORE? They do know the definition of that word, right?

Aren't they chucklefucks? The name zuzu boyle comes to mind. They may implicitly endorse the irony.

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What's the point in naming him Varus but changing the name of his Varret monsters to Rokket


That's a pretty violent name for him.

Who spells it as "Koulter" is what I want to know.

why didn't that just name him nagi?

Only the MC gets a japanese name.

notable exceptions would include Judai and the Kaibas I guess

Judai was too similar to "You die." so they changed it to Jaden.

That like saying Nippon Ichi

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And what would the real name of Varus be like?




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Probably thinking about the Rhino's Gore(Wrestling move)

Probably a play-on-words or another of saying Virus.