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Deep down inside, he loved humanity. He just hated seeing it in a state where the nasty parts of it had taken complete and total priority over the good aspects.

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What are the chances of a season 3

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Ulbert was fucking scum and Touch Me should have put him down like the dog he was

yes he should have

>"I'll inform Grant on the 8th floor"
>13 volumes later & he's never mentioned again
Man, this series sure does like to namedrop characters, items, & throw red herrings all over the place doesn't it? Still wondering what that dwarf did with the ingot he couldn't forge.

>insert a huge plotpoint in a character sheet
>offscreen lots of stuff like the ghostship, ice giants, pestonya and yuri human children saving moment

Who's the other guy with more burst damage? Tabula?

Except for Sebas, Cockyutus and Ainz, I hate everybody in the Nazarick. Wished someone actually wiped their smugass face some day from their faces.

>Ah dear sister, you look pale. I see the rumors were true. You always were a monster, and now you're a bloodsucker as well.

The fuck is going on with the release schedule? Volume 12 was released 6 months ago already. Volume 13 was supposed to be released in December.

Some user said that the official release date is april 24.

about 90-95%

How many real friends do you have, /overlord/?

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>re-reading volume 1
>"death knights have an ability that allows them to survive with 1 HP if attacked"
>Think back to the 2 death knights that died on dwarf mountain
So either falling from a mountain counts as multiple strikes, or something attacked them repeatedly. Interesting.

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I'm not surprised Lupu is nice to Shalltear. When she goes doggo mode, she gets 10 tits but they're all flat.

Maruyama (supposedly) said the fall killed them. But that does seem like an oversight, and if Ainz had mentioned it in the novel he wouldn't have looked to silly as he eventually did.

Can't wait for pdl to show up again in season 5

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Considering both volumes were written at once, and Volume 12 is terrible, I'm not thrilled having to wait 6 months to finish this crappy arc. I want to move on to more entertaining things.


I don't like making friends with humans or are capable of trusting humans. I don't think anyone truly cares about me, maybe one person, but I'm afraid to trust anyone completely.

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Touch Me.

>Not liking best boy royal prince of nazarick Pandoras actor momongason

He just hates ancaps and wanted to RP as an evil guy is all. He would actually be pissed off at Demi harvesting people, and prefer going after slavers and tyrants.

They're basically the Touch Me of my life. I'm some loner and they came down and befriended me out of nowhere.

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How old is Neia? Younger than Climb? She honestly feels like a borderline child soldier, like fourteen or something.

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>Ulbert was fucking scum and Touch Me should have put him down like the dog he was

Im an ingorant fag who just started reading the LN, can someone spoil what this is about?

The players Touch Me (a white knight justicefag) and Ulbert (a loser underdog with edgelord chuunibyou) fucking hated each other, always argued, and never got along without people like Ainz(Momon) to mediate.

best son

do you think he could even kill ainz if he ordered him to?

So the person that Ulbert confronted IRL(as it said in his character sheet) was touch me?

Sorry to ask for spoon fed but i canĀ“t find this anywhere aside from theories.

Who else here wants the interlude in the next volume to cover Warboss Enri and her violent love affair with Inferior?

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14 or 15 seems about right, she's basically a trainee

No idea about that. Touch Me is described to be a good, honest family man. Rich and well off too, almost an exact anti-thesis to Ulbert. I'll tell you Touch Me made Sabes Tien, and Ulbert made Demiurge, and both NPCs take after their masters.

Quite simply, both players hated each other, and their fans will jokingly(?) disparage and berate their favorite's "arch nemesis."

>t. every edgy autistic misanthrope's self rationalization ever

Ulbert the beta hates Touch Me-sama because he's a loser while Touch Me-sama is a chad in real life.

So Ulber is basically Sup Forums?

Man fuck touchme, he's a faggot.

I finally realized what Overlord 2 lack and it's memes. Why are there less memes compared to S1.

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thoroughly unfunny

the entire season 2 is a meme about making a season about lizards and literally whos

Seeing lizards having sex was when I knew they simply gave up and are just shitposting.


>Ainz is acting weird again


Is Renner actually Lanna or Lana?

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Ching Chong to you too, I know it says Renner, Luffy is actually Ruffy too.

Luffy is Luffy, you dumb rock. It doesn't matter how they read it, the author still wanted it to be Luffy

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Yeah, that's why Climb sounds like Klaim and Brain as Blain in anime.

>They offscreened the majority of Sebas' part in the brothel
Madhouse why?

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Gotta save time for MC fight.

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>they have anyone but skeleman be the focus on screen for more than one scene
fucking why

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According to Momonga it was not "hate" as he remembers it fondly.

What's him remembering it fondly has to do with anything?

Ainz is stronger when he's contrasted with other characters. Everything is better if he isn't always the focus imo. The Sebas portion of the brothel is a great contrast with Climb and Brain's struggles in this case, which gives it more perspective and flavor, but unfortunately that aspect of the scene is just gone now.

>all those flat, boring shots
>perfectly lit, everyone just looks like they're chilling during Sebas's trial
Jesus christ Madhouse, talk about thoroughly uninspired directing.

>Tsuare just casually walking in "I DUNNO LOL"

I bet they won't even have Sebas sweating.

Maybe they didn't want to spoil AINZ SAMA WANTS TO SEE YOU and it's after the trial scene.

>and it's after the trial scene.
Demiurge is still holding Victim, so I don't think it is. Ainz (or PA) takes Victim back and he doesn't return with him.

Ulbert cucked Touch Me and stole his wife.

So why the fuck doesn't Sebas just say he was expanding his own abilities and reach in interest of furthering the power of the skeleman cause? This all seems like conflict for the sake of conflict because nobody explains themselves at face value to their companions.

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Because that would be a lie and Sebas didn't believe that bothering Ainz over his moralfaggotry was worth his master's time.

>"Hey fuckers go out and do shit that might benefit my skeleton boner"
>"hey b0ss I'm learning how to most effectively use humans to execute actions I deem tactically beneficial via moral high ground without using fear or violence against those that follow me"

bam done. Not false, fits the circumstances, can support the argument it was not worth his master's time to micromanage or even be informed about before the task was complete. I can understand drama and misunderstanding being used to further a story's plot but this seems contrived. Was something lost in translation? Maybe its the sheer level of xenophobia the majority of the skelebro faction have?


Hrmm something is off here I cant put my finger on it...

>tactically beneficial
>almost blowing up cover on entire intelligence operation

It is false, though. He wasn't moralfagging to bolster his position in the city, he was doing it because he's a good person. Saying otherwise would be a straight up lie to his boss. Besides which, it provided him 0 benefits in the short-term and was overall a mistake since it brought far too much attention to himself - not the good attention, mind you - and could've compromised his position.

Also, it's worth noting that Sebas isn't exactly proud of his white-knighting. He feels guilt and is troubled over it. Partly because he knows he's supposed to be the butler of Nazarick first, and to put his feelings second, but he can't.

I never really felt like it was particularly contrived because it made sense for his character.

I'd entirely forgotten the intelligence organization and he was doing anything but dicking around in the city. My bad.

Makes a bit more sense now but the reaction to it such as branding him a traitor seems a bit overkill with how little benefit it had to the total organization as a whole and how little it being discovered could effect skelemans.

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Ainz planned on rescuing Tsuare anyways. He just had to find her first.

Lupu knows .. She calls shalltear teleportation methods : "flatchest airlines".

She 's 100% doing on purpose for teasing later

Which is the best translation of the LN?

>I'd entirely forgotten the intelligence organization and he was doing anything but dicking around in the city. My bad.
Nuff said.

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Older versions of skythewood TL up to vol9, then Nigel ones up to vol12. Nigel's TL on mega, madokami and nyaa suffer from missed sentences, confusing dialogues and wrong nouns past version 4.

How would you have made it if you were given a shoe string budget?

> branding him a traitor seems a bit overkill with how little benefit it had to the total organization as a whole and how little it being discovered could effect skelemans.
He made a lot of important connections with nobles and merchants. Blowing whole op up would throw all these excellent results in the gutter and all over one anus lacerations whore.

>So either falling from a mountain counts as multiple strikes, or something attacked them repeatedly. Interesting.
If it says "if attacked" rather than "when taking damage" then you could argue that things like fall damage bypass it.

They were struck down by shame.

If you read his blog notes(all on a PDF for your convinience) he says DKs survived the fall, but bounced high enough to take damage on the 2nd fall, losing the 1hp.
Which is weird since I think Ainz tested how high can he fall from and he did that from above the clouds with himself and DKs(Though this might be WN).

Thanks user, appreciated.

Can someone explain what's going on in the second PV?
Is it Pandora's Actor practicing being Ainz by himself or Ainz coaching PA on how to behave?
The PV makes it pretty conclusive though, I wonder if the anime will go out of it's way to show us Ainz transforming back into PA when they swap places.

>do you think he could even kill ainz if he ordered him to?
The NPCs loyalty and reverence towards the supreme beings is weirdly inconsistent at times. In one of the side stories Ainz orders Solution to destroy Yuri's combat gauntlets just to see if she actually does it, but Solution hesitated because said gauntlets were given to Yuri by a supreme being so Ainz revoked that order. On the other hand 10 minutes earlier Yuri would've absolutely murdered Solution without asking because Solution stole from Ainz.

NPC < Property

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Speed Translation:
Best Son:M-M-My Name is AINZ OAAL GOWN!
Best Son:One of the supreme beings!
Best Son:A compassionate King!
Ainz:No no, have I ever said those lines?
Ainz:How do you say it...Do it more normally, Normal, got it? Okay, one more time.
Best Son:My Name is N-N-N-AINZ OAAL GOWN!
Ainz:Hah...Next, Disturbance begins in the royal capital.
Ainz:Now, we're doing it one more time.


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Ainz is being a proper parent aww.


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>When this entire series takes place in the universe when Sup Forums got it's shit togther, went fullblown reichtime but accidentally let the skinheads in so everything fell apart, and now everything is permanently fucked to the Hotmline Miami Russo-american coalition levels of fucked.
>All this kids still know Nazis are cool though
Acceptable loss.

>hand picked NW garbage status
>custom made npc indisposable status
>pleiades idol status
>guardians master status
>ainz supreme overlord status
>best son wuah... status

when is it his time PAbros?

How would PA react if all PAfags got into NW and worship him?

PA vol fucking when?

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When's vol13?

got cancelled

Ah him too. I forgot he existed. Sorry.

That sound closer to an issue of their morality. Solution is also one of the nuttier maids.

Nothing inconsistent here, the NPCs all value their lives less than anything belonging or gifted by the supreme beings. They will also kill each other if ordered without hesitation as shown in numerous instances.

I can't even begin to imagine how they're going to fit all of Volume 6 into 4 episodes. They really should have skipped most of the intermission crap in ep1 since it'll just serve to confuse animeonly and jumped right into Lizards.

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>Implying Renner will turn into a mosquito
user, with her obsession for Climb, I bet she will turn into a mind flayer or something with many tentacles to perform fetish play with him.

>cut fightscenes in half
>cut most lore explanaition scenes
>make the characters teleport to their goals
>use half of the gained time to scram the volume into the episodes
>use the other half to hive literally whos more screen time

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Rereading vol 6, the brain and gazef shalltear talk was supposed to be in ep 10 but they did it earlier to get it out of the way.
Ep 10 will adapt 2 chapters of vol 6.

>tentacles on male

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>Nothing inconsistent here, the NPCs all value their lives less than anything belonging or gifted by the supreme beings
But it makes no sense. The NPCs themselves are the most expensive things created by the SBs. They surely would value them more than any puny item.

NPCs can be resurrected, items can't.