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Why do girls like crap like this?

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Script kicks in early huh

So /bnha/ how're you all doing tonight? You all have a good day, any interesting stuff and how nice would bullying be between these two?

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Sell me Konosuba, I’ve never seen it

Comical Isekai that subverts standard Isekai tropes, the girl there is Megumin, an arch wizard who put all of her points into explodions. She can only do it once a day befor collapsing, but it's a huge one. She REALLY likes explosions

You (Mirio togata) are my sunshine

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Why is she mad

it doesn't subvert a damn thing stop shilling

fuck off with that shit

>subverting anything

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>Comical Isekai that subverts standard Isekai tropes
>that subverts standard Isekai tropes
you don't even know what you are watching, huh?

My apologies, I'm going off of what I've heard, I haven't actually seen it but I know the characters

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>subverts standard Isekai tropes

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The main character is a fusion of Mineta and Kaminari

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Everyday until canon.

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>Be Ochako
>Make a lovely dinner for your husband Midoriya after he comes home from a long day of hero's work in hopes of affection from him and maybe more
>Deku comes home 5 hours after he was done from work
>"Where were you" Ochako asked
>*hic* "none of yer goddamn buisness ya stupid whore!"
>Ochako could smell the booze radiating from Deku. Has he went out for drinks with Bakugo and Kirishima again?
>"Deku what did I tell you about drinking on the job?" Ochako scolded
>Deku was quiet for a while. This scared Ochako
>Suddenly Ochako was on the ground coughing. Deku delivered a swift punch to her stomach and then kicked her in the face.
>"What did I tell you about lecturing me!?" "You're not my stupid whore of a mother!!"
>"D-deku I'm pregnant with your baby did you suddenly forget that!?"
>"I don't give a shit now hurry up and go fix me a beer!"
>Ochako cried to her self. If only her secret lover Bakugo was here with her

>I haven't actually seen it
>but when someone asks for a description I still feel confident giving a summary
What the fuck is wrong with you? I know there has to be something wrong with someone who spams the same pictures in a thousand threads but come the fuck on! Get help!

>spamming pictures of some shit that i don't even have a fucking idea what is it about
oh my god you are pathetic and retarded, neck yourself already

I can't even take this seriously as a shitpost, this is some next level autism.

Maybe he stuck it in her pooper

I have made a faggot out of myself and once I again I deeply apologize for my stupidity. Also, I would not consider what I do to be spam

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>right about anything

strawpolls should be a bannable ofense

>never actually seen it
>trying to sell it as some amazing comedy

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How can Mirio become my dad?

>Also, I would not consider what I do to be spam
Of course you don't. What we have seen in this in thread is that you might be genuinely non-insult retarded.

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it is spam you retard, you post those pictures every thread with no other purpose than "how well these two characters that i, well, i don't have a fucking idea about one of them, would get along", it's not even fucking related to /bnha/ for only having bakugou there. So stop posting it, it's annoying.

I'll take that anons advice and post it in this thread too then

This is a high quality kind of shitpost

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>the guy spamming BakugoxMegumin has never actually seen konosuba

God I hate it. It seriously gets hard to defend bnhafags as a fanbase.

todoroki is being transfered to another team again?

someone post it


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Friendly reminder that Kendou & Nejire will win the Dekubowl.

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>that horrible arrow
Fuck off and use this version

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Once more I deeply apologize for my foolishness, yes I do post it for those reasons but I also post it to try and see how everyone is doing? If everyone is doing good, or we can help an user with a problem, then it's worth it. Once more I apologize and if so I will greatly reduce whatever I post

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Is that what the beauty contest is going to be called? Because then you might actually be right for once.

Also have you actually ever played any Warcraft in any form?

where's the father

why does she still look 15 here? Fucking shit artists


How can Shigaraki and his group of walking memes even compare?

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Like what? Guys being dismissive and treating them poorly?

It was a teen pregnancy

>I also post it to try and see how everyone is doing? If everyone is doing good, or we can help an user with a problem, then it's worth it
Then you are in the wrong board, go to or a forum or something

That is simply hori's style. Grown ups don't look different from teenagers. Look at Izuku's mom when she was skinny.


That's probably more of a Konosubafag thing, specifically Megumemefag. That seems like the sorta thing they'd do.

In the back of a truck

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Oh no no no no-

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He probably hasn't seen bnha either.

But he has never seen it. Can't really call him a konosubafag.
Although I guess we don't really know if he actually reads bnha now that I think about it.


Kurapika is a cuter girl than anyone in My Hero Academia.

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Aizawa sure as hell don't look like a teenager

At least he admits he never watched or read it.
Can’t say the same with the regular shitposters that come here

Remove the facial hair and eye bags and you got a teenager.
Hori doesn't differentiate his adults and teens based on their features (longer jaws, smaller eyes, etc) he just adds some eye bags and calls it a day.

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Yeah, she looks like a teen.
As I told you, they're just eyebags. Delete them and you'll have a teen.

Point proven. Shoto's mom just looks like a teenager with eye bags.

what about endeavor

>Endy distant
>Hover hands
>Putting handbag to distance herself
It gets sadder everytime I see it

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will endy take icymom out of the hospital? he could buy her a house

He's a bara. He never really looked like a teen. Kinda like Iida.

What about him?

Endy will find a much younger, genetically superior woman instead.

>inb4 he takes IcyMom to the culture festival

All might is a very special case. Remove the mustache from Mic and you'll also have a teen.
You can do this with all the bishonen men Hori draws, which is about 99% of them.

this is not even my final form

>Also have you actually ever played any Warcraft in any form?
Yes I have, still do. For the Horde!

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>That's probably more of a Konosubafag thing
just read below

Holy shit this fandumb is gay as hell. We have the most beautiful canon couple in the series and no wholesome and romantic fanart of them.
Fuck this shit.

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I was trying to finish this drawing but I got tired. I'll do my best fo finish it tomorrow.

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Speaking of crap, just imagine how much stuff Momo could poop out if she were at 100% EFFICIENCY?

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is that you goru user?

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Who's the artist?

Guys, I like Gentle and La Brava a bit too much for them only having appeared in like 3 chapters.

They're just too well characterized and too likable and its all coming too quickly. I'd been pondering what the purpose or objective they had was. It certainly can't be them breaking into UA as a prank just to stir the shit and get a bigger viewcount. So what's their purpose I wondered. Why introduce them?

And then it hit me. It's fairly obvious really. They're there to introduce an element of tragedy and make Deku question the established system.

Chances are one of them, probably La Brava, will die during the efforts to apprehend them. And it will be in some way Deku's fault. He'll somehow escalate a bad situation, and drive her into some other hero whose attack will kill her.

Everyone will praise him for helping defeat someone who was, in his own words, an 'infamous villain' and All Might will give him some cold comfort. Meanwhile, Gentle will get away and be so infuriated over La Brava's death, as well as the hero community celebrating it as a victory, that he'll become both Deku's arch nemesis as well as go all Stain 2.0.

Basically- things are gonna go badly.

>100% efficiency
>wearing clothes
We've been over this, fatposter-kun

Is this show reddit?

Of course. Who else has such amazing shipping taste?

Yea I think izuku mom is oldest looking in the series if you don't count the old people in the series

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If Momo was that fat and ended up using all of her fat to make something huge, would she have massive flaps of skin from the immediate weight loss, or would the skin become a part of what she made?
If she had big skin flaps, would that count as surface area for later creations?

it subverts nothing it just pretends that it does

Everyday until canon.

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It’s going to end tragically for Gentle, I don’t know how, but I feel it will

Nice fanfic, but I prefer the one where Gentle dies and Deku makes up for it by getting La Brava pregnant.

So when will Inko meet her husband again?

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We don’t need another one of these

Being fat usually makes you look older

Wrong pic, my B.

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