I want to protect this smile

I want to protect this smile.

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You can't, user.

He will win bros, I promise

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He's too good for this shit.

>Loves you for who you are
>Looks out for you when you're in danger, even at the expense of his own safety
>You still only care about your pseudo brother and are plotting to break up his loving relationship so tat he can wallow in depression at your side

Is Ichigo the most selfish, least likable character in the show? I like the klaxxosaurs more than her.

Goro is such best boy
Shame the episode was kinda really generic and really felt like an Eva episode written by an amateur

They're really dragging this aren't they? Ep 9 Gurren Laggan shit was going down already.

And in Evangelion we just got Asuka an episode ago. FranXX isn't meant to be a fast-paced wildride.

Human emotions are complicated, so Goro's only option left is to repeatedly rape Ichigo and hope he mindbreak's her eventually into loving him.

If it means to be an engaging romance, it's falling that too.

So all of this could have been avoid if Goro didn't eject Ichigo before she could say anything? They they hardly even struggled to get out once Ichigo got back in.

I'm engaged. Not in the romantic triangle but in the way the characters are going to move forward.
Hiro and 02 scenes in episode 8 were genuinely great and in this episode we see Goro more clearly even if it was more generic than the norm.
I want to see where the characters are going.

Ichigo could have been severely injured in the explosion though.

yes, but the risk of not ejecting Ichigo was that both of them could die so it wasn't pointless

>...even though you're weak
>you can't do anything without me
Why is strawberry so actively a cunt to Goro now? Goro's the one who has been carrying HER the whole fucking show. Don't tell me that was accidental and the writers really believe Goro is useless? I am at least 63% mad over this.

The girls take the damage the robots do, to the previous explosion could have possibly knocked her out or even killed her.

you don't understand writing, people or anything, do you?
maybe my little pony is more your speed

Is that supposed to be fatty in the back? Does he just eat a bunch of food because he is a depressed mother fucker who needs to fill the void? I mean if Goro is getting bulled I could imagine how worse it must be for Futoshi.

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Why didn't they just both eject? What the hell is even the point of ejecting only one pilot when both of them are needed to move the mech?

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Nigger, nothing is happening. Zerome and his girl are still immature fucks. The dyke is just that, a dyke. Ichigo is still jealous of Zero Two, hasn't really acted on it yet. The fat fuck is a nobody. That other guy is still an asshole. The MC is the same person he was on the first episode, nothing changed there either.
Only Goro and the busty girl had some form of development so far, and it's moving at a snail's pace.

The fatty backstory episode is going to be PAINFUL once Kokoro leaves him.

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Because it's dramatic, you autist!!

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He's so fucking precious.

So are we done with the Ichigo's drama? Can we move on to something else?

it's nothing personnel, kid. Just try to keep up!

I don't even understand your retarded complains because you are asking for the show to be finished already with the character arcs when it's just episode 9.

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To be fair, she is tsundere as hell, so any relationship they started would probably look rapey.

No. Never.
Best part of the show.

>it's just episode 9
It's almost half the full anime you mongoloid and only two characters have begun their development in a whats supposed to be, in your own words, a character driven story.

>It's almost half the full anime

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Why do they keep bringing up Naomi despite her being irrelevant as fuck? Dead or Alive it really doesn't matter since they won't show her ever again.

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>I have nothing to say so I'll just be retarded

Damn son.

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I find it amazing they didn't notice them.

two-cours, misinformed idiot
we're not even halfway through the anime

are you underage?

Both attention are on each other bodies so they couldn't give a shit about their surrounding.

24 episodes and we're at 9. Yes, it's almost half of the entire show.

Hopefully we get some plot then them shoving a bunch of shit on the last episode. So far its just been love drama between Ichigo and getting into the robot.

>Stalker couple

Huh, goro isnt mincing shit for sure.Fuck, this is going to be some awkward and pure suffering for the guy.

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learn to count

Goro is a dumb stupid guy

Dino probably noticed but she simply didn't give a fuck.

>still no actual fights
Everything has been endless whiny drama and maybe 30 seconds of combat. Just get 002 to go demon dino mode and shred some fools.

Hopefully. It was interesting in the beginning, now it's just dragging.

>9 is not close to 12

Her interactions with Hiro feel human while with Goro it's just your generic "Mecha cuckguy trope" scenario.

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What kind of son of a bitch designs a machine that only ejects one of the pilots when you hit the eject? Forced drama much.

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>You can only save a girl
Dr. Franxx is a waifufag

We're now 3/8ths through, so saying it's almost 4/8ths or half done is reasonable

To be cuck obviously, is kind of funny since his VA said he got his role since he didn’t sound like a generic beta megane-kun, yet his character behaves like a beta megane-kun

>Make Mecha to designed to save the girl
>Give the guy pilot the ability to sacrifice themselves


You're right, Cucks are meant for each other

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it's alright. he's pure, but he's too passive to stop his loved ones from making shitty decisions. their approval means more to him than it should.

Goro is so gonna fuckin die

>a stalker girl
>a cuck guy


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What the fuck was the point of ejecting Ichigo if they literally break out when she jumps back in when he has only like 6% oxygen.

This episode was fucking stupid.

Aslong as ichigo is happy, he's happy

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Didn't you get the point? Goro is in love with Ichigo and prioritizes her safety beyond his own or the mission itself. In the heat of the moment with an imminent explosion all he could think of was to keep Ichigo safe even to his own detriment. Even Ichigo herself yells at him for this behavior.

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Cute episode and all but Goro is a boring as fuck character with little personality and can't carry episodes himself.

Next week: Suffering.

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>Giving a keepsake of your dead ex to your new girlfriend
>with a smile on your face and then joke about it
Am I the only one here who thought that was really cold and fucked up.

Loses her eye, when?

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Yes I know, they did it so they could push muh jian bird theme. Doesn't make it any less retarded to have an eject button that doesn't eject both of them when they can't pilot solo

But it's true. He's just a generic nice bro who supports his friends and likes the girl who likes the MC. At least Hiro has aspirations and goals that lie outside of being the MC.

>and are plotting to break up his loving relationship so tat he can wallow in depression at your side

When was this stated? When has she indicated she's got that in mind since episode 7 and the talk at the beach?
She's given up you autists.

I really liked Goro this episode.
>realizes Ichigo loves Hiro
>realizes he loves Ichigo
>tells Hiro immediately and directly
>realizes 02 is different with Hiro by the way she smiles
>straight-up tells Ichigo he loves her because he doesn't want to regret keeping quiet anymore
>Ichigo loses the hair clip
>he gives her the one he had, doesn't take the 'easy' way of pretending he found it
>actually tells her he got it a while ago but just couldn't give it to her
It's refreshing to see a character who is so straightforward.

>past 3 episodes have been nothing but Ichigo drama.
Hopefully Ichigo is reduced to background roles for the next couple episodes. Like, alright Ichigo you has your turn, now let the others have theirs

I want this anime to stop sucking. I was super pumped following Ep 7; it really looked like they were laying some groundwork to get the plot moving. Instead, we've had two filler episodes.

Hiro doesn't know Naomi is dead, and he probably doesn't think of her in romantic terms. She's just "that girl who left" to him.

How do you know that button doesn't exist?

I doubt they will use him at all and just put him on the side lines again while he stuffs his face.

She wasn't even that big of a thing in episode 8. That was mostly Miku's doing.

When will people shut up about this shitty no name gurren lagann knock-off

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I know, but everytime man, fuck the writers on being brain dead or just lazy to write a better generic nice bro.Pic related.

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She wasn't a major focus at all in episode 8.

>Hiro wants to pilot so he can protect his friends and show 02 the world
>02 wants Hiro to rain his semen on her
>Ichigo is only thinking about Hiro's dick
>Goro is always thinking about Ichigo thinking about Hiro's dick
>Kokoro wants to be impregnated
>Futoshi just wants food
>Mitsuru is power hungry but shit
>Miku, only god knows what she's doing
>Zorome, same as Miku

Hiro is literally the best and most helpful to the team, prove me wrong

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Predictions for the next episode?
I hope it's a Zorome/Miku centric episode

You just had a ZoroMiku episode. If anything it will be the Kokoro, Mitsuru, Futoshi, Ikuno bullshit episode.

Either a resolution to Ichigo's crush, a Ikuno or Kokoro episode, or a Hiro/02 episode as the first part of the end-of-cour arc.

It's more infuriating because it seemed like they were right on the edge of making him more than that this episode, and then they backed off.

I am glad that Ichigo and Goro are finally getting closer and Ichigo stopped ( or at least decreased her tendency of) sucking Hiro's cock 24/7.

Also the best thing about this show is that they actually handle all the confrontation well. All I see from most anime are that they hide their feelings which caused resentment and misunderstanding. In those 2 scenes: goro's bedside talk with Hiro and Goro's handling of the hairclip to Ichigo, he could've just keep things silent (in the first scene he could've hide the hairclip and go to sleep, in the second scene he could've just say yeah you're right I found this hair clip in the dino blood). It is good because it reduces needless drama in order for a character to grow like other anime.

White-haired Hiro showing up again. More Fatty NTR foreshadowing.

Expect at least two more. We're in the "develop the side characters" arc, and there are three who haven't had their episode yet. If we're lucky, something will happen in the second half of ep twelve.

Don't forget
>actually brings up to Hiro that Ichigo is into him at least as much as he's into 002
>reveals he knows they kissed and doesn't get butthurt about it
This episode was great if only because of Goro recognizing his typical problems but it not causing the typical kind of drama. The focal point of the conflict was Goro's overly selfless personality, not people angsting about unrequited love. It was there in Goro's flashback, but once he recognized what the feeling was he acted reasonably about it.

>or a Hiro/02 episode as the first part of the end-of-cour arc
We're getting close now, they have to set up something so I could see this happening.

Particularly when they've shown that the pilot thing is a nice solid pod, seemingly built with that in mind. Just make the robot barf it out, for pete's sake.

So with Goro getting friendzoned and it being clear that Ichigo will always love Hiro the most. And let's go back to the main love triangle and more drama.

Depends on how its woven into the plot. Since this is 24 episodes, not 12, there's not as much need to make 11-12 a huge too parter, but I do expect a set up similar to 5 and 6.

>thanks for being my partner
An okay episode for goro, he get to confess and replace her hair clip at least.Goro was always chill, he gonna be extra chill after this with his confession and pretty much realization of how his love probably wont be fulfilled anyway. Fatso or edgy kid next? Or one of the girls? This week jellyfish seems harmless since they have info to sneak inside and bomb shit.

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>And let's go back to the main love triangle and more drama.
This shit is killing the show

So we're just going to ignore that Goro was a selfish dick as a kid? Just because he wants to be alone, he starts picking fights with random, innocent kids.

then dump the hiro-lust you cunt

Most people don't make the most wise or intelligent decisions when they're five years old.

Yeah, because jumping inside an exploding brain with little more than a glorified skinsuit to save your partner from having to allah akbar himself is super selfish...

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Edgy kid for sure, choosing to pick fights rather than being passive but the passive one would probably be the fatso.

They're apparently uninterested or incapable of weaving it into the plot. They've separated it into plot episodes and character development episodes, and every character development episode they've had has had nothing but tiny crumbs of plot stuck to it.