Darling in the FranXX

Bible Prophecy? Hiro, Jerusalem, Second Coming of Christ!

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Jian Bird

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this show is gay

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I'm really bored with this show having no antagonist outside the monsters that show up every 3 episodes and serve no purpose except to fuel teenage drama. Civil war, klaxosaur genocide, I don't really care what but get on with it and introduce the main villain already

let's face it, Papa is being set up as this "does no wrong" being that everyone follows blindly, only to become the real antagonist while the klaxosaurs are secondary in every sense of the word.

What are they doing?

The cutest

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>Mitsuru wanted a pen
what did they mean by this?

Wasn't her hair white in anime?

its pink

HHNNNGGG. Holy fuck my heart

I fully expect Hiro to not be phased at all when 02 turns into full oni mode

>you're even more beautiful when you're yourself 02

At first I was just memeing, but this is literally turning into Kiznaiver.

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When you think about it the world of DitF's government do resemble more like a theocratic establishment like the Islamic world order or middle ages Europe.

I remember it being whitish in the prologue.

I wonder why people are scared because of her horns.

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Why can't we have a Chad MC like Goro?

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I want Hiro to go to her room and read her a book while she sits in his lap.

Why are they a bunch of manlets? Shouldn't being a child soldier from childhood make them probably some where around 6 feet by know. Even non athletic kids are that height these days.

>Even non athletic kids are that height these days.
Fat guy user

Damn. Futoshi is a big guy.

>Why are they a bunch of manlets?
Because they are Japanese and one isn't even human.


Did our guy Goro just win the strawberrybowl?

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What this expression trying to convey?

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Goro getting friendzoned

I want my niku in miku.

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>fuck me already baka

He's the only one in the race

Ichigo is cuter

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Just noticed. In the OP all the characters are looking at the viewer except for childbearer and druggy.

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Then watch Fafner instead.

why do I want those horns shoved up my ass?


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How new

Oh please, Goro...

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>NTRfags actually shopped that image

>The Ichigo vs 02 waifuwars will be swelled by Gorofgas and Hirofags as they take the sides of their boys respective partners
>yfw we shall witness the first Great Waifu War, as different fags from different characters get dragged into the 02vsIchigo conflict by a chain of alliances.

Literally NGE

>having no antagonist
The adults sacrificing the children, the Nines.
How is it for you to be retarded ?

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I am exactly as tall as hiro
where's my oni to bully me??

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>Why are they a bunch of manlets?
Easier to control.

asians are short

Wanna join my cult?

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>VEG gets better every week.
>FranXX just keeps disappointing every week.
wtf happened??

Makes one wonder if she'll treasure this hair piece the way she treasured the previous one.

>gets better
Nice meeme



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Something about the way Hiro had a cult following him in the past is a little unsettling.

My heart can't take this much hnnnnng

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>licking her lips
And I thought Violet had the autism...

>riding a meme bike that show off your anus to the public.
>think it is manly.

I really don't understand the non-faggot old farts who think that it is cool.

I theorized that Hiro is Papa's clone

So then Papa is Charlemagne?

>not showing off your tight butt

>meanwhile robowaifufags are in the other room, politely discussing their favourite metal asses

>meme bike

How old are they, like 14/15? Goro is going to be 190cm at this rate and Hiro 180cm if they reach adulthood.

I like this theory. I hope it's true.

He's gonna pee in Ichigo's butt.

That's the benefit of a good healthy modern western diet. It turns nip manlets into tall western men.
Don't let your kids eat just rice and fish. Make them eat hamburgers, toast, honey and sausages in their childhood.

>Ichigo bitches and whines that something isn't going her way
>Goro is a cuck
>Miku is a loud, annoying hypocrite

Every episode like clockwork, it never fails.

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Boys stop growing around 15

>Great Waifu War
>He wasn't here for Color Wars
>He didn't pick Peterhausen

Hell the Great Star Driver Waifu War was better.

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On average they stop at 16-17.Since they all just hit puberty at once and they must be late bloomer, which would put their age at 14.

Looking for translators for a few pages.

Goro looks so tall, but I'm the same height and I consider my size average. would I look this tall if I lived in Japan? if so, off to japan it is

Sup brainlet

It's lightish red.

that's what's called pink, you gonk

>the ichigoro episode saved the sales


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It is rare when the MC is the only saving grace of a show like this. Usually the side characters are worth something but every, single other character besides Hiro is a flaming cunt or cuck kings. I really just want Hiro to break free of these fuckers and go fight adults or something because the lawn dinosaurs are fucking boring.

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The antagonist is obviously the creepy manipulative organization with a fucking Papa figure as its king, god, el presidente and santa all rolled into one.
They haven't touched the plot yet. They set up many threads in the beginning, we just have to wait for them to be over with the sol and character stuff to go back to the world's plot.

Underrated post.

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Goro should've been the mc.

Runaway arc when

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"I'm needy and want attention and someone to take care of me and protect me and make me feel good, so please be by my side"

Copying Miku and Kokoro's bit from ep 2.

Then are fight 02 say this: "who knows? I wouldn't do it if you were" she intend hiro or goro? what do you mean 02 by saying this? 02 will let hiro die?

How did he lose all his charisma?

reminder 081 was truly a big guy

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Can this show become the Guilty Crown of the new era?

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There was a recent survey in japan asking girl whats their preferred boyfriend's height.
#1 178 cm
#2 180 cm
#3 173 cm

He became a bitch pussy
Lets hope he regains some of his chad back

I hope soon because all the other characters are insufferable. It is bad when the lawn dinosaurs and confirmed gentleman psychopath are better characters than everyone else.

This moment is and remains sweet.

If Hiro was proactive for the past few episodes, he'd have taken up more screentime and this whole plot point of 02 being insecure and feeling bad would be solved earlier on because he would be on top of it and reassuring her. They want to get all the other shit out of the way first, like Ichigo and Goro.
Still, Hiro has plenty of personality, he just doesn't act on much after - what - episode 6? He became a bit too passive, but that's probably, like I said, because having an assertive or more expressive Hiro right now would drive the whole 02 being insecure thing too far forward.

What the hell, all of those are shorter than me and I'm not even that tall

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I like Zorome because he's one of the few characters that aren't Hiro or 02 that have characterisation that sets him up for the actual plot. His dedication to Papa is gonna get shut down and crush him hard, which has good character potential outside of cliche love melodrama, which is all anybody else really has.

the average female height is like 150cm there

Heh, lucky bastard. 170 cm here, just kill me already

Zorome is a loud, obnoxious asshat. I can see the potential for him to development with his dedication to papa maybe coming into question but they can just as easily keep him a zealot and have Hiro and his battery fuck off and learn the truth about Papa being a half lawn dinosaur or some equally dumb shit just to fight him and his hypocrite of a battery later in the climax.

That's hot though. You can pick them up and flip them around, and the smaller they are the bigger your dick!

I can't wait for the next episode. I want to see Fatoshi suffer and it doesn't even have to be from cucking, I want to watch that boy break down.

so is this show new kiznaiver or new klk?

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