Is she gonna make it bros?

Is she gonna make it bros?
Im scared. I don't want her smile to fade away

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She’ll be fine. She’s strong, and Guts has her back.

Guts is practically a death magnet

Have there been any serious character deaths since the sacrifice?
I feel like the people think there's less plot armor than there actually is due to PTSD from that one scene.
Seems like the core group has remained pretty intact


No, he’s a literal death magnet. But Schierke is a strong witch for her age, she’s proven herself capable many times over. And Guts treats her like his daughter at times, he wouldn’t let anything happen to her. She’s fine.

She's still a human bean.
If they are outnumbered on a open place with an enemy that know's how dangerous she is, she's death.

Or worse...

shut the fuck up

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Nothing on par with the sacrifice, and for good reason. It'd be hard to really establish characters if they kept getting killed off and replaced. That being said, after the sacrifice Berserk seemed to shift into the close-call department of writing. Characters almost die, characters almost get raped, etc etc. But like that's with the main cast. Bad shit still happens to side characters all the time, but typically unpreventable off-screen stuff. Like, the world hasn't stopped being shitty, it's just no longer the focus.

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>Miura killing one his idols
lmao never gonna happen

>miura probably draws porn of Schierke
>he keep it all for himself
not fair...

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there's a sizable chance that everyone in gut's party will die except guts and schierke since you can draw a parallel between the 2 and skull knight-fiona.

He drew a really sexy loli for that one spin off novel about that dragon knight apostle in Griffith's group. She even has visible nipples under her dress and exposed butt on another page

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Guts will be the only one that dies, everyone else will live including Griffith. Guts will become a christ figure.

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Strange how a man who can draw so much pain and suffering can also draw such beauty.

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I will literally kill myself if Guts x Casca don't get their happy ending.

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>tfw half don't want to know about what happens next because if she or farnese die
I'll probably cry if either die im pathetic

Guts + Schierke = Skull Knight + Old Witch

Schierke will be fine. It's everyone else that you want to worry about.

please protect her smile

It's Berserk. Even the most cheerful smiles fade away.

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>Guts has her back
She wishes

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