Who is Gochiusa's target audience?

Who is Gochiusa's target audience?

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MENSA members. Like me.


i want to rape Rize and shoot up her cunny

Literally (You).

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My girlfriend Sharo-chan is going to MARRY me!

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Let Rize stay a pure virgin.

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Fat bald men of the old variety



How many men is she married to?

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Just me because only I love Sharo-chan the rest of you don't truly love her

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uzbeks, kazakhs, tajiks, turkmens and kyrgyzs

coffee lovers

Jesus Christ, Megu. Yo'ure just sitting there, why are you so sexy

Nobel laureates

Me, Chino's beloved husband.

My wife Cocoa is an intellectual!

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My wife Chiya

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my wife chino is so cute

Anons wife Chinto

One day I will have a girlfriend like Chino-chan.
I just know it.

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sexual intercourse with my cute wife chino

I miss Gochiusa threads

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People with 200+ IQ

I can't wait till these little goblins are isekai'd


Don't bring the "I" word to Gochiusa threads

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GochiUsa? More like GochiUzbekistan because I am going to destroy Sharo's tight pussy just like how Genghis Khan pillaged Samarkand. I want to rail her senseless until she screams "TASHKENT-TE, YAMERO", as I Jizzakh deep into her. I want to fuck her until my nuts are drained dry just like the Aral Sea. I bet her snatch has been used and visited by many throughout her life, just like the ancient silk road city of Bukhara whereby many traders pass by. But despite that I still believe that Sharo is still as pure as the Amu Darya River which flows in in the Qaraqalpaqstan region of North-western Uzbekistan, and still as fertile as the Ferghana Valley which is a fertile paradise of an intermountain depression in what is an often dry part of Central Asia in Eastern Uzbekistan. I also don't mind because I love Sharo just like how Uzbeks love their pilaf, so much that they actually made the world's largest serving of pilaf weighing 7.3 tonnes last year in September during O'zbegim, whereby a total of 50 chefs from across the country used 1,500 kilograms of beef, 400 kilograms of mutton, 2,700 kilograms of carrots, 220 kilograms of onions, 440 liters of cooking oil and 57 kilograms of salt to make the dish. I also want to do a different variant of mating press with Sharo, called “Doubly Landlocked”, whereby I will dominate Sharo’s tiny body on all sides, just like how Uzbekistan is one of the only two doubly landlocked countries in the world. I also want to violate Sharo just like how the Uzbek president Islam Karimov was responsible for severe violation of basic human rights through tortures and executions of prisoners.

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Kirara is coming for that sweet coffee ass

Engineers, doctors, scientists, and mathematicians.

The world-weary gentleman such as myself that wants to rest and sooth their soul from the bullshit of the world for but a moment.


Like Chino, the purest virgin anime girl.

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I want to rape all of them, and burn them alive in their coffee house

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Fuck I wanna, I wanna

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chino chan

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Anons bitch Chino.

user's wife qafuuchinxo

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Anons wife has not been very faithful.

It's alright. I'm fucking all of her friends behind her back anyway.

When I was watching the movie in cinema, male:female ratio was about 2:1

Nu otaku who like forced moe instead of cgdct

I like this

No kidding.

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I want both of these little girls.

No user

For love of tits.

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Me on the left

Me under the water.

Me sucklings on Chiya right breast.

Stop suckling

their husbands

Dear my sister when?

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I'll dear her sister

Is she cheering me to go balls deep?


That's me on the left, by the way.

She's cheering you to get your life together so you can provide for her.

Sounds like that Candian dude who tells people to clean their room.

how so?

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>tfw not smart enough to truly enjoy Gochiusa

Forever false enjoyment only.

My cumdump Chino is so sexy.

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No one likes pancake megu or maya.

lolicons who don't care about story. I love CGDCT, but this show was impossible for me to enjoy.

How is that possible?

My bitch Megu

Not sexy enough for you to not save a sample version

pancake batter applied with squeeze bottles with really tiny holes. You "draw" the darkest parts first, since they have to cook the longest, then you fill in the lighter areas in order of what parts are "shaded" from darkest to lightest. Cooked on a very low temperature to allow time to draw all this shit.

I would like to order a puffy vulva with my coffee.

They don't serve that here

They do, but just to special clients.

>this show was impossible for me to enjoy
No kidding, LowQ.

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That wink Maya does makes my dick twitch.

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I am the one who committed this act

This is objectively true.

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my iq has never spiked to such high levels before

I am Chino's cumdump

I want to LITERALLY become Sharo!

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by me

I never watched S2 of this. Is it the same as 1 or did they turn up the fanservice or something? I see more lewd art now than around S1's broadcasting time.

I want to literally becum Sharo.

Cute grills?

No, they turned the fanservice way down. It just made everyone thirstier.

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But that's impossible.

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Raizu's pantsu are too clashing with her outfit.

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I want to cover Rize's erotic body with my cum.

Cocoa's butt.

I want to dump some honey onto Megu's face

Why does she sit like that?