Violet Evergarden

Any bets on how this will end?

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>"Kept you waiting, huh?"

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Sadly, this. The Major's still alive.

I thought 9 was the last episode. It played out like one and there is nothing more in the story.

Does anyone even still watch this trainwreck?

Cattleya will be married to Benedict.

the show will end with fanservice episode.

Any chance for an anime original ending?

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Cattleya is best.

VEG might still get S2 or a movie.

>"So, this is what love is"

If Major was a fat ugly guy like most Sup Forumsnons would she want to learn meaning of love?


>If Major was a fat ugly guy like most Sup Forumsnons
Good, most of Sup Forums can finally self-insert themselves into Gilbert.

It is an adaptation.

“Violet, please. Show me your face. No matter what form you take, my feelings towards you won’t change.” As she did not look his way, Gilbert said while laughing shyly, “See, I’m on the verge of crying too.”

In truth, his tears were already pouring. He was unable to poise himself. There was no stopping them. Tears formed and fell, formed and fell. Just as his feelings for her, they could not be impeded.


Violet’s body shuddered as her name was called – just called – by him.

“It’s fine if it’s little by little. If you… are coming… to understand it, I will wait any amount of time. Little by little is okay. I won’t… pry for an answer immediately. Until you say ‘I understand’… I will wait however long it takes… only for you. Today, I’d wanted to tell you ‘I love you’ once again, but it’s not as if I had desired anything from you in return.”

His tears wound up spilling once again.

“I… will not steal from you anymore, and I don’t wish to do anything other than give. If, one day, you ever come to think that you ‘understood’, I want you to accept my love. Violet.” The man said to the sobbing girl, who attempted to suppress her tears with her artificial arm, “I love you. Let me dry your tears.”

The one behind the wrist that he took hold of and moved away was not a taciturn, expressionless and truly machine-like Auto-Memories Doll. Instead, it was a human child who was crying out of slight happiness and fear from receiving the ‘number one’ form of love from someone for the first time.

Gilbert embraced Violet, who shed tears while trembling, after slowly caressing her cheeks. “I’ve always wanted to do this.” He whispered as more tears overflowed.

“Violet, I love you.”

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I hope the anime change this, Violet still not understand what love is in the end is unsatisfying.

This reads like something written by amateur female novelist.
Oh wait...

>nothing truly gets resolved because elevens think the drama is the only thing that matters and can't into actual relationships so they opt for the open ending
Fuck them.

>“I’ve always wanted to do this.”
Wasn't she 10 years old the last time they met before this? What the fuck?

>from the main characters pov, the story ins't even a circle, it's just a meaningless dot
For what purpose?

I kind of want a tragic ending where they kill her off.

I don't think this adaptation is going for an open ending.

Are you really surprised?

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Please don't remind me.

I actually wonder what will happen with VEG threads once it will get adapted. This is the tier of pointless mexican soap operas.
No matter how hard Kyo are trying to downplay the shitty parts of the novel, they will not be able to fix a steaming pile of pointless overly dramatic garbage with poorly written MC.

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It's Kyoani turning the melodramatic dial up to 10 folds.

You mean the cheese. There's nothing exaggerated in the characters' reaction and behavior to make it melodramatic.

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reminder that violet wants to know what is love

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Major is alive with amnesia in a wheelchai, violet will become vegetable majors caretaker

They also removed most of the chuunishit.

with autistic saber using excalibur on the major

but saber is already autistic? so double autistc?

It's an adaptation but they changed stuff. I don't want to see Gilbert this season to be honest. I'd rather have him in the next season but just hint that he's alive.

Not enough content for another season and even if volume 3 somehow has enough chronologically correct clients for another season, the plot is all but over in the anime.

The last episode was weirdly conclusive, i dont know where this show will go for its last episodes.

It's gonna be original maybe not a 13 episode but rather a movie.

They can play it as such where Violet tries to reconnect with Gilbert who avoids her because of her guilt.

>the plot is all but over in the anime.

Violet' story is self discovery. I think if they did future content, they would need to create a different goal in mind.

However, the reason I just don't like if they use Gilbert in the last episode is that it makes ep 9 kinda pointless. If we probably had ep9 happen sooner, maybe they'll have time to set it up. As of now I really don't see how they can incorporate Gilbert in 4 episodes without it being rage inducing.

>i had to die to you as your master, biolette

>you had to grow as an independent whymen

>did you find what love is

>I want you to show me

>Jooooe Joe

Usagi Drop is far more realistic compared to VEG. I can understand a grown woman throwing herself at daddy's dick, in VEG you have grown man saying "aishiteru" to 10 year old autist.

It's already over. Episode 9 was the end.

Anything is more realistic compared to VEG. VEG is written like shit. Supernatural elements are absolutely unnecessary and only serve to establish the theme of a handsome soldier getting a girl as his weapon and falling in love with her because how can't you fall in love with her when author spends so many pages describing her perfect appearance. Setting is a fucking clusterfuck where futuristic arm prosthetics can exist at the same time as WWI-level technology in the rest of the world, and, again, all those thematically clashing elements only exist to make the main heroine more special.

So, you didn't read the novel and you don't know the setting.

>i don't like it because it's not CGDCG moeshit with a tsundere bimbo and a self insert MC

It's worse.

if you feel you can't fall in love with the main girl because you're not handsome enough then just self insert as her metal hands!

>being actually attracted to Violet of all people
>actually trying to self-insert into this thing
what the fuck is wrong with you user

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