Violet Evergarden EP9 Discussion

Damn that was a really good way to end off an episode. Will we finally get to see what happened with Dietfried now? Episode 9 was really high quality(even better than ep5) will ep10 be just as good?

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Also let me just say that the OST in this show is AMAZING.

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They might end up adapting as much of the LN as possible.

i hope so i want to see my waifu Lux

Bioretto grabbing rock

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How fast can Violet Type?

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What does that mean?
>Violet was just fantasizing about commiting suicide but didn't intend to actually do it
>She really intented to commit suicide but her wrecked hand prevented her from doing it

That was a nice conclusion but I hate how she had to ask the president if she deserves to continue working. She should have enough resolution after remembering the major's words when she stared at the flower.

I wonder, who would win

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cut her some slack, shes just a kid maybe she wanted reassurance

But why? I don't understand.

i would assume the magic metal hands means she can snap her own neck

she bitched out

Will Violet love ugly guys like me?

Sorry but you're not Gilberto

Not unless your eyes are green like the brooch.

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There certainly is material for at least 3 episode as good as ep 9 if not better, but not sure if they will move forward to that immidiately or make a transitional episode/client story next as they have 4 more episodes and too much stories that do not fit in one season as they rush to adapt both novels. Sadly, a lot of good stuff likely inevitably to be cut maybe to appear in movies later.

What does Luculia's breath smell like?

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Amazing how a still picture can still have forced animation in it.

Violet Symbolism at the end of the episode.

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Whats amazing is how autistic you are. Go see a doctor monkey.

Like luculias?

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>Amazing how a still picture can still have forced animation in it.
What's next? Subtitles having forced animation?

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Yes! With a hint of my semen.

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THIS. His braindamage honestly amazes me, how the fuck can someone complain about good animation. Autist can't complain about the animation being bad so he complains about it being good instead. Maybe we should just take it as a compliment.

Good animation doesnt mean good animation.
Like moving hair can be good animation and completely distract the viewer from the focus of a specific scene.
If the scene has multiple parts that you'd expect to move in reality but only the hair moves it looks bad even if the hair itself looks good.


>Sadly, a lot of good stuff likely inevitably to be cut maybe to appear in movies later.
I wouldn't have a problem with this. Just imagine how good Violet Evergarden would look like on a move budget considering it already looks incredible on a tv budget.

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Not fast enough without her right hand.

>Good animation doesnt mean good animation.
You have autism ok.
>Like moving hair can be good animation and completely distract the viewer from the focus of a specific scene.
You also have Attention Deficit disorder ok. I wasn't distracted at all i the episode was absolutely fantastic.
>If the scene has multiple parts that you'd expect to move in reality but only the hair moves it looks bad even if the hair itself looks good.
Now you aren't even making sense.

I hope her hand gets better.

Old fansub groups liked to fuck around with the subtitles, so..

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It's an artificial hand, it won't "get better". She needs to get it fixed but she won't because this is setting her up for the finale.

I wish they made original episode where she heads to Estark company to get her hands fixed.

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Incest is wrong and she should feel bad for doing it.

Luculia is pure. PURE

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So the ending was the best part of this episode in my opinion what did you guys think? They showed how Violets actions has influenced peoples lives in a positive way.

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>her smile and optimism: restored

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True this.

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>cries the next scene

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B-but I'm not related to her? We are in a happy, non-incestuous marriage.

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Did Spencer allow it?

What kind of panties does Luculia wear?

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This show has had it's up's & downs but man episodes 5 & 9 were really good. I was definitely feeling it this episode. I'm just praying that the coming episodes are as good.

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Yes. Violet ghostwrote a letter to him for us and he gave us his blessing.

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Violets heart is complex as are her feelings

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Luculia was fucking gorgeous this episode.

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I don't believe you. She belongs to her brother.

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Get better taste. That, or >>>/mal/


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The ending was garbage. Typical VEG telling us the story instead of showing it to us. Violet's influence wasn't believable when it happened in those episodes, and it sure as hell wasn't believable in this cheesy flashback montage.

She's nopan.

W-why would you lewd her like that? She wears panties like any normal girl!

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Liking Violet Evergarden is good taste. Why do't you go to >>>/mal/ if you like it so much over there.

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She lewds herself for rich old men.

The ending to episode 9 was genuinely fantastic. If you hate it so much why are you still here shitposting about it?

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>Shiritai no desu!

What does Violet want to know?

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In before what is love fag

I implore you to remove this posthaste, you knave. Luculia is pure and does not fuck old men!

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What would anal sex with Violet be like? Awkward and messy because she wouldn't know how to clean herself beforehand?

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I'm gonna have to ask you to stop lewding my wife.
I'll have you know she's very clean and tight.


TWF you can actually read Japanese

Cleaning her beforehand is half the fun, though.

Imagine what unwashed, cold fish anal with Violet would be like. She'd just stare at you with a blank, confused look as you masturbate with the insides of her shit hole. Only when you yell that you love her as you're about to cum would she react, constricting her asshole as your mind blanks out in pleasure from the sudden tightness. She then begins a career as an Auto Memoir (Sex) Doll, having all kinds of sex with clients to figure out what love means.

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I don't think Violet is retarded enough to wear her pantsu over her stockings.

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what kind of shitposting is this?

Literal shitposting.

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The kind that makes me want to kill him.

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>She'd just stare at you with a blank, confused look as you masturbate with the insides of her shit hole
This is my fetish

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>you will never save up for months to enjoy the anal services of Violet Evergarden
>you will never frantically thrust into the hole she shits from like a desperate virgin, with no regard for her welfare
>she will never glance over at you and tilt her head with a dispassionate stare, as if raw unwashed anal isn't enough to faze her at all
>this will never push you over the edge and cause you to spill buckets of cum inside her small, but not socially barred body
>you will never make it your goal to get her to make a lewd face for you during sex

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Fuck off already.

when will we see this guy again? next ep?

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Flying Letters? Ep12 I think.

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Is this the "iie senpai" of our times?

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>TIL Luculia is actually a type of flower

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whats to get? gits = ghost in the shell

>so is Bougainvillea

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Bougainvillea (Gilbert & Dietfried)

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>you will never hug a loli Violet and feel her wriggle with confusion in your arms
>you will never give her chocolate milk, and chicken tendies to calm her
>you will never hug her everyday
>she will never slowly be conditioned into needing regular affection, and get grumpy when you forget or don't give her attention

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Damian (The prince)

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>mfw the choccy milk poster is here, but we're yet to be reminded of what Violet wants to know

Something ain't right here.

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The fucker is on the other thread.

reminder that violet wants to know what is love

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Not going to lie, I teared up at the end of the episode.

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You fucked

I did too

I there any picture of her with an autism hat

best one imho

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Thanks user. I like pictures of her with hats