Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu Episode 9

Just got home from work and saw it. The heaviness from the delivery of this line, along with the bgm, goddamn. And then the following scenes after it.

>Every time I relive our meeting and farewell...
>I can't help but love you more.

Fuck. Why is being Meliodas so much suffering? This might be a cliched kind of suffering, but shit man, why does it feel different and more impactful with him?

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I literally cannot give a shit about Meliodas as a character no matter how hard I try. Fucking trash MC.

How so? Why do you feel that way? I'm genuinely asking.

shit taste

Really? I think the best part of the show is how well developed all the characters are, there isn't a single one that annoys me (other than Elizabeth) and we know how rare that is.

Eh, she's alright. The only character that kills me inside is fucking Hawk. What an annoying faggot

I used to think that, but Hawk has been growing on me since saving the day that one time.

same especially after knowing he meet 100+ elizabeth before liz this episode feels so forced

What a trash opinion

He literally explains why it still hurts him to see her die no matter how many times he goes through it in this episode though.

Same. Something about how the series handles the sudden tonal shifts if Meliodas' character is fucking garbage.

kys Hawk is a qt

Holy shit, someone who shares the same opinion as me, like seriously Hawk is so fucking unnecessary in this series.

Kinda like Rose was in TLJ

>Nakaba is a known JRPG fag
>Meliodas/Elizabeth is obviously inspired by Xenogears
>cranked their story up to eleven a few months after Automata came out


The problem with Elizabeth is that Nakaba has decided to use the worst incarnation of her possible as main heroine.
We had Ayla Elizabeth, we had cute tomboy Liz, we had a pervert Elizabeth from the oneshot, hell even the original Goddess Elizabeth was way more active than the current one.
If we had Liz as the female protagonist the entire manga would be way superior.

>pervert Elizabeth
Pervert Elizabeth was amusing and fine for a oneshit, but worse when it comes to potential character development.

Depends on how Nakaba would handle her character development. She also showed unbreakable resolve in the same chapter, enough to stab her own hand if needed.
Though i guess it would be incredibly hard to keep her an Meliodas from fucking like wild rabbits.

Same.its because (IMO) most meliodas's character feels really forced. like he doesnt really have a character flaw besides being tragic and perverted. Also most of his moments dont really express his character or motivation, feels like the author just wants to show how (awesome,strong,tragic) he is with no substance.

He lived for 3k years, at that point "character flaws" are irrelevant because he has an enormous amount of life experience.

DESU, id accept tht, its just tht hes the MC. How r we supposed to relate and root for him if he has no real relateble characters flaws besides "my backstory is soooo sad." he just feels like a generic OP shounen protag.

>If I ignore his flaws he has no flaws
Retard. And he is more flawed than that.

Alright, ill bite. tell me some character flaws or traits he has tht make him standout from other MCs, (no sarcasm,just curiois). fyi ,u can like meliodas all u want, its ur opinion bro but he just doesnt do it 4 me as an MC.

holy shit type like a normal person next time.

>generic OP shounen protag.
now you just talking shit.

this is Sup Forums, not english class bud

This may be Sup Forums but it doesn't mean you shouldn't put effort into your posts, newfag.

Not sure what you want that would make you satisfied. He chose love over family, yet he also feels remorse over the bridges he burned for that. There's also a theme of nurture vs nature and the struggle to overcome what destiny you've been dealt with, mixed with a bit of a quest for atonement. Those are themes I can empathize with, even if they don't directly apply to myself. And it's ok that "most of his moments", as you call it, don't show his true colors. He wears a mask in front of others most of the time and he can function well this way, but it's also an armor that distances himself from the rest. There's also that longing for someone who knows you beneath that armor. It makes the moments when the facade cracks all the more compelling to read. Even him being scared shitless about his personality changing without being able to do anything about it is a feeling you can track back to real things (mental diseases, dementia etc.) and it is scary as fuck.

Is he for the most part a role model in his ideal form? Sure, but there's more than enough interesting themes going on with him that makes any accusation of "no substance" seem superficial at best. If those themes are not handled prominently enough to your liking, well, that's par for course for the age demographic and genre we're in, so maybe you should look for that which you want in the upper age brackets.

not same user here
his story is not the problem, the love over family thing have always being big, my problem is with meliodas character it self, he is just a over powered monster that do thing becous he love this angel girl, i can't care about meliodas at all firts becous he doesn't have any thing asaid from being a demond and loving eli
and second eli is fucking boring, is just a pure angel girl that love everyone and can't be wrong at all

how much of a brainlet am i for really liking this show?

it ticks off all the boxes that makes a shonen watchable. wide cast of characters, lots of love interests, side stories, power levels, mysterious background lore, overpowered enemies, etc.

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>and second eli is fucking boring, is just a pure angel girl that love everyone and can't be wrong at all

She might have a darker side. Merlin went back to shape awfully quick after Arthur's death, and we hard earlier that Eli have a brainwashing technique at an even higher level than the archangels.

It's probably because i've been caught up for years but I feel the same way. It doesn't feel like the "we've been lovers for centuries" bit was really foreshadowed, or Mel never really gave a big hint that 'Liz was that much to him.
I don't remember if that's because he'll trigger it or not, but he would've had a million times to still do it offscreen. If there really is old evidence for that, I'd love to see it because it'd make this much cuter/believable.

Then we'll simply have to agree to disagree on that part. I find him by himself plenty amusing by himself. His irreverence toward authority and easygoing nature, based both in his life experience and power, is amusing to me, so even back in the early chapters, where the other sins weren't even around yet, I had fun reading about him. The capable hero, who plays the buffoon at times, is an ages old trope and I like it. That "public persona", paired with the gradual uncovering of his true self made for an entertaining read. Him being an unstoppable moody badass atm is a plot point and his friends are working hard to bring back the goodnatured and funloving Mel.

One of the best callbacks of the entire series, making this scene all the more meaningful when you read it a second time with knowledge of their backstories.

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There were a lot of hints to their story being more then meets the eye.

Damn, Meliodas backstory would be so much better if Elizabeth was actually an interesting character.

Speaking of, where the fuck is Ban? We haven't seen him in several chapters in manga. Did Suzuki forget he excised?

He's in purgatory, retard.

King suffered more.

I know that but I meant in general sense. Should he be back already or what?

Read the manga, you will find out what is the deal with Hawk. Not unnecessary at all.

>trash MC
>not goku

literally kill yourself dbs fag

He's going to come back at the last minute to finally do something useful.

Music and voice actor delivery were on point during this scene

This. Also
choose one

the music was trash, should've went with something more emotional, they tried hard to make it a tearjerk episode but failed

>"they tried to make it a tearjerker"
>"they should have made it more emotional"

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They tried to make the episode emotional but failed with the shitty music. they could've succeeded if the music was better. That's what i was trying to say.

I can't really spot a difference between this anime and Fairy Tail, both equally shit but this one gets a pass for some reason.

Eh he’s unlikeable but for shonenshit standards, he’s ok

The character designs are certainly on par with fairy tail, but the characters themselves are much more interesting.

Well, user, either read Fairy Tail or Nanatsu no Taizai before trying to see a difference. How can you see a difference between something you know (assuming you know one of these works) and something you don't?

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Only Ban is interesting

The whole first season is FF9 too. Second season is like FF6 so far.

Because the manga is good and anime watchers expecting quality from any adaption are faggots that deserve to be spoiled every week for not wanting to read.

His character is by far one of the best. So your post isn't really objective.