Darling in the FranXX

Is this is the best end?

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Yes because the otakus would collapse Trigger's twitter with death threats

Ichigo is way too good for that thing so no.

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No. That'd be 02 pegging Hiro while he's fucking Ichigo with Goro sitting in the corner watching.

No, your and all yurishitters killing themselves is best ending.

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Never watched this show, would if this happened.

Yes Yui approves of this thread

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Since were nine episodes in it's a huge chance that this show pulls a Re:Creators ending out of their asses.


wrong pic

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> NTR will lead to death.
>pegfag get BTFO
>You must be loyal and work together with your mate to succeed.
>normalfag get BTFO
>Arranged marriages can be necessary sometimes.
>Pistils_handle_all_the_controls_fags get BTFO
>Females are necessary for society to work, but need the strong hands of males to be controlled properly.
>Gender Bender get BTFO
>gays not allowed
>headcanon/fanwank/fanfiction are instantly denied.

Thank you based Abe-Sama for making this work.

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Stop forcing it. This ship is dead and buried now.

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Hello EroKing

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Ending it now would be for thebest, seeing as how ditf just gets more disappointing as the weeks pass by. Trigger are hacks.

A yuri end would bring Sup Forums down so hard it would be very funny.


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This. Franxx would be the biggest trainwreck since Geass.

>It's a Hiro teaching 02 how to read and write scene

my diabetes

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yuri faggots are the worst.

Yes, yuri end is the best end

And that's why yuritrash needs to go and stay go.

yuri will never die


why do you insist on reminding us Re:Creators?
it is still pure suffering.
The plot armor and asspulls still hurts

But cuckoldry is allowed, you failed you're job Abe-chan.

Why would Yui want this deleted?

It is.

Hopefully they'll end up together through extreme odds, just like how Akko and Diana sort of became a thing at the end of LWA.

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Too good for this world. My bet is on a generic non-ending that would leave everyone equally unsatisfied

I want a Citrus rape-y kind of kiss between Ichigo and 02 before this is over.

As long the cuckMC doesn't win anyone, anything is.

I'm rooting for 02/Hiro end, but I'd be fine with this too just because of how wacky it would be.

It would actually make some sense in the grand scheme of things, considering that this series uses a lot of coming of age sexual themes.
Wouldn't surprise me if they add some bi-sexual/curiosity experimentation between 02 and Ichigo in some of the later episodes.

I don't get it, you guys have a character that is gay as fuck and you focus on the ones that aren't

But Ikuno is boring.

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>Show is about the almost fairy tale (Jian) level love between two characters and all the secondary characters all have their own relationships they develop
>Lol it wouldn't surprise me if we had something that went completely against this all the while already having a differebt character that represents bisexual feelings

Do yurifags even watch the shows they shitpost about or do they just skim through hunting the yuribait?

How naive.

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Ichigo is so one-track on Hiro right now it's hard to imagine her in any other frame. I seriously hope they let her arc be getting over her obsessive little crush and moving on. She doesn't have to be gay but for the love of god she has to give up on blandy McMC.

Did you watch the episode?

Did you?

pick one. He's not the greatest MC but I wouldn't call him bland.

Yeah she is moving on from Hiro and starting to realize her feelings for Goro.

It's not that, she just didn't get enough screentime

Why does this series create so many headcanon? Most of them are ridiculous too.

He's pretty great. Pure husband material.

Goro: I love you.
Ichigo: .........BANKAI!

I would call blandness his defining characteristic.
He's not a bad main character, but his lack of energy and charisma are really his biggest flaws as a main character. Half the time it feels like his mood is set by the tone of the scene rather than something that helps set the tone.

Eh, he's okay so far and I like him enough but he's far from a great MC currently.
I expect him to become better during the inevitable runaway/rebellion arc,

I don't want yuri, but I want heartboner tier friendship that can be made into yuri in doujins.

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So passive? I only felt that during the recent side-characters focus ep. He really shone during ep 4, 5, 6, though

Mark my words Gorobros, our boy will win

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why is Sup Forums being invaded by /u/?
men don't fantasize over lesbians, so it can only be disgusting fujoshi looking to flick their bean

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As much as I loved this episode I'm really worried about possible implications of this look

Hiro better not fuck up this OTP

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It's pretty cringe how all you have to do is post a yuri image and yurifags will flock to a thread to say how great it is and would "improve" a series. If inserting their fetish is really all they think makes a good anime they really deserve their shit reputation.

Shut the fuck up. The only cuck here is you and that fatboy.

>02 in trouble
>Ichigo finally sets aside her petty rivalry to hlp her for Hiro's sake
>realizes in the process that 02 really is just another teenage girl with her own problems
>friendship get
I would kill for this. I don't mind if the yuri is left to the fan material. Hell, I'lll fucking write it myself. But please, for the love of god, canon has to give me some good, wholesome female friendship first.

He won’t. 02 will leash is dick and Goro will win over strawberry and turn her into an actually good character. These two will save this show

I don't think you know what that word means.

I hope this is more the look of guilt from kissing Ichigo that one time or something other than newly interest in her from Hiro. I will seriously drop the show if they went full retarded drama like that.

It's bound to happen
Heck it's already started, they had that cute little exchange on the way to rescue Goro. Plus they got that cutesy bit during the ending where Ichigo fed Oni her lolipop
Yuri is best when it isn't canon anyway.

Yaoifags are also shit. Look at what they've done to hunter x hunter.

So you basically love to be baited by Trigger with yuri shit.

>hiro's lack of charisma
Are you even watching this show?

It's pretty obvious at this point they'll come to be friends somewhere down the line. This scene and the ED make it clear

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Yes and he’s right, Hiro honestly isn’t very charismatic. He’s a cute boyfriend for 02 but his intrigue really hinges on her

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>men don't fantasize over lesbians
Even as bait, this is a bit much user.

>tfw no pocket Ichigo to give you pep talks

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I want Hiro to give babies to 02


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Maybe 02 can die while saving Ichigo from something.
That would tug at some heartstrings.

Dont forget this as well

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Who cares Hiro's fine as it is.

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yurifags are slime.

What a bro.

It's just reinforcing that Hiro was completely unaware that Ichigo felt anything for him romantically and is now aware of the situation and is a bit more self conscious around her. It's not because he's considering getting with her, it's because he's now considering that this was even a concept at all and rethinking how he's been treating her. Same thing when he noticed her lips after kissing her. It's showing Hiro becoming conscious, after the fact, that Ichigo is a girl and not just his close almost sibling.

Nah. There's plenty of his own that's interesting. It's just that the last few episodes, he's been taking a bit of a backseat to give other characters a chance to shine, so he's a bit less expressive.

They want him to be like Kamina.

I mean I ageee, he’s fine. he’s just not that good

>blocks your path, hetfag

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So who is for sure going to die before this series ends?

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Not so fast bitch

The Strawberry is mine

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I sure hope so. This latest episode made my kokoro go doki doki.

My heart.

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I don't see how it's bait. They're not implying any yuri between the two. I'm saying it's best the yuri is just from doujins.
Oh, I see. You're retarded. Case in point you think this is a Trigger show.


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Along as he's not like Kirito from SAO, Shinji from NGE or Haruhiro from Grimgar it's all good.

No one, office lady Ichigo.

Calling Hiro boring, bland or passive really only serves to show that you've either not watched earlier episodes, or already forgotten all about them. Neither reflect positively on you.

And next episode we’ll see Kokoro’s kokoro doki doki.

Good boy Zorome and that one fat ass.

Fuck Kamina. I want him to be Crystal Jesus

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>Yuribitch can't even come clean with her lesbian secrets
>Wont even confess to Ichigo

Step aside, maybe Mitsuru will give you his sloppy seconds

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I just want to fug the robots