Ryuuou no Oshigoto

Is this show realistic? Do real life shogi players like cute loli too?

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Probably not. I think 3gatsu is a more "realistic" depiction, if that's what you're after.

i have a realistic erection from your picture

yeah, when you win, you can fuck her

Nobody wants to see such a young girl pose like this

Well they do stare at flat boards all day.

3gatsu's depiction of shogi is more "superficial" than realistic, it only uses shogi as a pretext to tell its story unlike Ryuuou in which professional shogi is the backbone of the story. It's the reason why the series has been endorsed by the shogi association on a far greater scale compared to 3gatsu.

You can write a story like 3gatsu without shogi with minor changes, but not for this show.

>shogi association likes lolis more than old men
not that weird

How can these quads be so wrong?

Everyone likes cute lolis. That's how mother nature made them. It's just some people like them for different reasons.


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quads of falsehood!

Very realistic.


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Cute? This is a serious and badass shogi series.

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but it can be serious and cute
almost... seriously cute.

The OST is suprisingly badass. Easily my favorite part of the show after the lolis.

>wanting anime to be realistic

Watch some series/movies with real actors instead

It's all three.

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this show is hyper realistic because the only girl who doesnt want the MC dick is also the only girl the MC has feelings for.

Why does she sit like that?

Fucking kek

that's nice art

Maybe her height is small and she can't reach the board without standing up.

Fuck shock, where's lolis and go? Or lolis and Mahjong?

great loli design

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>Well, watching the anime “Ryuuou no Oshigoto!” does make me think that having a strong and cute elementary school girl like that as a disciple would be very nice. (lol)


Char simply doesn't know what dick means yet.

>Cake jokingly tells you to marry her
>Enthusiasticly accept, and confess your love for her
>She immediatly friend-zones you

Cake also ships Yaichi with Ginko

Does Yaichi like Tomato and her insane breasts

>Do real life shogi players like cute loli too?

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>the lolis know

I've heard some even know how to use the Internet and have started to infiltrate anonymous image boards.

Picking up Red Ai!

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Ai is very cute.

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God, imagine coming home to her.

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Looks like the second wife is here.

Imagine waking up to your cute loliwife making you breakfast.

>implying we are not all little girls

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That face pretty much says he's finally accepted that he loves his loliwife for the gradeschooler she is.

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Imagine coming inside her.

Everyone likes cute lolis.

Ginko doesn't

Ginko knows she's cuter

Can you imagine doing this little girl doggy style like this while she plays a shougi match being broadcast online?

She couldn't be more wrong.

>Picking up Red Ai!
f-for what purpose? I'm starting to imagine things here...

Stamina practice for long matches, what else?

Ai is so fucking cute and soft holy shit.

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That's not the tights of a 6 (six) year old girl.

In any case I need to rub them.

You would be surprised.

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That's a cute Ai

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CakeA definitely has shit taste

I don't understand

Left or right?

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Why is Yaichi feeding shit to Red?

Both. JS pussy is the best because it fits like a glove.





LN only stuff. Blue Ai is extremely skilled with making curry and can even make "energy curry".

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I've read the LN and have no idea what's supposed to be happening in the 4th panel.

I still don't get it

I want to play shogi with a loli (consensually)

Maybe if 3gatsu was actually about shogi to begin with.

But user, a child can't consent to playing shogi.

Yes, it's never really about shogi.

So about the LN, volume 3 when ? I enjoyed it immensely.

a shit.

>that pose

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End of April, probably.

Are they actually good? I was thinking about giving them a read.

What do you want to know? I'm confused on how to answer your question, but its' damn good.

Pretty good but much more shogi. Also anime is very rushed and skips a lot of details and scenes.

Not sure if I understand that ending, did Yaichi finally learn his lesson and tricked Red into eating it herself or did Red misunderstand since the begining and thought she should eat it herself and then she would get fucked by Yaichi?

is shogi as complicated as mahjong? i dont want to be hooked in another obscure game series

Yaichi knows about that trick already(Blue Ai already did it to him on other strip), and is turning it against Red Ai.


You can't be serious. It's like comparing poker and chess.


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Very good. The anime does not do them justice.

Ginko a shit.

We know. Stop baiting the waifutard.

Any prediction on the next episode? Will it be just like any other beach episode?

We probably won't see the Ais or Char wearing a micro bikini and that makes me want to skip the whole episode.

but why