What's your response, Sup Forums?

what's your response, Sup Forums?

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Yes, now go dip yourself in grail mud so I can marry you.

Mordred was the only thing that made this train wreck watchable. Fuck sieg and fuck jeane

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Didn't suck enough dicks.

What about Karna and Achilles?

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They were boring too

You were the prettiest girl in that show.
Shes a cute. Cute.

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Hell no, she was totally annoying, Jeanne and Frankie were the only reasons to watch the show

Jeanne and Semiramis were the best girls in Apocrypha

Why was she so special?

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You were good son, real good, maybe even best

She's annoying. I'm glad none of the Artorias like her. Arthur thinks she's pretty cute. Can't imagine how annoying Prototype Mordred could be.

This piece of shit waste the reason why Sabers kingdom got split up in the first place. What a worthless piece of shit.

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I will think about it after mana transfer

>Sumanai didn't sacrifice himself and Sieg dies
>Jeanne acts like a Ruler should, not being retarded LI and managing the HGW
>Kairi is MC
>Caules is a deuteragonist
Apocrypha had a potential to be something much better and that is why I am salty. I wouldn't give a flying fuck if it was just bad, but at the beggining it was promising.
I think I understand now why my parents are dissapointed with me rather than just ignoring their sperg of a son.

I was a good Servant, Father?

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giv me semiramis

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is this supposed to be Jekyll?

Yes, my son

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You were a great servant and you probably would've won if things weren't such a clusterfuck

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show pusy

I would blame Sieg for everything but moedred simply doesn't have the raw physical power to push through Semiramis and shirou, in edition there's the Fucking massive karna problem. Other then that I would say she had a fairly decent chance to win the whole thing.

If it wasn't for Seig than Jeanne might have actually done her job and nipped Shirou in the bud, which would've changed how the grail war ended up entirely.

feck u

Don't forget Achilles. Mordred can't harm him.

karna as archer, if true to his mythology, would be the strongest entity in fate. even above alaya or whatever

If you are above Alaya it means you are outside of the Root and as such, cannot be summoned at all.

This is pretty much the biggest gripe I had with the series. I was expecting a rumble with less melodrama than the typical fateshit

Her armour is sick.

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Hindu cosmology is pretty crazy. I wish Durga would get a proper entry but Parvati and her aspects are tied to Sakura so I just don't see it working well.

I rather fuck Jack.

Because Indians are the biggest chuunis ever, even now. Hell, they still believe wrestling is real

spent all my quartz twice for mordred and failed both times