ITT: The most boring Anime you've ever watched

ITT: The most boring Anime you've ever watched

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Wrong pic lol

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Fuck this retarded shit about not being able to delete OP posts


Maybe you should try not being a moron who makes stupid threads.
Don't pretend this is anyone's fault but yours.

Well done OP.

This has an 8.5 on MAL and therefore is on my watchlist. What was wrong with it?

The first episode is literally the only good one.

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I actually enjoyed all of Moribito.

I loved the manga but the anime makes it seem slow.


is garbage. Boring as fuck. its a shallow 2deep4u anime. Violet Evergarden is the same way. Although if you liked redditgarden you will like all reddittier shows like like faggot no yome

>trying to fit in this much

hating an anime just because redditors like it is pretty stupid

this is an absolutely abhorrent post

Probably the most boring crap I've ever sat through out of anything, anime or otherwise.

Even while watching a group of YouTubers riffing on it I was having difficulties remaining awake.

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you are literal cancer
fuck off

It's visually awesome, but there's no urgency. Nothing ever really seems at stake.

Inuyasha once it became the same stuff happening in every episode.

I don’t understand why so many people praise this anime, the episodes are repetitive and bland, and nothing ever happens asides from some philosophy lesson about life.

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Look everyone, I posted it again!

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Been trying to watch Serial Experiments Lain. Really, really boring so far. Up to about episode five. It's obviously a routine 2deep4u anime, but the 90's internet and computer stuff is just pretentious in hindsight.


show those redditors whose the boss

C^3 comes to mind, as does Blood+

I unironically agree with this, with the exception of the murder mystery arc.

Atmosphere my friend. Didn't really feel repetitive to me though. Technically yeah, they do the same thing every episode, but there's a continuous progression and spiritually they end up somewhere new each time.

Learn to grammar, retard.

>People replying seriosuly to this faggots.

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Realistically and are the same user.

>generic shoujo fantasy
You may actually just have a double digit IQ

Bec Sup Forums is full of brainlets who need simple, repetitive shows.

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MAL rates any show which has no fanservice super high

If not for MAL where do I find shows?

>doesn't know that most people here have a MAL
Oh, you naive child.

Even though I love it I definitely understand that point of view.

I won't spoonfeed you faggot get fucked.
That doesn't mean that I have to welcome them.

Stand Alone Complex
Witch Hunter Robin
Yuru Camp

ok tryhard

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nice facebook meme xD

Casshern Sins
I appreciate madhouse's visuals, but even they couldn't save the show for me

Define boring.

>not interesting; tedious.

So it's just another word for comfy.

Can you not read? Something comfy can be interesting and not tedious to sit through.

I don't remember anything, just that literally nothing really happened

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>nothing ever happens
Perhaps, the most realistic depiction of a post apocalypse universe.

prove me wrong

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I don’t understand why so many people praise this anime, the episodes are repetitive and bland, and nothing ever happens asides from some philosophy lesson about life.

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You're implying that every MAL user here is new. Even most oldfags use MAL or some other site to keep track of shows but stay away from their forums. We can't all be bothered to use pen and paper like you.

>not tedious to sit through
But you might just fell asleep.

Are you me?

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>too long, slow, or dull; tiresome or monotonous.
You might do, but clearly not everyone does.

So it's just another personal thing. Boring thread.

t. brainlet

Natsume Yuujinchou

Cowboy Bebop
Nyanko Days
Witch Craft Works

and who could forget: Mahouka Kouko no Rettousei

>Ctrl + F
>Violet evergarden 1 result
>VEG 0 result
I'm disapointed with you Sup Forums.

Keeping track of shows and using MAL ratings as a metric are two very separate things

>druggie ameriburger has shit taste
In other news OP is a fag.

Violet Evergarden is at least most boring this season, I tend to not remember shows I find really boring.

You are literally retarded.

Why don't you just stop being a streamshitting nigger and keep track of your shows via storage?

>disappointed that people aren't being underage meme spouters
Maybe you should go back to wherever you came from.

Futakoi. It was a strange mix of having a raging boner plus also being bored out of my fucking mind. Only reason I even watched it was cuz I have a twin fetish but even still I barely made it through.

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Make request threads into really-well disguised bait threads on Sup Forums.

Found a VEG fag.

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Pretty much 90% of anime made 10-15 years ago. That era is the reason the 3 episode rule exists.

Literally haven't watched a single episode of VEG. The point is that if a currently airing show is literally the most boring thing you've ever watched then you're a stupid newfag who shouldn't be posting on Sup Forums. But it's more likely that you're just some Sup Forums faggot looking for an excuse to shitpost.

i've watched it and i found it boring. Many people on Sup Forums found it boring too. The show has nothing but eye candy. Even Natsume yuujinchou is more interesting.
You are just a faggot trying to defend your favourite show.

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You know the whole thing was an extended setup for Futakoi Alternative, right?

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Again, if it's the most boring anime you've ever watched then you're a sub 20 shows newfag. So are you one, or a crossboard shitposter like I surmise? I guess it's also possible you misread the OP as being "boring anime you've watched" instead of "the most boring anime" but I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and not assume you're an illiterate underage.

How new are you that you had to watch it in order to know you wouldn't like it?

>giving a shit about people
considering how many asshurt replies i got you are the one trying to fit in
who said i hate it because redditors like it? fucking retard level reading comprehension. It just happens that redditors happen to have shit tastes and the ones that flood this board make it apparent. You have to go back.
Mental equivalent of a downvote. lol
its always the redditgarden and faggot no yome threads that are filled with the absolute worst of Sup Forums and the increasing amount of them on other threads seems to be a sort of refugee crisis. Your show is shit get over it.
I know you are being sarcastic but take a moment to notice the people who reacted to your post and how. That should tell you everything you need to know about the state of Sup Forums. and the retard who responded to the retard.
omg its L help wat do i do. fucking troglodyte
the 2deep4u aspect being shallow because none of the themes ever get explored and are just there for cheap plot devices. Literaly garbage. there is a difference between what something is
and what its claimed to be.
The absolute state of this board
pic related.

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>some newfag is literally defending MAL in this thread
i hope you kill yourself, shitcunt

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Zeta Gundam and Shin Mazinger Z

>calling others reddit while making a low quality post like this

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You might actually have literal autism.

I forgot the title . It is about a very lazy student but he has many friends in the school

dude weed lmao

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I'm 22 thank you. And i don't have much time watching anime like you, only about 30 shows. I've watched many SOL like Natsume, Mushishi... and they are more interesting than Violet Evergarden.
Hence VEG is the most boring anime i've ever watched.
You can't talk shit about a show if you didn't watch atleast 1 episode right?

You could've saved us both some time if you just admitted you were a newfag like I accused you of being at the start. Well at least that's settled. Also fuck off.

holy shit this post

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If you wanna prove everyone you're not new post how much anime you have seen, your favorite anime and your favorite videogame. I'm sure your answer will make clear you have some semblance of taste.

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>your favorite videogame
Says more about you than anything.

> Also fuck off
VEGfags are so frustrated sometimes.

Keep trying though, I'm looking forward to the next paragraph you post.

listen up shitlord, VEG is fucking garbage but that doesn't make you any less of a fucking newfag.
lurk for another 3 years before posting.

I don't know where you got the idea that every newfag shouldn't fuck off. You're no exception, dumb newfag.

>favorite videogame

>faggot no yome
Well aren't you cool.

>giving retarded tripfags attention for their autistic beliefs
it's like you guys never learn.
that or you're all fucking newfags. i don't know which one's more likely at this point

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Yuru Camp...

I mean seriously, even Takunomi and KoiAme are 10x more exciting than it.

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>calling a tripfag retarded is bad
Let me guess, you're a proponent of "ignoring the problem makes it go away so just ignore everything", while ironically being unable to ignore things you don't like such as people telling calling tripfags retarded in this instance.

i barely makes it to the season 2

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