Post an anime, the poster above you has to watch the first episode of that show

Post an anime, the poster above you has to watch the first episode of that show.

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Shoujo Ramune

Jojo no kimyou na bouken

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Good stuff.

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At least try to pick a show literally everyone hasn't already seen.

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>No one posted gungrave yet
I don't know if I should be glad or disappointed.


Nice trips


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>no one posted Boku no Pico yet
I don't know if I should be glad or disappointed.

>Soukou no Strain.

Now this is how you do a first episode.

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Are you man enough?

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It will be one hell of a ride

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Yuusei Kamen

>Index/Railgun take your pick
Even if you have seen it, at least you can refresh yourself before the new season.

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>literally everyone hasn't already seen
Wut? I sound like a retard. Fuck me for staying up all night watching Mogra.
Gyahaha! wth? Half the internet isn't working for me. I can't get to the download links.

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Irresponsible Captain Tylor, something good.

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>its true
what the hell? when has this been announced?

Dennou Coil

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Maybe picking less popular/well known anime would be a good idea anons


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Wait, wtf? I would've swear that it wasn't that popular. I remember that it had less than 20k members on MAL when started airing, but now it has over 100k. Damn. My bad there.

I'd say you're tearing me apart, but good taste. Hopefully you've not seen this one already.

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Seen too.

>but good taste
Kek. Just because he already saw them doesn't mean he liked it.

I havent seen this I'll go with this just to get the thread moving along

Fair enough.
Damn, I give, go watch this.

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I did love Kino tho.

Doubt many people haven't seen it. I'd recommend checking out Kaiba if you have, done by the same guy.

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I've already seen it. Also seen Kaiba. Been meaning to rewatch one of them lately.
Good luck making it through the first twenty or so episodes of Hokuto no Ken.

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Tobe! Isami.

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Saint Seiya

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I'm and had in my backlog for ages, so I watched the first episode.
Not sure how much of it I liked, but it's kind of interesting.

That was pretty good. Will keep watching.

good thread

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its future boy conan by the way

couldn't see what the picture was before clicking it.

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Here you go

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>seen it
I don't think that invalidates the thread. Do a rewatch.

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was kinda cute, but not really my thing

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Speed grapher

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hyouge mono

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I almost certainly won't play along

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Then I'm ignoring your post.

Watching this

Have fun!

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You fucking monster.

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I'm not sorry

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Yes it happened and i'm very happy

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give me something GOOD

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I bet nobody here has seen this one. It is one of the most underrated (and best) shaft shows.

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Boko no Pico

I've already seen it.


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that genuinely looks interesting, I've put it on my plan to watch so I don't forget to check this out when I have the time

New Futanari Idols: Big Balls Type!

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Uninhabited planet survive

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QUALITY: The Animation

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i've already seen it.
it's fucking garbage

Thanks user. This is great.

Do I even wanna know why you think that?
Except for maybe "not being interested in it in the first place" I can't really imagine why someone who was interested enough to watch it beyond the first episode would be disappointed by it.


Im doing you all a great big favor.

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Pointy noses gambling

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Since the start of the thread, I have tried out the following episode 1's. Will continue with half of them some time later.

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How good is Ojamajo? I heard it compared to Princess Tutu, but Im not sure if I want to check it out. Way too damn long.