I watched re:zero for the first time about a month ago and I really liked it. However...

I watched re:zero for the first time about a month ago and I really liked it. However, it seems that Sup Forums hates it. Why?

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fuck off

A also seems to like darling in dafranx. A is just a shithole man.

great post

what is wrong with darling in the franxxx? i plan to watch that when it finishes airing

it had some good episodes, but mostly it was a badly written clusterfuck of nonsense.

Its just really generic

pic related is a dumb whore that's why I hate it

neither of these really elaborate on the problem


Emilia's tits look really big here.
Some really vocal people on Sup Forums don't like re: zero because it's popular.
I hope we get a season 2 soon since the following arc of the story interests me a lot.

Waifubait and obnoxious MC.

No clue. I marathoned first episode and it seems decent so far.

Emilia canonically has bigger tits than Rem

Rem has a petite body so it makes sense

get off Sup Forums rem

>Sup Forums hates it. Why?
Because it's popular as fuck.

I unironically consider Re:Zero to be the best anime of 2016 and one of my all time favourites.

Who's Rem?

best girl

90% of anime.
Why are you on this board?

Sup Forums is just being a contrarian as usual since re:zero is a popular anime it's the policy of Sup Forums to be a cunt about it

also the selfinsertfags were unable to selfinsert into subaru without cringing raged and tried to make the show look bad.

Sup Forums is full of contrarian hipsters so they hate anything that gets too popular

Retarded contrarian newfags who would rather parrot opinions to 'fit in' than have an independent thought, which completely goes against the point of an anonymous imageboard. You can always tell that they're too used to reddit culture.

The sad state of Sup Forums.

Best girl coming through

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Good question. Nothing good is airing this season.

Emilia a shit

I wish they were portrayed correctly more often.
Her new figure does an alright job at that

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Sup Forums hates everything that's well recieved to the public.
Regardless, it's been the best anime to come for the last 3 years anyway.

I hate the main character. He's even worse than Shinji Ikari.

Because it is popular. ReZero was Sup Forums's favorite for a while. I didn't pick ReZero at first but since Sup Forums liked it so much I gave it a try.

most of her figures, posters etc look like shit. Her facial expression is either "she's high" or "she's retarded", probably because the fans don't care as long she has tits

Normalfag garbage.

If subaru killed Regulus did rem got her memories and existance back?

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>this whole post

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glottony has her memories, not greed

Regulus has nothing to do with Rem's memories.

>2 int
>replies to bait

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Shit i meant ley and not regulus haven't read the webnovel for a long time
Did he kill him or if he did will all the memories eaten come back?

Like most things that explode in popularity on both Sup Forums and outside of it, the vocal minority on Sup Forums will shit on it.

Examples of this would be Re:Zero and Kill la Kill.
Re:Zero was fairly decent though unlike Kill la Kill which was garbage.
Darling in the Franxx avoids this because it's only really popular on Sup Forums and not outside of it.

user, I...

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>probably because the fans don't care
It's because we have to take what we get.
And while her other figures look bad, the GSC one looks alright. I have pre-ordered both the GSC and the Pulchra one. Hopefully they see that people also want Emilia figures and will keep making more of them.

>this is the average trapshitter

>It's because we have to take what we get.
it's because you're dumb. get the figs tat are good and ignore the shit ones. If you eat shit you'll get shit.

wait, someone loses their memory and killing someone brings it back? thanks for the spoiler asshole

Franxx is a pretty good show, you should remember these that anons also call little witch academia, gurren lagann and kill la kill shit
Sup Forums always hates popular shit, in the first episode they dickrided franxx hard, when first episode is far from being the best one, then it became popular so it was time to hate it. The hate came to some levels some retards from discord started attacking and dedicately shitposting on franxx thread

Because it's popular.

But Franxx, LWA and KLK are fucking shit.

Guys, go to Wikipedia's Did You Know section right now. Someone is in it.

Season 2 has to come for the sake of best girl

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>White fox
>Season 2

It got popular. Sup Forums used to have regular threads about the manga.

Because it’s boring garbage.

A boy can dream

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What's going on with zerotranslations? I was considering becoming a patreon but it seems like it abruptly stopped adding chapters.

The live threads were fun. The show is a 2/10 at best and Subaru is up there with Shinji with the worst MC’s of all time.

Is this presentation real?
Pls say yes

catfag pls go

Everything Shinji does is cry and masturbate, at least Subaru dies and gets cucked.

>thinking they're not making a S2
Re:Zero made them way too much money to not give a season 2. Unfortunately, they're gonna try and bundle Arc 4 and 5 into one season so it'll be just as rushed as season 1 was, but they're absolutely gonna do it once Arc 5 gets adapted into LN. Likely next Spring or so.

>getting cucked
I think you're thinking of Garfiel who is unironically the best character in the series. Subaru has two girls literally on his dick.

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>Literally on his dick
Is Subaru raping the potato'd Rem?

almost all the characters are terrible and the clusterfuck plot is a series of asspulls

>a series of asspulls
please explain

Annoying characters and shitty plot

emilia tan is my woman

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I thought Re:Zero was pretty mediocre and at the time of viewing I had no idea it was as popular as it was.

I never once got the impression Sup Forums hates it. I haven’t been in many threads since the show ended though, so maybe it’s had enough time to turn sour for all these plebs.

Because it's popular.
Just wait until FranXX is over and everyone suddenly starts hating on it just because its insanely popular.
Same as with Re:Zero and Kill la Kill. Sup Forums loves it while its airing, it ends, suddenly they pretend they never liked it in the first place.

>it's not really popular outside of Sup Forums
Kim Kardashian is an onifag user

I'm not really sure I want a Season 2. The rewrites kind of break my standards for quality writing. Things that were both told and shown were reduced to merely being told, and not even told as well. Which is a shame, since actual improvements were made in earlier arcs.

I disliked it because it's basically an entire show of Endless Eight

Literally the only characters with any development are the MC who is an insufferable retard and Rem who somehow becomes completely dedicated to the MC in like 2 weeks

by the time this gets a season II everyone will have read the LN synopses up until volume 69
by that time Sup Forums will also be 99% people who weren't here for the first time so...

n-n-no you just hate it because its popular
the show is good i-i swear