PSYCHO-PASS Next Project

Official announcement.

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Akane will finally get the Kogami dick.

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Can you watch this?

Season 2 at last?

The show had one good idea and then kept regurgitating it again and again. Not sure they'll actually introduce anything new this time around

Hopefully it won't be total shit.

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How big of an role will /ourgirl/ and my waifu get?

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I only watched S1. Do I watch [email protected] or the movie first?

She will be reassigned as a public urinal

Shit, this just reminded me season 2 existed, my day is now ruined.

I hope you arent serious, she was the best thing in that shitty season

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>a second season, a movie and a VN and we still don't have anything as good as the original
why even bother

Demoted to a toilet bowl

will this one be written by someone competent?

>no lesbians
Literally the best part of the series.

What was the movie about? I didn't watch it.

Its not very good

One can only hope

It doesn't have Akane or Urobuchi, what do you think?

Where is Akane?

>Psycho Pass got a third season before SAC did

Kamiyama you motherfucker announce it already

Any anime that's comparable to psycho pass and just as good(season 1 tier)?

B the beginning had interesting police parts but the whole story of the black winged king and market makers sucked.

>no Akane
I already dropped it.

In what respect? Mind you I don't think original PP was very good.

>Sybil getting imported to other countries
>Kougami getting bullied because he's inferior to Makishima
>Unhappy, smoker Akane
>Akane's friend getting married
>Gino getting a ponytail after becoming a wizard
>Awful, awful engrish
>Inappropriate action scenes for P-P courtesy of Fukami

It's pretty good. The scenes where the characters are just talking is the best part.

This is not a third season. That's still in the works and will have Urobuchi attached unlike this spinoff trilogy.

Kamiyama is busy making artsy 2deep4u films.

>Kamiyama is busy making artsy 2deep4u films.
Yeah, like Hirune Hime and Cyborg 009? I'm laughing my ass off right here. What in the fuck has he made that can be considered an "artsy 2deep4u film".

He's already working on it with Shinji Aramaki, there just hasn't been any formal announcement yet.

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I liked it a lot tbqh.
I guess i'm looking for a cat and mouse, detective type of anime (within a dystopian world)

Why the fuck is the old man there?

Didn't he die in S1?

Seen any Ghost in the Shell? There might be an 80s OVA that is to your liking within that premise, but I have it at the tip of my tongue, can't remember.

I saw the original 1995 movie and that was pretty good

best girl

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I hope the threads will be glorious again

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Those two movies are a good examples.
The fact that they've flopped is proof enough that they're too artsy and not easily accessible for people.

I sincerely hope they kill her off in S3.
What a garbage character.

That all sounds terrible, thanks.

Probably some flashback episodes with Pops and hopefully Kogami before he went Enforcer.

>I sincerely hope they kill her off in S3.
End yourself along side your shittaste

Napping Princess wasn't artsy in the slightest what the fuck are you talking about? It was a family feel-good adventure with bits of fantasy in it. Have you even watched it? And do you even know what Cyborg 009 is?

>I sincerely hope they kill her off in S3.
Fuck no, that would give her too much attention.
Killing her off screen between seasons would be ok I guess.

>What a garbage character.
no you

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Case.1 Crime and Punishment
Case.2 First Guardian
Case.3 Beyond the love and resentment

Case.2 is the episode before S1.

So it's going to be a clusterfuck of prequel and sequel episodes? Great

Her whole arc in S2 felt weird. I get that the point was to contrast her with Akane, but really it just felt like kind of a mess coming from her role in S1. A lot of S2 did. There was something to the idea of a villain whose shtick was that the problem was a bunch of psycho passes rather than a single person. There's a seed of a concept there about the individual versus the society that existed in S1 as well. Except now it's having to judge and weigh a chunk of society at once against the rest of society instead of only a bunch of individuals. What do you do with a set of people who on their own aren't a problem but cause one as a group?

But instead we get a guy with three brains stitched together who can somehow maintain multiple full lives, one of them being a police psychiatrist and who can make hentai mind break drugs.

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Have they announced the writer yet?

S2 is absolutely irredeemable and her character is just comically unlikable. I really think the whole thing was a joke on the expense of the audience, specially after you read the interviews.

Since the japs also hated S2, I think the staff know that they fucked up. Hopefully they learned from their mistakes.

But it's possible they'll have different writers.
My guess is that Urobuchi isn't going to write any of them.

No Urobuchi = it's shit.

Kogami flees to SEA after he killed Makishima
Said SEA country Kogami fled to is in a civil war, one of the warlords imports Sibyl to get an edge. Akane goes there and tries to apprehend him and finds out he built his very own insurgent army and is kicking ass.

>There will come a time when Akane and Kougami will become enemies

Gets my dick hard just thinking about it


Watch S.A.C. seasons 1 and 2

Inb4 Ubukata

I hope Akane will teach him the basics of CQC as she rides him like a woman possessed.

Oh finally a second season

why is this shit constantly getting new movies and seasons

Death Note

Shit english subs

She was professionally polite the entire movie and even bothered to call her senpai all the time.

>they've flopped
Napping Princess sold well.

already saw it

guys, I'm fucking serious

Akane is cute overload and we all memed the plastic tic tacs and hyper oatz into oblivion, but I seriously don't get why they keep dumping money into it