This cocksucker should have lost. Grass after the burnt field my ass. The author bitched out, Shimada should have won.

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Are you guys actually understanding shogi or watch it for the cute grandpas or something

Shogi isn't a focus of this show.

>implying that the core of the show is shogi and not drama
You clearly don't understand the show. Also, even he admitted that Shimada was in the lead at a point, he had blurry sight and back pain. He also refused to do the post mortem. So, why is it good, that he won? Because he became the Eternal something?

shogi isn't the focus, it is used as a tool to tell stories about people at different stages of their lives, people from different backgrounds, people who struggle in different ways. I only know the basic rules and am loving the show. You could replace shogi with almost any other sport or profession and most of the stories would remain basically unchanged

Doesn't matter much to me who wins the shogi matches if it's not Rei playing. And Shimada will soon get to rest his face on Akari's thighs.

Is this a manga spoiler or wishful thinking?

Wishful thinking so far. I hope he wins though.

Wait, is there even an Akari bowl?

Not a huge one. Rei's former teacher, forgot his name, is also interested in her but even he's basically admitting Shimada has the better chance of the two. Shimada has more and better interactions with her and the pairing works a lot better IMO.

I'm very sorry if this is a spoiler btw. I'm not sure what could be considered a spoiler here. Should be fine, I hope?

I don’t watch the show. How many cocks does he suck?

this show is basically a telenovela at this point

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Well, I don't think you can spoil much in this kind of anime, I just called it a spoiler, because I didn't have better word.

It is. Always has been.

The author is baiting us to think that shimada will win, and also is setting sensei as the underdog in the akari bowl, also
>Shimada winning something
i'm 100% sure that sensei will end up with akari, and that makes me fucking mad because i wanted shimada to win.

Don't know, didn't count all the grandpas who he always parties with.

Also, Shimada is financially secure, which should count, as Akari has to look after two underage siblings. Maybe one soon, as the Hina bowl seems to be won already.

Shimada won the eternal jobber title though.

But nothing even suggests that Sensei can come from out of nowhere and win. That would be some serious ass pull shit IMO. I'm rooting for Shimada. This will be the one thing he wins. The most important win of his life.

He won't be jobbing when he's balls deep in Akari.

We had like 3 chapters from sensei perspective, no way in hell the author did that and then would make him lose without giving him one or two scenes with akari

Naah, their family should be a shogi player wife clan.