Nee-san or Housewife

Left or right?

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the right doesnt have gross eyebrows so that one

Why no both?
If I'm forced to choose, Chion.

i wonder what the Yakumo-san announcement will be.

>not liking delicious chion eyebrows
your gay is showing

Both are THICC in the right areas
Both are attractive
Both are capable of housework
The other one is a virgin and the other is a used goods

So Chion

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Virgin/cake nee-san housewife.

When is it?

Left is turning out to be ntr so right.

March 24 i think.


>you will never wake up to this

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None, because this looks like autistic crap.

Why not a housewife neesan

That's just greedy

I can't believe she's not doing this on purpose.

She's just tomboyish and not used to living with a guy

Sorry Chion, I love Yakumo-san!

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Left has already been defiled so right

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They're both great, but definitely Chion.

God, imagine how blissful it would be to become her vacuum cleaner.

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Both are top-tier women. One in a thousand.

left has man brows so liking masculine features in a female(?) is pretty gay itself