Why would they produce androids with 6 fingers?

Why would they produce androids with 6 fingers?

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Butt stuff.

Because it makes them cuter and unique.

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How did this end again?

She got factory reset after they went on a date.

>She got factory reset after they went on a date.
I stopped watching after that kid got taken away from his granny

the hand jobs are amazing

Spares in case they get damaged.

Why would they produce androids that die in 10 years?

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Planned obsolescence.


Because they would be just humans if they lived longer.

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plamo is a prequel to blade runner

Why would you give birth to a human that only lasts ~80 years?

Because other humans last ~80 years too.
I wouldn't want my robowife to live 300 years, either.

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Other robots last 10 years too.

Maybe the company that makes them don't want you to robomarry their creation though.

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But robots can't love robots

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This show is trash. How am I supposed to become attached to a non-living character that is literally designed to die after a pre-determined amount of time?

But they never once say they're designed that way, thats just fan headcanon nonsense.
And I don't know how that would prevent you from getting attached anyway...

You never know when a sixth finger may be useful.

So they can brag on the internet about their typing speed.

Fucking Dogakobo

Till the last minute I waited for an asspull. Never thought that I would wish for one

isn't the show's supposed to be a fighting anime

Increased prostate massage efficiency.

She's tiny, she'll never do something this filthy.

Don't die, little robot.

Reminder that this anime was a fucking pro ethunasia psycho-pass propaganda.

I miss her, lads.

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why couldn't she have been different anons? why'd she have to die?

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The good ones have to die first because god wants them next to him.

Obsolescence and more robot development.
Making them last for 10 years eliminates any maintenance needs for older models.

What did you expect her to be? Let's say she'd never lose her memories, would you want her to live longer than him and watch him die eventually?

Exactly. They can't. Which makes the robots sad, so they'll have to love humans instead.

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Except they apparently refurbish the bodies after "death"

Is Plastic Figurines for romance what Comet Lucifer was for mecha?

It's plastic memories, you plebeian.

Why is she showing her multipass?

They just replace the internals, the outer casing is left alone.

It was probably intended to be some technological limitation. They remembered everything, if a human remembered everything it would last much either, becoming retarded and crazy when it reaches the limit.

The company could choose to spend a lot more money and time to the possibility of developing a hardware capable of forgetting stuff (and not like deleting some audio and video recording, but pruning irrelevant data from their black box neural networks that allegedly had their "souls"), or they could simply release immediately and get the return of their investment with a bonus of justifiably forcing people to rebuy from them every 10 years.

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Isla was such a sweetheart. And the OP is one of my favorites.


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I'm glad she got killed, look at this miserable pile of shit.

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Wait a minute. The non-cateared one is a fake. That's not a robot. It's a human brain inside a robot.