This is the holy trinity of overrated girls

this is the holy trinity of overrated girls

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wow user, did you make that image all by yourself?

Fuck Kurisu, Marry Holo, Kill Hitagi

Horo deserves her rating.

I don't like Kurisu. Maybe she is the most realistic out of the three but she's just too boring for an anime girl.

more like holy trinity of best girls

Isn’t this just reddit’s top three waifus?

But holo is good

Who is the top one


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how new are you?

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Holo is top tier, Kurisu is an actual good tsundere though her show is overrated, Senjougahara is indeed overrated
>I don't know who Senjougahara is
Nice try, reddit, you're not fooling anybody


whore from bake show

bloodborne is missing

t. redditor

Bloodborne is good.
Dark souls 1 however.

Kurisu an Crab are shit but Holo? Fuck off.

Let's play a game of "what does OP value in a woman?"

Whoro is garbage furrybait which means she's the worst one by default

Holo and Crab are shit but Kurisu? Fuck off.

Bloodborne is garbage compared to Deus Ex.

Since when is Holo overrated? Change her for somebody like Asuka.

I wanna watch their shows but jesus hallelujah the subs are trash riddled with spelling and grammar errors. Since when did fansubs dieded

Kurisu has an old lady's voice which means she's the worst one by default.

>holo overrated
She's one of the few girls Sup Forums universally agrees is great

Reminder that Holo cheated on Kraft with the blonde boy.

>Like the anime
>Oh look LN collection is coming out!
>Buy Spice and wolf anniversary edition
And the book was fucking shit. At least its worth like 500 bucks now

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Was this made five years ago?

judging by this thread you're wrong furryfag

>No Asuka or Darling In The Suxx chick.

>Darling In The Suxx

seasonal meme shows don't apply

It surprises me they aren't on this list.

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Because this list ccontains only garbage characters.


>And Who dares to respond with an additional pic unrelated to this list, their opinion doesn't count and fuck you by being a shit
Now this is autism.